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YAMAHA Accessory là thương hiệu chính hãng của Yamaha được phổ biến với tên gọi Y's GEAR. Phụ tùng được thiết kế cho các dòng xe Yamaha và các phụ kiện bảo vệ chính hãng được lựa chọn bởi nhiều người hâm mộ.

YAMAHA Bạt trùm xe kiểu E

I think I used it for over 5 years and it finally tore.It lasts a long time and I have no complaints, so I bought the same product. All the Motorcycle Covers I use are now Yamaha's.This time I bought ...

YAMAHA Bộ khóa xe chữ U YL-04

This U-shaped lock is suitable for up to 10 inch wheels. It prevents foreign objects such as garbage from getting into the cylinder and is compact and easy to carry.

YAMAHA Đua xe dài

I use it for Chain cleaning.I just wish the price was a little lower.

YAMAHA Sách hướng dẫn sử dụng dịch vụ

It's just a service manual, but it's useful because all the minor changes are in one book. This one contains all SRX of KICK.

YAMAHA Bạt trùm xe kiểu E

It is a motorcycle cover of Y's Gear, and I use it while replacing it for more than 10 years.There are many inexpensive motorcycle covers, but this Y's Gear motorcycle cover is cheap because it will l...

YAMAHA Khung bảo vệ trang trí hông xe phía sau

If you don't install the back, you can enjoy the beautiful silhouette along the grab bar. In short, it's a decoration (originally, the use of the company's Small Back is a prerequisite).I can't upload...

YAMAHA Sách hướng dẫn sử dụng dịch vu

If you want to play with SRV250, you should buy the service manual because there are some parts that you cannot understand without it.Torque management is also a Large thing!

YAMAHA Móc gắn chìa khóa YAK21

Satisfied with the quality, texture and design.When it arrived, it felt like a Large.MinusPoint is a little pricey.But from the texture, I guess I'll have to.You'll never know until you try it.I've be...

YAMAHA Giá đỡ chìa khóa đua YRK48

I use it as a key holder for my 1YP2.However, if you use this Motorcycle key, it will cross the Magnet part of Limit.If the inside diameter of the Ring was just a little bit smaller, I think it could ...

YAMAHA Thùng đựng đồ bên hông xe máy

It's obviously more affordable than buying it at Y's Gear.Installation is done by Quantity:Pair (for Left and Right) to check it carefully.If the screw holes do not match up with the temporary fasteni...

YAMAHA Yên cho người ngồi sau thoải mái


YAMAHA Damper hiệu suất


YAMAHA Main Standkit

I think installation is easy except for Spring.It would have been easier to install the spring if I had a special tool, but I didn't want to buy it just for one time, so I tied a strong string that I ...

YAMAHA Ốp yên solo YAMAHA cho YAMAHA YZF-R25 (R25)

It is lighter than Tandem seat.You need to push it in when you install it to make sure it sticks.

YAMAHA Yên xe thích hợp đi phượt

[Intended use]I bought this bike to improve my YamahaXT250X OEMSeat because the seat height is too low and my knees are too tight.[How is it used?I bought it and drove about 6000km.Was the one you rec...

YAMAHA Lọc dầu

We use OEM for these large parts.I don't want to get into trouble if I get into something cheap and it goes bad.I asked my local MotorcycleRescue guy about it and he said you need a Filter wrench to r...

YAMAHA Tấm trang trí hông sau WHITE HOUSE cho xe M...

well! Installation is very simple, I can put a charge treasure and ...

YAMAHA Ốp yên solo YAMAHA cho YAMAHA YZF-R25 (R25)

It is lighter than Tandem seat.I wish the price was a little lower.

YAMAHA Baga ràng đồ sau

I added the OEM Carrier because it is inconvenient to go camping and use it in daily life without Carrier.The design is OEM! The Matte Black color fits perfectly. The Matte Black color fits well. With...


