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Giảm 50% phí vận chuyển EMS

Fairing ốp đèn Road Comet

 Sản phẩm # RC99-UNP

6,146,583.61~VND (30,247 JPY)

 7,112,455 VND Save  Lên đến  14%

+302~  điểm Webike (61,370.32 VND)

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Chi tiết sản phẩm

CowlMaterial : Cấu trúc nhiều lớp FRP
Cowl Back : Surfes Matte kết thúc
Bức vẽ : Acrylic urethane (FOR JAPAN MODELCorrect to OEM colors. ) * Mục Unpainting sẽ được Black Gel Coating
Cấu trúc gắn trên màn hình : Vít bằng thép không rỉ + PolycarbonateVasher + Khóa đai ốc

[Kích thước] Tổng chiều cao : 470mm
Chiều rộng đầy đủ : 385mm
Độ sâu : 280mm
Cân nặng : 1020 g (* mô hình xe · Spec. Trọng lượng phụ thuộc vào)

* Sơn màu cơ bản với màu duy nhất
Windshield: Polycarbonate
Cowl Body: FRP
Back: Surface Matte Finish

Overall Height: 470mm
Overall Width: 385mm
Depth: 280mm
・1020g (Weight varies depending on bike model)

・Compliant with bike inspection
This product is installed by replacing the bracket of the brake reservoir tank with the attached bracket.
*The image of the installation procedure is Hornet 250DX.
*Please be careful not to damage the parts or the bike body by dropping or coming in contact with them during the installation process.
*The tools required for installation may vary depending on the model. The installation time is about 1 hour to 1.5 hours.
*Adaptation of Road Comet to each bike model is done by changing the cut line and hardware of the cowl itself.
*There is no big difference in the appearance of the Road Comet for each bike model, but it is very dangerous to install the Road Comet for other bike models because it may cause unexpected problems.
*The image includes other colors.
*Specifications are subject to change without notice due to manufacturer's reasons. Please understand.
* Hình ảnh chỉ mang tính minh họa. Hình ảnh có thể khác sản phẩm thực tế.
Vừa được thiết kế theo tiêu chuẩn Bikini cowl.
Bạn có thể có hiệu ứng chỉnh lưu cao và tạo kiểu không sợ hãi. Có thể được gắn trên ánh sáng bình thường với Bolt On.
LightQuantity : Đôi (Cho trái và phải) Giá đỡ cao su, giá đỡ cứng Rigid thấp thực hiện việc định vị an toàn tại ba địa điểm. Cowl cơ thể là vật liệu : FRP, Polycarbonate màn hình như thiết bị tiêu chuẩn.
Màn hình là [Màu] Trong sáng, [Màu] Bạn có thể chọn từ hai loại khói.
This bikini cowl has a stock design with a slightly rounded shape.
High rectification effect and fearless styling can be obtained. Bolt-on installation to the stock light.
The light is securely fixed in place with the rubber mounts on both sides of the light and the lower rigid mount.
Cowl body is made of FRP and comes stock with a polycarbonate windshield.
The windshield is available in clear or smoked.

Road Comet
The Road Comet is a stock design sporty mini cowl that boasts a wide range of products and high quality.

The slightly rounded shape of the bikini cowl can be installed on any type of bike without feeling uncomfortable, and enhances the original styling appeal of the bike.
This cowl also reduces wind pressure from the shoulders to the torso for comfortable high-speed riding.

The cowl body is made of multi-layered FRP for durability, with a surface matte finish on the underside.

This model is compatible with genuine Japanese domestic color paint using acrylic urethane paint.
The windshield is available in clear or smoke, and uses durable stainless steel screws, polycarbonate washers and locknuts to attach to the cowl body.

■Bolt-On Installation with Bike Model Specific Design
Cut lines and mounting brackets are set for each bike model, allowing for bolt-on installation.
No special tools are required for installation.
This product is also compatible with bike inspections.

■Secure fixation with 3-point mounting system
The 3-point mounting system with rubber mounts on the left and right sides and rigid mounts on the lower part of the bike suppresses unpleasant vibrations and allows you to enjoy stable driving even at high speeds.

All stock colors are clear coated, and the backside is also painted in the same color.

■Installation Procedure
Please check the contents before you start to install the parts.
Instruction manual, body mounting bracket set, windshield screw set (blue)

Please prepare the necessary tools for installation:
Combination wrench or spanner (size 14mm, 13mm, 12mm, 10mm, 8mm)
Hexagonal wrench (size 4mm, 3mm)
Phillips head screwdriver
Blanket (to protect the bike body)
Scissors or nippers

Install the mounting rubber to the cowl.
Once the collar inside is removed, insert the collar after the mounting rubber is installed.
The mounting rubber is included in the bike body mounting bracket set.

