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Tất cả điều kiện
553 Đánh giá Xem dạng:
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • SUZUKI DR350 All year SR
    • SUZUKI DR350 All year S Mid
    • SUZUKI DR250R All year Mid (genuine)
    • SUZUKI DJEBEL250 XC All year Mid (genuine)
    • SUZUKI DJEBEL250 All year Mid (genuine)
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    What made you decide to buy?It's a pretty good price at regular price, so I used the points I got from We-Big's referral for my car to buy it! It was.As for me, I don't have any complaints about the O...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    đăng Jun 30, 2020It's so good.
    I am using it for the second time in my 2002 FTR223, and I am using it horizontally under the Seat. I've never had a leak before. I remember being able to use it for about a year.I think it's very rel...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • KAWASAKI KLX250 R KLX250F 94- Required number:1
    • KAWASAKI KLX250 R KLX250D -94 Required number:1
    • KAWASAKI KLX250 SR KLX250E 94- Required number:1
    • KAWASAKI KLX250 SR KLX250E -94 Required number:1
    • KAWASAKI KLX300R (96.3-) KLX 300 A Required number:1 pc
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Jun 27, 2020Good stuff
    I used it because of its good reputation, and there were conditions for using LGType S. PlugGap The EFI Vehicles are usually equipped with a powerful ignition system because of the wide They can use i...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    I was surprised at the insensitivity of packing and delivering an item that is strictly prohibited to be rolled over on its sideI don't understand why they packed it on its side when it says on the ou...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    đăng Jun 26, 2020Affordable!
    I bought this one for an affordable and reliable price!I put the liquid in myself for the first time, and the instructions are also translated (with the one you have to enter here) It was very straigh...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    đăng Jun 23, 2020Necessary and sufficient
    As for the durability, I gave it a rating of 3 for the future It was easy to put in the liquid by myself, but I had a hard time tearing the aluminum foil Other than this, I have no complaintsĐọc thêm
  • MỚI
    đăng Jun 21, 2020I didn't last six months
    The battery was not used for a while after purchase, so the battery went out after 2 months after full charge I didIt is six months from purchase It only lasted until the warranty periodI don't know i...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    đăng Jun 18, 2020Satisfied
    The OEM batteries are expensive and heavy, so I thought there was no other option and found this oneI'm happy with the lightness and compactness of the product Also, the voltage is not a problem (Natu...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • YAMAHA RENAISSA 96- SRV250S [Genuine links] 106
    • bimota YB7 88 [Genuine links] 102
    • YAMAHA VIRAGO125 97- (XV125) [Genuine links] 114
    • YAMAHA VIRAGO250 (XV250) 89-96 XV250 (S) [Genuine links] 114
    • YAMAHA DRAGSTAR250 04 (Export Specification) [Genuine links] 114
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Jun 15, 2020very good
    Bởi 9191 (5)TừChina
    Genuine accessories, reasonable price, good packaging, convenient installation, logistics are also on time, it's worth having, the shopping experience is very happy, we suggest webike equipped with mo...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • YAMAHA SEROW250 05-07 3C51|52|53|54|55|57 FNO. DG11J [Point of use] rear
    • YAMAHA WR400F 98 5BF4 [Point of use] rear
    • SUZUKI DJEBEL250 XC 05-06 DR250RXK5 FNO. SJ45A-503352- [Point of use] rear
    • SUZUKI DJEBEL250 XC 02-04 DR250RXY FNO. SJ45A-500016- [Point of use] rear
    • KAWASAKI KDX250SR 91-94 KDX250D3 FNO. DX250D-000001- [Point of use] rear
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    Compared to the XG250 TRICKER OEM, it's hard to reduce the effect of mud and water on this one It seemsHowever, the lack of a miso might make it difficult to know when to replace itIt depends on how y...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • SUZUKI RMX250 for Front 96|98
    • SUZUKI TS200R 96 for Front
    • SUZUKI RH250 84|86|88 for Front
    • SUZUKI DR250S 82 for Front
    • SUZUKI DR250R for Front 97-98|00
