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Webike Nhật Bản đã tổ chức "Review Contest" từ ngày 29 tháng 7 đến ngày 25 tháng 8.
Dưới đây là bốn nội dung đánh giá chiến thắng trong số rất nhiều bài đánh giá tuyệt vời được gửi về!!

Nếu bạn chưa biết về "Điểm Webike" hãy nhấp vào ĐÂY để xem.

Vị trí số 1 là "NO NAME"! Xin chúc mừng!

1st Place

Just a Fantastic Looking and Sounding Exhaust for the Monkey 125

About quality and texture: I am happy with the quality of the stylish chrome heat sheild, the stainless steel header pipe and the wonderfully designed steel twin tail pipe muffler.

About the feeling of use: The Takegawa scrambler exhaust is a fantastic looking exhaust on the Monkey 125 with it's retro styling and it's exhaust note is very enjoyable to hear at idle an through the entire RPM range.

Products to buy together: Some form of higher flow air filter would also be desirable to purchase along side this full exhaust system to help achieve maximum performance.

Difficulty of installation: The process to install takes about one hour to complete. A new gasket for the forward mounting flange is included to ensure zero exhaust leaks.Not difficult to do.

Cost performance and comparison with other products: Good costing as you are getting a stainless steel header pipe and wonderfully designed steel twin tail pipe muffler, as compared to Takegawa stock look sports exhaust that is only slightly cheaper but uses a lower quality steel header pipe and plain looking muffler that you need to re-use a lot of parts like the heat shield.

About shipping and packaging: The faster shipping options are too expensive for myself so I just have to wait for my part to arrive via sea freight. Webike kept me updated on the status of my order up to when it shipped. The parcel arrived within the expected date range and was well packaged with no chance of the part being damaged.

Any concerns, cautions, or advice when purchasing: A really great choice in an exhaust for your Monkey 125 as long as you have not increased the performance of you engine too much as this exhaust system may then become a restrication in your performance.

Người chiến thắng giải nhất: "NO NAME", sẽ nhận phần thưởng 10,000 Điểm Webike!
Xin chúc mừng!

Vị trí thứ 2 thuộc về "NO NAME"! Xin chúc mừng!

2nd Place

Full Titanium Up Exhaust from Over Racing

* About quality and texture, The header pipe is made from some large diameter titanium piping, the stylish heat shields are made from light weight aluminium and the unique shaped silencer is also full titanium.

* About the feeling of use, An extremely high performance exhaust, maybe a bit over the top for a 125cc motor but I love the look of the bluing titanium and the bark the little motor now produces.

* Products to buy together, The bulky black plastic Honda OEM airbox needs to go so an open air intake is recommeded for better looks and performance.

* Difficulty of installation, Installation requires removal of the Honda OEM exhaust which has many fasteners attaching it and the Over Racing exhaust simply attaches to the head studs and the side of the frame. The process was completed in 60 minutes with no difficultly.

* Cost performance and comparison with other products, It is the most expensive exhaust available for the JB3 model Monkey 125 but if you have the money to spend there is no comparison and you will not regret it. If you are looking for something cheaper then the Over Racing stainless steel up exhaust is your next best choice.

* About shipping and packaging, I am happy to wait 8 weeks on average for my parts to arrive in Sydney Australia via Webike's sea freight which comes with tracking and insurance so I know I'm covered in case something was to go wrong but with there outstanding bubble wrapping and boxing there have been no problems.

* Any concerns, cautions, or advice when purchasing, With the large open tip on the silencer you may think this is an extemely loud exhaust but that is not the case due to it's internal baffling. Use the product reviews to assist in making a decision on your purchase.

Người chiến thắng vị trí thứ 2: "NO NAME", sẽ nhận phần thưởng 5,000 Điểm Webike!
Xin chúc mừng!

Ở vị trí thứ 3 là "NO NAME"! Xin chúc mừng!

3rd Place

Very good but not perfect, paint could be better and they should adjust more

About quality and texture - the stems are thick and much better than usual copy mirrors, but the paint is not great and there were a few chips and marks on my set. They do not adjust in all angles and i dont want to break them by forcing them to do so.

About the feeling of use - One side is very firm and tight to move the mirror and the other is looser, the website says not to adjust the screws so I think i am stuck wituh this and it is not ideal but the mirrors are all about the original look and not actual use as a mirror i think. They do have the original look which is great.

Products to buy together - none that i can think of.

Difficulty of installation - easy, like original if you have left theead right right mirror.

Cost performance and comparison with other products - i think the price is fair for a copy of a rare and NLA mirror with this quality.

About shipping and packaging - arrived ok but the original packing did not have any bubble wrap and the thin paint needs it.

Any concerns, cautions, or advice when purchasing - these are not great for use as mirrors but they do give you the look of the original bike which is what i wanted.

Là một trong hai người giành vị trí thứ ba, "NO NAME" sẽ nhận giải thưởng 2,500 Điểm Webike!
Xin chúc mừng!

Đồng hạng 3 tiếp theo là "NO NAME"! Xin chúc mừng!

3rd Place

KITAKO Drive Sprocket (Front) 16T

About quality and texture
There is no question of quality about Kitako's stroke

About the feeling of use
You're driving it well according to the gear

Products to buy together
SP TAKEGAWA 5-disc reinforced Clutch Kit

Difficulty of installation
It's very easy to install

Cost performance and comparison with other products
The price is good and the performance is reliable

About shipping and packaging
The packaging is always meticulous The delivery took four days

Any concerns, cautions, or advice when purchasing
When I installed the sptakegawa reinforced clutch, I saw the phrase ""re-set the gear ratio changed"" and ""started 15t"", but the engine stopped because the gear ratio didn't match, and I found out that I had to change the stroke, and now the gear is working really smoothly.

Giành vị trí thứ 3 đồng hạng, "NO NAME" sẽ nhận giải thưởng 2,500 Điểm Webike!
Xin chúc mừng!

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