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471 Đánh giá Xem dạng:
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA XL200 RC [Genuine links] 100
    • HONDA XL200 82- R [Genuine links] 104
    • HONDA XL250 81-82 R [Genuine links] 102
    • HONDA XL250 80-81 S [Genuine links] 102
    • HONDA XL230 02- [Genuine links] 96
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Nov 17, 2019Good chain
    Bởi NO NAME (4)TừChina
    The delivery speed is quite fast. It has been installed on motorcycles and used for nearly 3000 km. The running noise is very small, I feel very goodĐọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • YAMAHA YF350Z [Genuine links] 104
    • YAMAHA YD250 89- (CAST) [Genuine links] 102
    • YAMAHA YZ125X 17-18 [Genuine links] 114
    • YAMAHA XT660R 04-10 (X) [Genuine links] 110
    • YAMAHA XT600Z TENERE 91-98 (XTZ660) [Genuine links] 110
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    Xích xe DID VX Series Chain 520VX3 Gold khi mua được giảm giá tuy nhiên chất lượng khi nhìn có vẻ rất chất lượng và nhìn rất cool. Hàng hoá được đóng gói kỷ lưỡng và đúng chuẩn. Xích xe khi được lắp đ...Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • TRIUMPH Tiger800 XR 15- [Required number] 3
    • TRIUMPH DAYTONA675 06-11 [Required number] 3
    • SUZUKI GSF600 GN77A/B [Displacement] 600 [Required number] 4
    • SUZUKI BANDIT600S [Displacement] 600 [Required number] 4
    • SUZUKI DR350 93- DK41A 93.9- [Displacement] 350 [Required number] 1
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng May 21, 2019NGK Iridium Plug
    Bởi YAUHEN (16)TừBelarus
    I bought these candles for my Suzuki Bandit. The package was well packed, came without any damage. Candles are installed easily and without problems. The quality of the goods is on top. As it should b...Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • HONDA XR250 95-07 (front)
    • YAMAHA XT250X 06-13 (front)
    • SUZUKI DR-Z400 S (Front) 00-09
    • HONDA CBR250R (MC41) 11 (front)
    • HONDA XR230 05-10 (front)
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng May 13, 2019zeta brake reserver cover
    Bởi chaminda (11)TừSri Lanka
    i using master brake cylinder cover zeta.become smart locking .if zeta cover are perfect fitted in cylinder. item are nice color and high quality parts. i do recommend.Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • SUZUKI BANDIT250 95-00
    • SUZUKI DR-Z400SM 05-09
    • SUZUKI DJEBEL250 92-95
    • SUZUKI DR-Z400 2000-2003
    • SUZUKI RMX250R 1989-2002
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Apr 28, 2019A great quality replacement
    Bởi Toymotor (21)TừNew Zealand
    My old 15 tooth sprocket was worn and hooking. This Sunstar 15tooth I replaced it with is perfect fit and hasn't yet to show any tooth ware, very happy.Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • KAWASAKI KLX250 R KLX250F 94- Required number:1
    • KAWASAKI KLX250 R KLX250D -94 Required number:1
    • KAWASAKI KLX250 SR KLX250E 94- Required number:1
    • KAWASAKI KLX250 SR KLX250E -94 Required number:1
    • KAWASAKI KLX300R (96.3-) KLX 300 A Required number:1 pc
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Feb 21, 2019brisk spark plug AOR12LGS
    Bởi Fauzi M (27)TừMalaysia
    the best spark plug for me, performance wise...brisk aor12lgs is a silver tip plug for highly tuned or racing purpose machine, same as ar10zs of premium class, most comparable differences are in their...Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • bimota YB7 88 [Genuine links] 102
    • YAMAHA RENAISSA 96- SRV250S [Genuine links] 106
    • YAMAHA VIRAGO250 (XV250) 89-96 XV250 (S) [Genuine links] 114
    • YAMAHA YZF-R3 15-18 (A) [Genuine links] 112
    • YAMAHA DIVERSION400 92- XJ400S [Genuine links] 108
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Feb 20, 2019一次愉快的购物经历
    Bởi NO NAME (1)TừChina
    I bought something here for the first time. Things have arrived, it feels good! In the fu...Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • KTM 250EGC (99 - 03) 【Genuine links】 114 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • SUZUKI GN400 TT/D/LX (80 - 82) 【Genuine links】 98 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • SUZUKI DR-Z400SM (05 -) 【Genuine links】 110 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • KTM AD VENTURE (99) 【Genuine links】 118 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • KTM 690 DUKE (10 - 11) 【Genuine links】 116 [Goodness of fit] ◎
