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RIDEZ cung cấp các mặt hàng mắt chatching trên đường. Họ sản xuất mũ bảo hiểm, găng tay và kính mát mà làm cho cuộc sống gắn máy của bạn thú vị hơn và thoải mái.

Các thương hiệu đang giảm giá! Khuyến mãi trong tuần này!

RIDEZ Mặt nạ Neo Bandana

This is a normal Bandana folded in half and fixed at the back with Magic Tape.In the beginning, Bandana is stiff, so if you wash it and use it afterwards, it will become soft.You will not feel any dif...

RIDEZ TRANSWASH Dimming Sunglasses

Since I often ride with an off-road helmet and wear a camera in my Moto blogging style, I can't wear goggles, so I thought it would be a good idea to have "eyeshades" to protect me from the wind. So I...

RIDEZ Găng tay Knucklehead

I was looking for the Deerskin Gloves (front stitching & Deerskin).Despite the high price of deerskin, this is a great product at a low price, with an extra layer of leather sewn into the palm of the ...

RIDEZ Quần jean WARM & WS

I bought it because my knees and thighs get very cold on my morning commute and night touringI tried it with a combination of HeatTEC's Tights and this Jeans, and I've concluded that It's windless and...


I use it with the Holster bagA USB socket is provided for powering the batteryThere is a pocket on the side and you can put in a smartphoneCapacity is not so big, but it can fit a wallet, a smartphone...

RIDEZ Găng tay Knucklehead

Вчера получил заказ.Я решил заказать кожаные перчатки без отверстий для вентиляции рук,так как в России дороги пыльные.Перчатки сшиты из очень качественной и мягкой кожи.Все швы очень аккуратно простр...

The overall fabric is thicker, cotton cloth, the effect is better after wearing it, you can wear it when you don't ride a bicy...


First the color is good. This Khaki color well suits the classic Style Motorcycle such as SR. When getting down Motorcycle, it seems like casually plunging into Classical Jacket's chest pocket.It ...

Basically I love Simple Black leather Gloves in Main, but occasionally I was looking for a little awesome Gloves with Protector, I arrived at this product.By the way, until now, there is a disadvantag...

RIDEZ Shift Sock Green

It is used for Sneakers protection.
In the same thing, it is dramatically good to attach the skid uniquely.
Since the raw material itself is solid, it is easy to treat, and it is easily washable ev...

RIDEZ LX FLAMEZ Mũ bảo hiểm Jet

With other manufacturers, the pressure around the ears is hard to bear when touring I was looking for a Large Fine-SizeI think this Helmet is Exactly for those peopleThe good thing about it is that it...

RIDEZ Hoàn hảo Flip Up

What is the purpose of choosing a faster shipping if almost always the stock is
below 2 for each color.
I hope this in not your marketing. If its the limitation of Ridez, which I do...

RIDEZ Hoàn hảo Flip Up

I have many times asked you to keep enough stock. Your reply is of course not answering my question. If you cant buy brackets from Yamato I am about to contact the factory. Do not run the company like...

RIDEZ Hoàn hảo Flip Up

Please stock ridez titan black brackets enough for fast shipping.
# 148246
# 148245 ship these two separately , shipping method is different. thanks.

RIDEZ Hoàn hảo Flip Up

I have compared this bracket with Dammtrax. Will continue to order this item.
Many riders shoud give up using plastic brackets that come along with the shields.

I used this type of Gold type previously.However, Rust occurred and purchased again.The goods themselves are cool, but since they spin around, I think that it would be better if they could be fixed.

When loading Helmet in the car, it rolls and it rolls, so I was staring Back.I was not scratched, I was looking for something that Helmet & Gloves degree could store, I bought it with price and ap...

Purchased with another product Rabbit.My daughter bought it by pretty!.The feeling attached is like an ear ring, it is certainly cute,Running. Plaplast wwwIn my daughter's Helmet, Heart comes to E...

At this time when opportunities to do daughter and Tandem increased.Surprisingly, there seems to be particular attention wwwThe color of Helmet is - - - ThisThe color of Shield - - - ThisI also stick ...

The real coloring, design "Cool!" A word of. Good coloring with vivid and good design. I did shopping, it is Helmet who wants to go to Touring soon.

RIDEZ Hộp điện thoại thông minh chống nước L

LargeIn case of rain, there is a possibility of flooding, but you don't have to worry about it if it rains a little bit. It has a strap to prevent the phone from falling out of the case, but it's well...

RIDEZ Đ DEC ĐIỂM KHUYẾT TẬT Người giữ xe gắn máy

This is the Parts imprint of Mirror mount.It's difficult to understand how long and convenient the free arm is, but the structure is simple enough that you can arrange it in your own spec.With just a ...

RIDEZ DEF Thức uốngHolder - DX Uống Người giữ Tay ...

I decided to buy my first drink holder because it's going to get hotter and hotter.I did some research and found that there were various types and numbers of them, so I didn't have a drill, but you ca...

RIDEZ [DEF] Xe máy YATTAH Mount One Push

i changed to iPhoneX and it doesn't get stuck in the holder I've seen itOnly Sample, out of stock and not yet in stock? I ordered it from We-Big as they had it in stockInstallation is tool-less and ea...

RIDEZ Móc kẹp găng tay

This RIDEZ Gloves Clipper is much better than I expected. It can hold my Alpinestars short gloves tightly. Worth to buy it.

Purchasing XL by saying that Large will not be Small.Mounting on M109R.I wanted to add it to the Center of Handlebar,Offset to Left due to the problem of Clearance.There is no sense of anxiety about m...

It is use with iPhoneSE. Whether it can not dissipate heat within Case, overheat warning, operation limitation worked. Used so that the outside air enters without closing the Zipper completely. Device...

RIDEZ Hộp điện thoại thông minh chống nước L

good pointWith Strap- Since it can rotate 360 ??degrees, it can also be made easily in the horizontal direction- Only the Case section can be easily removed- If it's raining a little bitA bad poin...

Purchase to install iPhone 6 Plus to Motorcycle.We fix it to POSHQuick release braceShaft using Nankai Clamp adapter PB - 04.Installation etc. I could do it without problems.As I understood, I am worr...

Design shape and color are perfect 。 It's very sticky and won't come off 。 The surface has a metal-like sheen to it 。 I put it on the Tour Pack

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