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SW-Motech cung cấp phụ tùng chính hãng áp dụng cho mô hình khác nhau. Họ có các mục khác nhau không thể thiếu để cảnh lưu diễn, chẳng hạn như túi bể hoặc bảo vệ động cơ

SW-MOTECH Bảo vệ động cơ

i am having a 2014 mt-09 with an after market exhaust on it , and it dosen't fit after market exhaust, a more protude fitting is needed


At first I considered the Engine Guard from CHINA, but I heard that the accuracy was not so good and the cost of the gold in customs, etc., I decided to buy this product because I felt comfortable wit...


It was originally intended for the GSX-S1000, but the HURRICANE GSX-S1000 You have to use this product to install FATCondor, so you can choose itThe texture and rigidity are very goodI am grateful for...


I like DL1000 V-STROM250 quite a bit because it looks like it became a bigger size I amIt's less extravagant than I expected and feels Refreshingly cohesiveIt seems to be a German company and the Inst...


The shape and design also match the Top case because it is exclusive to TRAX-ADVThe Construction Manual also includes a patterned sheet of paper for installation, which is very helpful, but the patter...


I installed it on my 2016 MT-09The screw holes for attaching the OEM Carrier are used for a very SMART installation It isYou have to drill 4 holes in the cover, but it is easy to see the position beca...

SW-MOTECH Alu Rack (Nhôm Carrier)

I think it is solid, but there was a scratch in one place as if something hard hit itI think that if you have a hook for the touring net, you can use it as a cargo bed, but I have a hook It wasn't

SW-MOTECH ADV - RACK (Giá phiêu lưu)

I installed it on my Africa TwinAdventureSports I don't have any technical knowledge or experience, but while looking at the Instruction Manual ( (I don't know the English version, so I only understan...

I like the OEM Bar Guard for its robust constructionI'm looking for a lightweight CylinderGuard for street riding, relatively inexpensive and I like the design It was, so I bought itThere's actually a...

SW-MOTECH Đường truyền bên trái của Legend Gear SL...

Easy to install on the vehicle, secure the bag and easy to removeIt's also good that it's not too bigIt's expensive, so it's not surprising in some ways

SW-MOTECH Khóa dây kéo

You can set the number of the lock as you like, and it is very convenient, robust and hard to break.

SW-MOTECH EVO Micro Xe tăng Túi

I bought it as an Accessory Case for my R1's ride!I chose the Smallest one because the Large one was too big for my belly.It is only about the capacity of the Waist Bag.

SW-MOTECH Đường truyền bên trái của Legend Gear SL...

I didn't have storage space for my car and I didn't want to carry my luggage for an overnight touring etc., so I bought it along with the Bag.Installation of this Bracket was very easy, but I was able...

SW-MOTECH Túi phụ của Legend Gear LC2

The design is good, but it's smaller than I expected.Also, it is easy to install and remove, but there is no place to hold it by hand and it is hard to carry. It would be better if there was a handle ...

SW-MOTECH Vòng lắp cố định thùng đựng đồ trên nắp ...

Purchased to install the company's Tank Bag.The fit with the Tank Bag is excellent, and I'm sure I'll be back next time, but the only downside is the poor texture of the Bolt that comes with it.An Ins...

SW-MOTECH EVO Micro Xe tăng Túi

Since a magnet-type tank bag cannot be attached to Aluminum Tank's YZF-R6, we chose this product that can be fastened together with the tank ring.As you would expect, it is a great product that holds ...

SW-MOTECH Đế lắp thùng chứa đồ QUICK-LOCK

The installation accuracy is very high and the Top case is very tight and easy to use. I am thinking of changing to the screw closure.

SW-MOTECH Túi Bao Container (Bao Ghế)

I used it to go camping with my CB.If you install it with the Top box, you can pass through the Tent on top of the Back for more stability.You may have to make both Sides evenly weighted or else it ma...

SW-MOTECH Dây đai mắc túi đựng đồ hai bên hông xe ...

I bought it because it would be a hindrance if I put something as large as Tank Bag on my motorcycle practice session.If you put it around the Rear Sets, there is no problem, but I wanted to put it ar...


If you're a ss Motorcyclist and you're loading up and going to Ron Two, I recommend it. It's easy to install! I'm using it on a 15 year old cbr600rr. I can fit a lot of stuff in it! One thing that bot...

SW-MOTECH Khô Túi 350

I bundled ordinary SportsBack to Seat with Net when touring until now and used it, but I was not able to correspond to the thing and the rain that is insufficient capacity and the sudden rain, and was...

SW-MOTECH Khô Túi 300

I bought it for saber-rattling and other AXIS-tivityMaterial is waterproof, so even if it gets dirty, it's washed outThe texture was perfect, as SW Motec is famous for TouringBack and other thingsDesi...


I said goodbye to the Backpack I used for about 6 years and chose SW-MOTEC for the first time Waterproof, Large capacity, the bag opening of the familiar winding type I bought the Barracuda and I am g...

SW-MOTECH Bảo vệ gót chân

There is nothing wrong with it as long as you can come to terms with the price In my case, I wanted to get Black I bought it to see if it would rub off on Heel even if I painted it So far, no baldness...

SW-MOTECH Khô Túi 350

Dry Bag can protect water very well And can be easily observed during the night Or even while it rains It can hold more than 30 liters of luggage. I am very satisfied.

SW-MOTECH Khô Túi 350

It's easy to collapse, but it's waterproof and can be folded and placed at home, so it doesn't take up much space There is noneThere is a little bit of work to be done to get the insoles and so on, bu...

SW-MOTECH Khô Túi 600

It's also Large strange to find insoles that fit so wellI have no complaints about its performance, such as Waterproof However, the smell transfer is a bit annoyingIf you are nervous, I think you shou...

SW-MOTECH Ba lô Triton

Compare with various manufacturers' products to choose the best one for waterproof performance I didI thought the design was innovative compared to other productsWhen you take it in your hands, it loo...


I've had it on for about a year, and even though it didn't rub off, the bottom part of the bar (from the vibration?) It's cracked, I contacted SW-Motech and they don't seem to have a warranty If you n...


The fabric is thin, but it is useful for emergency useIt becomes quite Compact when folded and takes up little spaceQuantity:Pair (for Left and Right) If there is a strap to connect the shoulder strap...

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