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SW-Motech cung cấp phụ tùng chính hãng áp dụng cho mô hình khác nhau. Họ có các mục khác nhau không thể thiếu để cảnh lưu diễn, chẳng hạn như túi bể hoặc bảo vệ động cơ

SW-MOTECH Bảo vệ đèn pha

Since ordering is impossible with Catalogue and home SW - MOTECHSite, I ordered it with half price, but it arrived properly with ACTIVE treatment.It seems to be able to push out Small branches that ju...

SW-MOTECH Alu Rack (Nhôm Carrier)

? It is a bit heavy as BALI remains in the mounting holes and iron?KIJIMA ? It can not be used with Helmet lock, you must remove Helmet lock


The installation was able to go without problem.However, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) The overhang did not appear uniform !!Although it is Germany ? ? ItalianQualityIf various Screws were Stai...

SW-MOTECH Alu Rack (Nhôm Carrier)

I used SW モ TEC Carrier and GIVI Case in the previous Motorcycle and I did not want to waste the Adapter for GIVICase so I bought the company's Carrier in the current Motorcycle. Translation (Inst...

SW-MOTECH Bảo vệ động cơ

V-Strom 1000 ABS 2014 Yearn back. I thought what it was because I was wearing the OEM Center Stand, but the hole of Bolt shifted and I was about to remove the Spring of STAND as soon as I worry about ...

SW-MOTECH Bảo vệ lốc máy SW-MOTECH

- It is easy to assemble and install, but if you go ahead and assemble and install it, I will forget the Sponge to stick to the Reverse side. Let's assemble and assemble calmly while watching the ...

SW-MOTECH Crash Bar / Thanh trượt

- Looking at the product introduction picture, the full width of the Engine part seems to expand considerably, but it was not enough to worry about actual use. Unnecessary falling way, if not impolish...


Goods are good, but the date from order placement to delivery is nearly 2 months,Just because GIVI's Plate and Case fasteners are weak, Case breaksI finished it..

SW-MOTECH Giá đỡ mặt đứng

It is attached to MT-10. Originally I felt that I was pretty leaning with the STAND up, so I bought it with a feeling like chewing clogs. Also, as the house covered the crushed stone, STAND tended to ...


As it was about 2 months to deliver the item, "It's about a ship this time about the Indian Ocean. "When I thought of it, a shipping contact came suddenly in less than a month from the o...

SW-MOTECH Túi yên ngựa Legend Gear LS2

This sw-motech saddle bag can carry a lot of stuff, about 13-14 liters, which is enough for my about 10 day trip (I installed 2 pieces, the left and the right). It makes my Ducati Scrambler look perfe...

For Rider, I think that one of the most familiar ways of loading luggage when going out for a tour is use of Tank Bag. It is very useful for loading small objects such as maps, digital cameras, and va...

Good shopping was made.I was looking for Tank Bag's Lock type, I found it, I decided it promptly.I also have a good texture, and since Screw of Stainless Steel also had 2 Type, I think that it is ...

SW-MOTECH Túi đuôi Rackpack (Bao Ghế)

Although I plan to use it from now on, I felt delivered first, Design, functionality and texture as wellI felt it was nice..In fact, I bought this Bag because I want Waterproof Bag that can endure sud...

SW-MOTECH Bộ sản phẩm lắp baga thùng xe QUICK-LOCK

I bought it for putting Back of Tanax on ALU - RACK.1st Small I use a thing but it is Just size. It is easy to install according to the Instruction Manual but it is better to prepare absolutely becaus...

SW-MOTECH Vòng lắp cố định thùng đựng đồ trên nắp ...

Simple desorption of Tank Bag is easy, but if you increase the capacity of Tank Bag by removing Fastener from Tank Bag, the Meter panel will be difficult to see. Depending on how it is used, it became...

SW-MOTECH Vòng lắp cố định thùng đựng đồ trên nắp ...

When installing the product, transparent VinylSeal - Vibration reduction etc etc. Although it was enclosed, when you use it by replacing it with Base for GIVI, this transparent VinylSeal becomes bulky...

SW-MOTECH Đế lắp thùng chứa đồ QUICK-LOCK

It was installed according to the description in Instruction Manual.And the top case flew and broke.Plate fasteners (Three location fasteners? 11) It can be easily removed by vibration.Since there was...

SW-MOTECH Đế lắp thùng chứa đồ QUICK-LOCK

Translation (Please enter here, although it is the Instruction Manual, but the portion to be clipped to ALU - RACK is incorrect.I had to put Washer between Screw and Plate, so I completely missed it.o...

SW-MOTECH Đế lắp thùng chứa đồ QUICK-LOCK

I bought it to share Box with other Motorcycle. As I can use Box without preparing for each Motorcycle, I am very useful.

SW-MOTECH Khô Túi 350

Dry Bag can protect water very well And can be easily observed during the night Or even while it rains It can hold more than 30 liters of luggage. I am very satisfied.

SW-MOTECH Khô Túi 20

It was madein China.500 mm pet is also not as strict as a petThe most useless point was that the printed Ink was included in the product as the manual was enclosed.By the way, I could not clean it. Yo...

SW-MOTECH Khô Túi 350

From Chiba to Large Osaka Used on homecoming at Motorcycle.Purchased this because it wanted a waterproof type that was not a problem even with sudden rain with a rough type.Design is also Parenthesis ...

SW-MOTECH Điện thoại thông minh Drybag cho túi bể

Waterproof nature is almost perfect with a folded Velcro tapeIf you leave the application launched like Navigation like smartphones take on heatHeat gets caught in me and it gets hotter and steadier

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