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TANAX MOTOFIZZ nhãn hàng phụ kiện dành cho phượt thủ. Họ cho ra những loại túi, giỏ gắn xe rất đa dụng và dễ dàng tháo lắp. Nhãn hàng này là một trong những thương hiệu tiêu chuẩn mà người Nhật tin dùng.

TANAX Đĩa móc 3

It is easy to install. I think that most motorcycles have Loader Hook around the bottom of Tandem Footpeg and Tandem seat, but of course there may be a motorcycle which does not have it.I was about to...

TANAX Mang theo dây 3-V

It's easy to store the two strings together and when you use it, what? only one is missing! You don't have to look for a way to get to the Loader Hook. Also, there is a hook on the back of the hook, s...

TANAX Chai ghế trường MFK-101 39-59L

This product is a classic that has been around for a long time.I go to CanTwo every year and it's stable with no large breakage.Attachment can still be used, so I'll use it until it breaks lolThe only...

TANAX PowerThailandBelt

"This is a nylon belt about 2cm wide.I'm a Belt person, not Net, when loading, but I'm a Belt person. (Net will fray and look dirty when the UV light ruins it, so ……) This product is very convenient b...

TANAX Cargo Hook

If you have the bolt holes, you can add a Loading Hook. It's a pity that it doesn't look like a pad, because it's very functional.

TANAX CarvingShellCase

I was disappointed that the Silver of the Sport Shell Case was out of stock, but the model change made it even better looking, so I ordered it immediately.The seat cowl can be comfortably installed on...

TANAX Đĩa móc 2

Basically, it's a simple piece of work.But Pe LePera is not surprisingly solidly madeIt looks like it's a no-brainer.If the Number bolt is too short, it may not reach you.

TANAX CarvingShellCase

I bought these with no known fitment to the CBR650R (no information as they were just released), but they fit perfectly. I will review it again when I use it for long touring.

TANAX Hook Belt MF-4531

I finally found a product that freed me from the anxiety of having to wrap a long cord around the bike because I couldn't reach the cord close enough and I was worried that it would come off and get s...

TANAX Túi Mini Field MFK-100 19-27L

We made it three days and two nights!It can be used for touring and also for shopping. When shopping, if the Zipper doesn't close, you can take it home with you if you put it over the top and stop the...

TANAX Thắt lưng Bag 10 MFK-070 2. 5L

The capacity is the minimum necessary and I liked it very much with Compact, but the Belt part naturally became loose with age, so I bought a new one.It doesn't get in the way of Riding, and if you ha...

TANAX Túi cứng

It is easy to put in luggage because the opening is large, and it is easy to remove air because it has an air valve.The capacity is also Large size just right as 35L and additional Back.

TANAX Thắt lưng Bag 10 MFK-070 2. 5L

I was confused with the DAYTONADH-736, but the number of reviews and design is just right. I chose this one for the Large size. It fits the shape of my body.

TANAX ETC Hàng hiên MF-4707

You can put in ETC with ease, and it's a bit bigger than Y's Gear ETC Pouch. It is.A bracket is made and attached to the inside of the side cowl of an Off car that has no storage space.It is Porch tha...

TANAX Túi Degi Plus MFK-206 (Holster) 2. 8L-4. 6L

I've only used WaistBack in the past, but I think it's goodComparison with my usual 5LWaistBackThe Holster has less interference with the jacket and is less likely to lose its styleNo need to move to ...

TANAX ETC Hàng hiên MF-4707

Because the Rider's belly is sticking out so things don't fit in the Pocket (lol)I bought it as a Porch because I wanted to keep it on my motorcycle all the time and use it right away I didThe capacit...

TANAX Túi công cụ của Mỹ 3 MFA-10 2L

YAMAHA_VIRAGO250 but it's a motorcycle with no storage capacityTo hold spare brake lever, clutch lever and needle goldPurchasedI've found less expensive ones in stores and on the NetI saw other people...

TANAX Túi Degi Plus MFK-202 (Vòng eo) 6. 3L

It's Mr. Tanachs, whom I trust!It holds quite a bit of space, so I'm happy with it!The PET Bottle Holder is also very usefulI mainly use it to carry my camera, tripod and other photographic equipmentA...

TANAX Khó khăn bao tải 70

The luggage doesn't seem to get wetWhen I was fixing it, the RubberString was hitting it, and then I drove about 200km to get it off If you look at it, it creases and looks like WrinkleWrinkle, or rat...

TANAX Túi Degi Plus MFK-202 (Vòng eo) 6. 3L

good pointMany Pocket's allow you to tailor the storage to your likingSmartphonePocket is especially useful for smartphones because it is transparent and you can see inside Not necessarilyIt's very co...