Parenthesis is good and well made.I'm a 170cm bean sprout and the M Size was Exactly.Recommended for YZF riders

YAMAHA Áo mưa bộ YAR19 Cyber Tex II

I replaced the one from MotorHead.I'm 172cm 62kg and I feel a little bulky in L Size.I haven't driven in the rain yet, so the water repellency and durability are unknown, but I think it stands out wel...

YAMAHA Dây đeo máy ảnh YRK45

First of all, forgive me for not being a Motorcycle part.I just bought a new Camera and was looking for a Strap when I found this product and bought it.good pointThe first thing I like about it is tha...

YAMAHA Bộ quần áo mưa bảo vệ đôi YAR19 Cyber Tex I...

I'm 167cm and bought the M size. It may feel hard.When you wear the Pants, do you think the Size is as small as Small? I felt that it was a good idea, but it wasn't a problem because the Rubber stretc...


I bought it because the Cap I was using was starting to hurtI'm a Yamaha rider, so I like the FACTORY colorsMeshetc. is not available, so it is hot in the summer, but you can use 3SeasonI can recommen...

YAMAHA Găng tay Raptormesh YAMAHAXRS TAICHI YAT42-...

이번에 처음으로 위바이크에서 야마하 매쉬자켓과 매쉬 글러브를 구매 했습니다.
야마하 바이크 출고 대기중이라 둘러보던중 종류도 많고 가격도 저렴해서 만족 스러웠습니다.
가장 좋았던 점은 빠르고 정확한 배송 서비스 였구요....

YAMAHA Găng tay Raptormesh YAMAHAXRS TAICHI YAT42-...

새로 야마하 바이크 출고 에정이라 거기에 맞는 어패럴을 찾아보던중 위 바이크에 들어오게 되었습니다.
블루컬러가 바이크와 쏙 어울리는 매쉬자켓과 매쉬장갑을 구입했는데, 제품 너무 만족 스럽고 좋네요.
색감, 마감, 윈단 퀄리티, 뭐하나빠지는거 없이 훌륭합니다....

YAMAHA Bao tay TT-419

Lost one of your Gloves on the road? I bought it at the nearby YSP for a while, and the size is a normal M size with a Pitchy feeling It seemed a bit cramped (Size was only in stock in M.)The feel is ...


It seems to be the same product as the original KUSHITANIBefore CoronaShock, I was going to use it for touring at TRX in May, but now I'm going to use it for my usual I use it at workRecently, there h...


181cm, 76kg XXL fit.
It's little thin, so I think it will be good at late spring to early summer.
It has Protection pad but very thin. So If you want to buy this, please purchase more protection ge...

YAMAHA Mũ bảo hiểm fullFace YX-6 ZENITH GIBSON YAM...

Was the one you received as per Image?I ordered these after trying them on at my local Motorcycle supply store and they were exactly as Image described.[How did you feel about the Fit?The Helmet I usu...

YAMAHA Mũ bảo hiểm fullFace YX-6 ZENITH GIBSON YAM...

Was the one you received as per Image?I ordered these after trying them on at my local Motorcycle supply store and they were exactly as Image described.[How did you feel about the Fit?The Helmet I usu...

YAMAHA Kính chắn gió cho mũ bảo hiểm YAMAHA YF-5 R...

It's an old Helmet, so I couldn't find a compatible Shield at the supply store.I have a Corona and I don't like the idea of repeatedly trying on Helmets at the store to buy a new one, so being able to...

YAMAHA Tấm bảo vệ mũ bảo hiểm YF-1C Roll Bahn

It's a pun. [Color] I thought Clear was kind of lame. [Color] SmokeI've been around the Mirror. [Color] There's a lot of smoke. [Color] Clear was embarrassed.But 、、、、 it wasn't.good pointI'm not embar...

YAMAHA Đế lắp kính chắn gió mũ bảo hiểm YX-3 GIBSO...

The installation method is easy for anyone to do because you just slide it on the Shield.I'm grateful for the fact that even the detailed Parts are all in one place.

