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SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA), thương hiệu nổi tiếng Nhật Bản với những bộ kit phụ tùng, phụ kiện nâng cấp phân khối, lêncc và các loại phụ tùng độ chất lượng cao chủ yếu dành cho xe xe 4MINI như APE, MONKEY và GORILLA.

SP TAKEGAWA Dây cảm biển đồng hồ nhớt SP Takegawa:...

About quality and texture - Top quality. Perfectly manufactured sensor assembly with heat shrink at the temperature bulb end and electrical connector end to minimise temperature errors due to water in...


About quality and texture - Top quality. OEM Honda like finish, matches up perfectly with the Monkey sticker. Special edition Takegawa Monkey ;).
About the feeling of use - Sticks well to surfaces ...

SP TAKEGAWA Bộ chế hòa khí KEIHIN PD22 w / BỘ LỌC ...

my stock carb is suck so i bought this thing and install after that, my bike is pretty worked
the power is increase before
I highly recommend this :)

SP TAKEGAWA Bộ cần tay côn

I got this lever as part of a set for my 1965 Yamaha YG1 that has a front drum brake.
The styling looks good for a older bike, the black and silver finish is very good with no manufacturing issues ...

SP TAKEGAWA Bộ điều khiển FI TYPE-X (Bộ điều khiển...

The problem of not being able to DL settings by model in the i-OS APP has been corrected.(However, this has not been confirmed for the latest version of i-OS 15.5.)If you cannot download the file, you...

SP TAKEGAWA Khung làm mát dầu

About quality and texture - Top quality. The frame bracket is made from a solid steel construction and will have no issues with the vibrations generated from the Monkey.
About the feeling of use - ...

SP TAKEGAWA Bộ dụng cụ che ly hợp đặc biệt

This product solves many problems at once when installing Oil cooler.I was thinking about all kinds of things, such as the outlet and the Thermostat attachment, and this product solved it all at once....


First of all, the explosion (laugh) that I was worried about has been avoided… although the volume has definitely become LARGER.I asked the shop to install it with other parts, but they returned it to...

SP TAKEGAWA Bộ làm mát nhỏ gọn (Dưới khung / Nắp l...

It may not be sufficient as an impresario (laugh) because I don't think it is necessary yet due to the season.It is not easy to reach the area where thermostat opens when actually watching the oil tem...

SP TAKEGAWA Cờ lê móc cho giảm xóc sau

I could do without it.I don't care if there is.I can make adjustments without worrying about injury.

SP TAKEGAWA Ron đệm 12mm

About quality and texture - Excellent quality, no issue with the O-ring.
About the feeling of use - Great fit and functioning as intended.
Products to buy together - Purchased together with ball bea...

SP TAKEGAWA Bạc đạn (6001Z)

About quality and texture - Excellent quality bearing from SP Takegawa, nice smooth operation.
About the feeling of use - Perfet fit into the clutch cover housing and quite in use.
Products to buy t...

SP TAKEGAWA Vòng nhựa ổ bi

About quality and texture - Excellent quality, no issue with the O-ring.
About the feeling of use - Zero oil leaks from the clutch access cover, so it is doing its job.
Products to buy together - Ad...

SP TAKEGAWA Ly hợp khô dùng cho sửa chữa vòng đệm

About quality and texture - Excellent quality, no issue with the O-ring.
About the feeling of use - Zero oil leaks from the oil filter cover, so it is doing its job.
Products to buy together - Add o...

SP TAKEGAWA Dụng cụ cố định bánh đà

The pin is short and the holder is at an angle, making it difficult to apply force and work.When incorporating Mr. Takekawa's parts, the Manufacturer listed them as tools, but…

SP TAKEGAWA Dụng cụ cố định puly truyền động

About quality and texture - Excellent quality, the holder has a solid feel and looks like it will last my lifetime.
About the feeling of use - Works really well, did a great job stopping the motorcy...

SP TAKEGAWA Vòng kẹp ống (15.5 / 4 cái)

These 15.5 millimeter in diameter hose clamps are used with the 12 millimeter hose, both being from Special Parts Takegawa. Webike have these priced very well considering they are a four piece packet....