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    Let's review the evaluation items firstAs for Tire, it's Tire for those in the knowOn road with TRAIL vehicles that use Front21in. and Rear18-inches If you want to runThis will be the highest Grip Tir...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA CR250R (02 - 06) 【Used place / Number of disks] front / Single disk [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • HONDA CR125R (02 - 14) 【Used place / Number of disks] front / Single disk [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • HONDA CR250R (95 - 01) 【Used place / Number of disks] front / Single disk [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • HONDA CR125R (95 - 01) 【Used place / Number of disks] front / Single disk [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • SUZUKI DR250R (95 - 01) 【Used place / Number of disks] front / Single disk [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    It should be stated that the first thing to compare it to the Racing pad is Nan SenseOn top of that, when compared to the OEM mounted pads and the Pads of Others same etc.RankThe way the potency rises...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • YAMAHA YZF750SP 93- 4JD 93.2- 【Displacement volume】 750 [Required number] 4
    • YAMAHA YZF600 THUNDER CAT 96- 5AH1 【Displacement volume】 600 [Required number] 4
    • YAMAHA YZF-R25 15-18 RG10J 15 model-18.1 【Displacement volume】 250 [Required number] 2
    • YAMAHA XJR400R 95- /RII ('96.1-) 4HM/RH02 95.3- 【Displacement volume】 400 [Required number] 4
    • YAMAHA YZF-R1 98-01 4XV1/2/7,5JJ4 【Displacement volume】 1000 [Required number] 4
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    i installed it on my YZF-R25 for Race I had been using Windshield IRIDIUM in the past, but this time I decided to use it for my YZF-R25 I chose this newly released DXPlug It feels like it ran … I hone...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Jun 7, 2020To the MONKEY!
    I used to use my Grip for a while, so I decided to Renewal it I installed it with no problem and cut it with the Grip tip cutter knife The color grip is goodĐọc thêm
  • MỚI
    I've been using Lithium batteries for 4 yearsThe following is a description of the differences between this battery and a normal lead batteryOrdinary lead-based batteries are more resistant to voltage...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    I used it on my CBR1000RR (SC59)I replaced it 3 years ago and it still runs the Cell fineWeight is less than half of YTZ7S of OEM and Size is also SmallI could feel the lightness of the bike when I ro...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • ADIVA N125 SR 25 CA Required number:1 pc
    • ADIVA R125 SR25BA Required number:1 pc
    • APRILIA SCARABEO100150 (99-04) Required number:1 pc
    • APRILIA SCARABEO125 (99-04) Required number:1 pc
    • APRILIA LEONARDO 125 Required number:1 pc
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng May 31, 2020Perceptible performance
    There is a premise of using it together with the Plasma booster, but even I am insensitive to it, I feel good about it This is the best way to experience it Torque up at low speed is very comfortable ...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • SUZUKI VECSTAR150 99 [Frame No.] CG42A-105020 or later
    • SUZUKI VECSTAR125 95 CF42A [Frame No.] CF42A-110517 or later
    • SUZUKI Intruder Classic400 04 VK54A [Frame No.] VK 54 A - 101458 or later
    • SUZUKI VECSTAR150 98 [Frame No.] CG 42 A - 103625 or later
    • SUZUKI VECSTAR150 97 [Frame No.] CG 42 A - 102296 or later
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    I replaced a 2006 K7 OEM BreederValve with a fluid blotch in the OEM BreederValveIt is made of stainless steel and looks greatI don't know if seal tape is necessary, but just in caseĐọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • SUZUKI DJEBEL250 XC for Rear 96-01|04|06
    • SUZUKI TS250 HUSTLER 81 for Rear
    • SUZUKI RMX250 for Rear 96|98
    • SUZUKI TS200R 96 for Rear
    • SUZUKI DR-Z250 16 for Rear
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    This is a comparison with the change of shoes from D605In my opinion, Dunlop was also good, this one is also good, and Road noise It is difficult to choose between them in terms of speed, but T302.301...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • KAWASAKI 250TR
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng May 14, 2020Full marks
    For less than $1,000, co-spa is the best GripI was able to replace it with SmoothWiring is perfect, just in caseĐọc thêm
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