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Jan 16, 2019BL520 R-XW chain
    Received ordered chain for my CRF250M in good condition. Looks rare in black and gold color. Can't wait to install it on my bike together with my new sprockets.Đọc thêm
  • As Scooter's Battery became weak, I was thinking about replacing it, and I saw this Battery as a new product.Purchase this with that it has a free pick up service and that it has a convenient Cabl...Đọc thêm
  • đăng Nov 30, 2018It is normally Battery
    Because Battery used about 5 years has gone upAging exchange.At the same time, as the price has come up, I decided to try Lithium ion battery.Although it does not matter if Battery's basic functio...Đọc thêm
  • First of all, it is light!Also, if you charge a little or leave it for a while if you ride a little Large durable.For KICK start, it seems that the surroundings of the winter cell are bad is not relat...Đọc thêm
  • đăng Nov 18, 2018Easy
    I installed it in old model ADDRESS 110Maintenance Although it is a beginner, it was easy to exchange easilyAfterwards I think that it will be lip depending on durabilityIt is saved because you can al...Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • bimota YB7 88 [Genuine links] 102
    • YAMAHA RENAISSA 96- SRV250S [Genuine links] 106
    • YAMAHA VIRAGO250 (XV250) 89-96 XV250 (S) [Genuine links] 114
    • YAMAHA YZF-R3 15-18 (A) [Genuine links] 112
    • YAMAHA DIVERSION400 92- XJ400S [Genuine links] 108
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Nov 13, 2018轻量化明显
    Bởi LBD (5)TừChina
    Compared with the original chain that was replaced, i...Đọc thêm
  • It is totally different Manufacturer from Japan's GSYUASA, but as expected it is Made in Taiwan (It is more than the quality of C and K) So I use it with confidence.Even during long-term storage, ...Đọc thêm
  • đăng Nov 9, 2018Ideal for CBR 250 RR!
    MC 51 was at 112 Ring's 520, with Crimp attached, there was absolutely nothing to buy. Anxious Friction can multiply Motorcycle to MaintenanceSTAND and turn Wheel, anyone can be touched by the dif...Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • YAMAHA DT200 WR
    • YAMAHA DT200 R
    • YAMAHA DT175
    • YAMAHA DT-1
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Nov 8, 2018There was no problem
    I used it to change Seat of SEA BASSDF 200Although it was the first Seat Replacement, it was possible to change it without problems.Just my arm is immature, but Seat's warped part can not fit well...Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • HONDA SUPER CUBC100/C102 (OHV)
    • HONDA Byte
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    Although it is not a conformity model, it is not a complication to complain, but Seat's protrusion makes no problems before and after but Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Wobble. It is difficu...Đọc thêm
  • đăng Nov 4, 2018It is not light.
    It's light.. Small is here.. d TRACKER 125 Equipment. Since the original Battery and Large are different, I twisted my head to accommodate it. It fixed somehow with the Isolated Rubber that was fa...Đọc thêm
  • đăng Nov 1, 2018Large I'm satisfied.
    OEMChain was RustRust, I dared to purchase the Seal chain! I exchanged myself, but I bought a person with a light press fitting Clip, but this light press fit did not quite get stiff and I was struggl...Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • APRILIA PEGASO650 STRADA (Pegaso) 650 (one side)
    • APRILIA SCARABEO200 (Scarab Beo) 200
    • BMW F650 GS
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Oct 28, 2018Easy
    Since the heat dissipating fan is in front, there seems to be a vehicle type that can not be installed spatially, but the XR 230 was affordable.On the contrary, because Cowl back is clear, I think tha...Đọc thêm
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