YAMAHA Vành lưỡi trai cho mũ bảo hiểm YX-3 GIBSON

I really like the CoolDesign.Installation is as simple as aligning and stopping the Shield.I went with White because they didn't have a Size for the Blue Design, but now I'm Refreshingly happy with it...

YAMAHA Kính chắn gió mũ bảo hiểm YX-3 GIBSON

I'm grateful that I can buy it anytime I want.It is very durable, though it may become difficult to see due to minor scratches over time.The car's Headlight clincher eliminates one shot.It's back to n...

YAMAHA Bộ ốc cho mũ bảo hiểm YX-3 GIBSON

You can rest assured that YamahaGibson products will not disappear.You can purchase Parts at any time.Overall RatingMinus 1 star because it's not Stainless Steel.

YAMAHA YJ-20 ZENITH Gương khiên

我在webike上购买了这款YAMAHA YJ-20电镀蓝镜片,我之前在webike上买了YJ-20头盔,这款头盔配备的是透明镜片,阳光强烈时会影响我驾驶,这款镜片解决了我的问题,而且外观非常的酷。webike服务不错发货快。
I bought this on webike the YAMAH...

YAMAHA Mũ bảo hiểm 3/4 YJ-20 ZENITH

我在webike上购买了这款YAMAHA YJ-20头盔,这款头盔是四份之三盔,适合骑踏板车使用,这款头盔内衬舒适,并且留有眼镜槽,耳部空间也十分宽裕,可以安装蓝牙耳机。性价比也超高,webike上价格比别的网站更加实惠。
I bought this on webike the YAMAHA ...

YAMAHA Dụng cụ tháo có nam châm hút YAMAHA

1KT (TZr250) I used it in the I used the Universal Product one before, but it didn't come off well and the tool lost, so I bought the OEM Product. It was easy to use and came off easily with the OEM t...

YAMAHA Dụng cụ tháo có nam châm hút YAMAHA

It's an OEM tool and I had no problems working with it.

YAMAHA Băng keo bảo vệ 1 bộ 5 sản phẩm

If you compare the price with cheap Vinyl Tape, it is more expensive, but the performance is very easy to use and maintenance is excellent. It is easy to use because it doesn't stick even if you use i...

YAMAHA Dụng cụ tháo có nam châm hút YAMAHA

OEM tool with low price and reliable.There is a similar tool made in C country, but the price is not so different and the reliability is much different, so there is no Merit to challenge.I think it's ...


YAMAHA OEM steering nut wrench. I bought a key for the steering gear in YAMAHA YZF R1 RN12 05 from you. The key for the steering gear helps me a lot. Repeatedly disassembled the steering gear, so as...

YAMAHA Băng keo 2 mặt 7108

I used it for Repair of Front spoiler. It is necessary to detach from the bumper once for repair, and the replacement of the double-sided tape was also necessary.

YAMAHA Trục chính của dụng cụ tháo hộp số YAMAHA O...

I wanted to do maintenance on it, so I opened the package as soon as it arrived, put it in and turned it around When I tried, I had a sense of turning to Smooth, so I turned to a certain extent and tr...

YAMAHA Dụng cụ tháo có nam châm hút YAMAHA

I used to use a cheap cross-type universal puller from CHINAI couldn't get the Flywheel out of the Universal Puller, so I had to try it out I bought the OEM tool and it came off easilyIt is easy to ap...

YAMAHA Dụng cụ cố định bộ ly hợp YAMAHA

It's sturdier than the cheap ones, it's a Yamaha tool so you can trust itHowever, it's a waste of money because it's a low frequency of use versus a high investmentThe Special Tool of SEA BASS is more...

YAMAHA Cờ lê móc

YB-1 (2st) It's a special tool for Casting Iron, so I used it to remove and install the exhaust system on my The size was perfect and felt comfortable in my hand Since it is an universal tool, it is h...

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