TANAX Bộ ghế bảo vệ MF-4682

When I anchored the Seat, my inner thighs started to hit the side coverBecause it is a limited color of the last model, I did not want to put Wound on it I bought this product in a pack of three, betw...

TANAX Vỏ bảo vệ Ghế MF-4684

I use it for the Heel Guard in my Off carMaterial:The Aluminum Heel Guard makes white shoes and boots look black I wanted to keep the texture of aluminum, so I put "Clear" on it UseI used it for CBRI ...

TANAX Ghế bảo vệ MF-4680

The seat was hitting the tank [Color] The Clear paint is scraping off, so I decided to put it onI tried to cut and paste it, but it's still going to be WrinkleBut the price is high for just Seat

TANAX Ghế bảo vệ MF-4680

I purchased several points over 20 years ago, and I use it a lot. Still a little leftIt is still usable. It is amazing!It is similar to 3M Protection film but details are unknown.As the main use at th...

TANAX Pad dán bình xăng TANAX

This time I attached Clear for the first time.Until then, Material : It was Carbon Style.This time I chose Clear, I feel a lot better.The price was also cheap and it was good.There is thickness, too.....

TANAX Bộ ghế bảo vệ MF-4682

I was wrinkled again ~.I purchased it a few times, I pasted it, but it will not go well.That's too bad..It is attached with a loose curved surface so as to pull somewhat,I will become a little wri...

TANAX Bộ ghế bảo vệ MF-4682

Footpeg Inside Shoes hit the part we used before. There is a part which peels off a little because of the rubbing of Shoes, there is a dirt entering there, Black sometimes gets clogged, we are replaci...

TANAX Bộ ghế bảo vệ MF-4682

Purchase this item for scratch preventionSince there is Luster, it will not cloud only when stretchedBe careful as fingerprints are attached to the adhesive surface

TANAX Bộ ghế bảo vệ MF-4682

In case of one piece, purchase here for the use of multiple places, In my car, there is no Loading Hook in Rear so Tension can be applied from around T foot footpeg : I've fixed my baggage at Belt...

TANAX Bộ ghế bảo vệ MF-4682

SR 400 FI interferes with OEM Tank and Seat and rubs it, so purchase for scratch prevention.This type has a transparent feeling and the color of the base is clearly visible, and furthermore it is thic...

TANAX Bộ bàn chải Rust lấy PG - 225

I used it to remove Rust from the Drive chain and it worked fine. The finishing PVC Brush is available in Quantity:The set is a great deal.

TANAX PIT GEAR Brush Brush PG-270

It's easy to hold and the Brush will reach the hard-to-wash areas of the Wheel, and it will polish up the stubborn dirt picked up from the Asphalt.

TANAX PIT GEAR Brush Brush PG-270

Used in Aluminum rims Spoke wheelIt easily fits into the smallest space.Brushes were harder than I expected, but it is OK because it does not seem to be damaged even with aluminum rims.

TANAX PIT GEAR Brush Brush PG-270

I use it to wash the Wheels on my D Tracker.It's also convenient to have a core inside that can be wiggled and bent.I like the fact that it can be used not only for the Wheel, but also for the Engine ...

TANAX Bộ bàn chải rửa xe hơi PG-224

I purchased this for a Motorcycle engine wash for VehicleCleaning the engine fin is now easierI just happened to find this one in Harley's Motorcycle magazine It was available

TANAX Bộ bàn chải rửa xe hơi PG-224

I mainly use it to wash my off-road motorcycleIt's not a Brush that says what's particularly good about it, but it doesn't come off just by running water It's just right for removing mud that has accu...

TANAX PIT GEAR Brush Brush PG-270

Motive for purchasingTo be used in car washesGood pointsSince the core is fairly hard, you can stick it in the gap of the spoke wheel and polish itWhat I liked about itnothing special

TANAX PIT GEAR Brush Brush PG-270

Have used this on both spoked wheels, cast rims and even mag wheels on my car. It does a very good job of cleaning the hard to get to bits that you can't get to (not only rims) with a sponge effective...

TANAX Bộ bàn chải rửa xe hơi PG-224

After all, it is a classic car wash Brush. It seems to be quite unusual. There is a short on Home center, but since this Length is missing, this will be.

TANAX PIT GEAR Brush Brush PG-270

At the time of car wash of off-road motorcycle, I wanted Small Brush to wash a narrow part like the gap between Frame and Engine and purchased it.As a result, it was possible to wash brush into the na...

TANAX Loa lắp Spacer

It purchases for Helmet change.
Being caught too is since I am disagreeable.

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