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OGK sản xuất những chiếc mũ bảo hiểm luôn xem xét đến sức cản không khí đầu tiên. Vì vậy thiết kế và hình dạng được phát triển từ những thực nghiệm trong hầm tạo luồng gió. Những chiếc mũ OGK hoàn mỹ về chức năng. Không chỉ được sử dụng với xe gắn máy, mũ bảo hiểm OGK còn được sử dụng với những chiếc xe đạp.

OGK Tấm lót trong kính chắn gió mũ bảo hiểm SAJ-P/...

Purchased for anti-fogging of Shield during cold and rainy weather. I had already experienced the effectiveness of this product as similar products are sold by other manufacturers. This time, I bought...


I purchased these for spring/summer touring. Unlike the standard Shield, this product cuts ultraviolet rays, so I expect it will reduce the heat. I considered purchasing a tinted Shield, but it is fin...

OGK AEROBLADE-5 KNIGHT [Aero Blade / 5 Night Black...

I am absolutely satisfied with both the quality of the goods and the speed of delivery. You are a very good seller and I will definitely use your services again.
商品の品質と納期の速さの両方に絶対に満足しています。 あなたはとても良い売...

OGK Ốp lọc khí cho mũ bảo hiểm No.4 [Bộ phận Sửa ...

It was originally included as Included Parts:when the helmet was purchased, but was replaced because the installation was too tight and it came off easily.I expected that breathing would help to preve...


I chose this product because the standard clear shield that comes with the helmet does not offer any UV protection. I will have to use it during the season when UV rays are strong, but I have high exp...

OGK Tấm kính lót trong kính chắn gió mũ bảo hiểm S...

I use it on my RT33.Initially, I applied the anti-fog coating that I had been using since the ARAI days, but it was difficult to solve the problem fundamentally and it was troublesome to reapply it pe...

OGK Mũ bảo hiểm RT-33X màu trắng

I think this quality is a good buy for about half the price of other companies.It is MFJ certified and can be used for Race.

OGK Kính chắn gió mũ bảo hiểm SAJ-L-P

The shield of the Helmet in use is getting hard to see due to scratches and dirt.I've been trying to polish it myself, but it's getting tough, so I'm replacing it.The shield itself is easy to replace,...

OGK Mũ bảo hiểm RT-33X màu trắng

I bought the RT-33 White for Circuit Running.Compared to ARAI's RX-7X, which I wear on a daily basis, I have the impression that the RT-33 holds the temples and cheeks with points while the RX-7X hold...

OGK Tấm kính lót trong kính chắn gió mũ bảo hiểm C...

I bought the Pin Lock Seat when I bought the OGKCUBT Cammy 3 and installed it right away. I was able to install it without any problems, even though it was my first time buying a helmet. I thought it ...

OGK Kính mát chắn gió 3

It is comfortable and easy to remove at night and stormy weather.You can also superimpose Clear on BaseSince Mirror enters one piece, I feel that it is rather expensive, so I think that is a necessary...

OGK Kính mát chắn gió 3

In use on RT-33. I stayed for a while with only the Standard Clear shield, but I began to consider purchasing ColorShield under the sunlight of the summer.If possible, it is human being who wants to r...

OGK Kính mát chắn gió 3

I bought it when I purchased Helmet and Shield.I think the apparent Dress-up effect is Large in the Race ish Type Helmet.I think that practicality is effective for preventing shields from scratching, ...

OGK Kính mát chắn gió 3

I bought it even before the abandoned Shield here, but it is okay if it is cheap.Clear 3 cardsIf it is a Color item, Quantity : 1pc. Instead of in eachCombine to demonstrate your power.I am from below...

OGK Kính mát chắn gió 3

Silver mirror so Quantity : 1pc. It is 804 yen inBecause Shield makes it nearly 5,000 yen, I mounted ReplaceShield.ReplaceShield can be installed well if it is rotated around the Post of Replacefor Sh...

OGK Kính mát chắn gió 3

Mirror Throwing Film I tried to buy things.Even if I do not buy a Mirror shield, will it be Mirror ??I tried to purchase, but it will be!Mirror shield is about 7 thousand yen but this is thousand yen....

OGK Kính mát chắn gió 3

I abandoned purchasing what Visor will be.Helmet was cautious, but with Pin from the beginning, is not it that you can affix it if you buy this Film!Since Clear has three pieces, both 3 wearing.Even i...

OGK Kính mát chắn gió 3

Shield protection should be protected. Smoke Shield is really good but I'd like to attach a Smoke ReplaceShield to Clear shield for the time being. I think that I will buy Smoke Shield either, but...





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