Install the windshield to the cowl.
Terminally assemble the windshield screws into all the holes and tighten them evenly.
Windshield screws are included in the windshield screw set (blue).

The locknut is designed to prevent loosening, so it is sufficient to check by hand and tighten enough to prevent rattling.
Be careful not to over-tighten, as this may cause the windshield to deform or crack.

Remove the screw that holds the light rim in place.

Pull out the coupler and remove the light unit.

Remove the bolt securing the headlight and replace it with the supplied side mount bolt.
The side mount bolts are included in the bike body mounting bracket set.

To prevent misalignment of the optical axis, perform the work one side at a time.

Insert the coupler and install the headlight unit in the original location.

Tighten the screws on both sides.

Temporarily fix the attached bracket.
Loosely assemble the brackets so that the cowl can be aligned later.

Cover the cowl.
Align the holes on the left and right side of the light with the holes on the left and right side of the cowl.
Align the brackets so that they are inside the holes on the bottom of the cowl.

Install the bolts on both sides to secure the cowl.
The left and right bolts are included in the body mounting bracket set.

Align the holes on the bottom of the cowl with the brackets, and temporarily fix with the included bolts and nuts.

Adjust the clearance between the light rim and the cowl around the light to set the position.

Fasten the bolts on the body side of the bracket.

Fasten the bolts on the cowl side.

Installation is complete.
Turn the handlebars left and right to make sure there is no interference.
Chú ý
* Nếu trong đó có bao gồm chỉ dẫn thì cũng được viết bằng tiếng Nhật.

Liên kết đến trang Model xe

Xếp hạng và đánh giá

Những bài đánh giá gần đây cho sản phẩm này hoặc những sản phẩm tương tự 

Z900 RS Cafe racer

Bởi Yapi Lee (34)Từ ChinaĐăng
Z900 RS Cafe racer

Chic Design 的頭燈整流罩出品大部分的圓燈街車,讓愛車可以從街車的造型轉換為Café racer的外觀,創造出自己喜愛的風格,並且可以減少街車騎乘時所以產生的風壓達到穩定車身的效果,推薦大家選購安裝!
Chic Design headlight fairing produced most of the round lights street car, so the car can be converted from a street car styling the appearance Café racer, creating their favorite style, and can reduce the wind is generated when the street car ride pressure to stabilize the body effect, we recommend to buy the installation!...

Dành cho:

  • KAWASAKI Z900RS 18-21

Da migliorare

Bởi NO NAME (1)Từ ItalyĐăng
Da migliorare

Il cupolino è ben fatto, ma ha solo 3 punti di ancoraggio. Vibra un po'. La cosa da cambiare assolutamente è la qualità del vetro. Plastica cinese, si graffia sempre. Il mio è arrivato già graffiato. In conclusione è un buon cupolino, molto bello, ma vibra un po' e ha nella qualità del vetro, il suo difetto più grande.
The fairing is well made, but only has 3 anchor points. It vibrates a little bit. The thing to absolutely change is the quality of the glass. Chinese plastic, always scratches. Mine arrived already scratched. In conclusion, it is a good windshield, very nice, but it vibrates a bit and has in the quality of the glass, its biggest flaw.
translated by Google Translator

Dành cho:

  • KAWASAKI Z900RS 18-21
Stunning piece – not usable in Germany / ドイツでは使えない...

This is really a stunning piece. However, not usable in Germany as there is no technical certificate describing the fracture behavior and the fire behavior/flammability of the cowl materials (FRP/Polycarbonate) nor a Certificate of Conformity. So, no chance to get it approved by state inspection.
これは本当に素晴らしい作品です。 しかし、カウルの素材(FRP/ポリカーボネート)の破壊挙動や火災挙動/燃焼性を記載した技術証明書や適合証明書がないため、ドイツでは使用できません。 そのため、州の検査で認めてもらうことはできません。...

Dành cho:

  • KAWASAKI Z900RS 18-21
Chic Design craftsmanship of the highest quality

This marvelous windscreen took a long time, but when I saw the work I was literally open-mouthed. It is a work of the highest craftsmanship, finished in every detail and the colors are exactly identical to those of "Mom" Kawasaki. I would like to congratulate the Chic Design staff for the excellent work. Thank you. A warm greeting from Italy.

Dành cho:

  • KAWASAKI Z900RS 18-21


Bởi Detlev (3)Từ AustraliaĐăng

Beautiful design and fit. Easy to instal. Well made. Color is not quite right. Too dark on the brown and the orange has too much red in it. Top portion where screen is attached vibrates a bit at 110kph. I am still happy with it and prepared to overlook these slight issues.

Dành cho:

  • KAWASAKI Z900RS 18-21




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