SP TAKEGAWA Vòng kẹp ống

I am using the internal diameter 8 millimeter clear breather hose from Special Parts Takegawa in this photo and the usual 13.1 diameter hose clamp was not suitable to use with the breather air filter ...

SP TAKEGAWA Vòng kẹp ống (9.5 / 4 cái)

These 9.5 diameter hose clamps from Special Parts Takegawa are used with their 5 millimeter internal diameter hose to create an excellent fit and seal in my breather hose setup. The hose clamps are ma...

SP TAKEGAWA Túi du lịchS

배송이 빠르고 제품이 너무 만족스럽습니다.
저는 위바이크에서 정말 많은 제품을 주문했습니다.
하지만 이런 질좋고 상태 좋은 제품은 정말 믿을만 합니다....

SP TAKEGAWA 2 CHIỀU [Có vào khoảng đầu tháng 2 năm...

This is a perfect size bag for Monkey. This bag is not waterproof, but it is not a problem for me. The three separate pockets are also very useful.

SP TAKEGAWA Túi du lịchS

I had ordered a SIDEBack base made by SP Takekawa for my MONKEY125 (unfortunately, the end of January next year = Manufacturer).I bought it as the best solution to it (the fit is listed on the Manufac...

SP TAKEGAWA Giữ chai [Có sẵn vào khoảng giữa tháng...

I bought it so that I can rehydrate quickly when I take a break during touring.I attached it to the webbing section on the SIDE of my REBEL 250 OEMSaddle Bag.It was easy to install, the texture of the...

SP TAKEGAWA Phễu hút gió phôi thép kèm lưới

I like it.
Takegawa pc20 cav air funnel.
This is the best what i bought parts of dream50 ac15 cb50v products....

SP TAKEGAWA 2 CHIỀU [Có vào khoảng đầu tháng 2 năm...

In the summer heat and slightly forward leaning SR, the BackpackStyle makes my back steamy, so I consider buying a bag without a backpack.It's not a Side Back, which is a style of bag that is permanen...

SP TAKEGAWA Handlebar Guard

Installation takes about 20 minutes.Without the 2mm Hexagonal Wrench, the bar cannot be fixed.No compatriots have been.The 2mm Screw is difficult to tighten, so you may want to temporarily attach it o...

SP TAKEGAWA Lưới ràng đồ đi phượt

I bought it to improve the loading space of my cbr.I put my shoes in it twice and was able to use it properly, but the connection between the mouth of the drawstring and the netted part of the drawstr...

SP TAKEGAWA Lưới ràng đồ đi phượt

Installation on the seat was quick and easyHowever, when I pulled the Seat on the motorcycle to test the extension after it was installed, I found that it was not as long as it should be The side open...

SP TAKEGAWA Phễu hút gió phôi thép kèm lưới

I installed a TM24 Carburetor on my 2nd TDR80I didn't have space to install the Funnel or Power Filter, so it can fit I was looking for things and came across this productAs it is designed for use wit...

SP TAKEGAWA Mũ bảo hiểm

The instruction manual is not very clear and the price is a little high.

SP TAKEGAWA Móc khóa mũ bảo hiểm loại 2

I was looking for a retrofit helmet lock that I could mount on my Inch handle.It was hard to find and I finally found this product.Installation itself is easy because you only need to tighten the scre...

SP TAKEGAWA Móc khóa mũ bảo hiểm

Originally it had a KIJIMA made one, but when I removed the Billionfootpeg, I was concerned about it sticking out in the ▼ shape, so I replaced it with a Takekawa.The Racing hook on the Babyface inter...

SP TAKEGAWA Mũ bảo hiểm

I bought a KIJIMA Helmet lock and installed it on the Tandem Footpeg and used it for a while, but the lock was too low for my use.It's not that KIJIMA Helmet lock is bad. The quality is good and it is...


Fashion costs. Style you have it or you don't. Wearing this Takegawa t-shirt you've got STYLE and FASHION without the cost! As Iv'e come to expect from Takegawa they have chosen a quality product to a...





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