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MINIMOTO cung cấp các loại phụ tùng, phụ kiện rất phong phú dành cho các dòng xe off-road, đặc biệt là Honda Monkey, Gorilla, Dax, Chally và cả dòng Honda Cub. Chất lượng cao nhưng giá cả của Minimoto đưa ra lại vô cùng hợp lí.

Các thương hiệu đang giảm giá! Khuyến mãi trong tuần này!

MINIMOTO Khung trần

I installed it in a car model called X1R of ThailandYamahaMeasure the distance to the Exhaust System and select the appropriate sizeThe Engine Displacement Volume is a small small motorcycle So it's n...

MINIMOTO MONKEY 10-inch Side Stand Aluminium CNC

important item[Was there anything that disappointed you?The use of this product is not compatible with the Material:It was easy to work with aluminum, and it was as expectedDo you have any wishes or i...

MINIMOTO Hệ thống ít pin

I did not remove the Battery and connected it in parallel Then, as the product advertised, the Engine started up in an instant with a single Cell shot! It already takes a totally different way than be...

MINIMOTO Thay đổi bộ phận tăng cường thay đổi

There are three different products with the same features on the web by We-Big This is the cheapest one It's almost half the price of the most expensive one It's the same shape and function It's not a...

MINIMOTO Chân đèn pha Φ26 Nhôm CNC

26Φ did not fit the Inner Tube at allIf you don't get into the Tube, there's no way to use itMaybe another Manufacturer's Orthodox Fork Φ bought with 26 It's possible that the thing is 27It should be ...

MINIMOTO CON KHỈ (Sản phẩm Toàn cầu) Dây Cáp &...

It wasn't as bad as the others Impression, but Wire's drums are full of BALI, and If it is not corrected with File, it does not go into Accelerator grip After assembly, it is caught when opening, even...

The home-made Indicator Lamp was wiring with Bullet Terminal But when removing and removing the meter surround when you lose it, it is troublesome and Wiring is It's a mess, so I introduced it when I ...

MINIMOTO Biểu tượng Forkem cờkithondathree-chiều

The build is Simple, but the installation is Exactly right and looks great?Cost-effective and satisfactory?When you think of the 4MINI, this is it, right?

MINIMOTO Superhigh Tensionignition Coil

Purchased for the Restore at DAXBecause the shape is MONKEY type Coil, I need to use Aluminum Plate to install to DAX Processed and installedCable length also reaches sufficiently long, and the Plug c...

MINIMOTO Độ chính xác cao Banjohose

The blue that came with the oil cooler was also good, but it floats away from the overall color of the vehicle I was looking for a different colorWhen I looked for it, I didn't find anything other tha...


The idea of removing the flywheel of MONKEY-type Horizontal TypeEngine Pinpoint is used The frequency of use is low, but if you don't have it, you can't remove it, so it's an essential tool

MINIMOTO Chủ Universalpulley

It is used for maintenance of MONKEY series Horizontal TypeEngine and OEM Clutch and Flywheel are very useful for fixing rotating objectsHowever, because of the universal tool that presses down on rot...

MINIMOTO Khóa Nut Wrench

I used it to replace the centrifugal filter of the Grom I was able to install and remove the lock nut with no problemI wish the price was cheaper because I don't use it often


I used it on a vehicle that was purchased new and is now a year oldThere was no rust or anything like thatI struggled a lotEither the tool will break or the Flywheel will come offIt was a close callI ...

MINIMOTO Khóa Khóa Multi Nut Hook

I mainly use it for MONKEYRemoving the Top Bridge and adjusting the rear suspension are not often used It's just a tool and the price is lowI think it's a good tool to have

MINIMOTO Kìm Piston Phanh

I made a phone call, but the man who answered the phone was unpleasantly surprised by the unfriendly manner in which he spoke to me The employee training was inadequate and the quality of the products...

MINIMOTO Chủ Universal

I used it to hold up a Pulley on a mopedPlease note that this product is an external productIt cannot be pinched like a Stag beetleNo rattling etc. and high quality


I used it to remove the flywheel from my 30 year old Motorcycle and it was easy to use It's not goodOne thing that is not so good is that the Handlebar, which is the part to put the force, is screw sh...

MINIMOTO Kìm Piston Phanh

I bought it to try Caliper cleaning and used it immediately after receiving the productThere are many similar products, and if you look at the reviews, you'll often see that the inside of the Piston i...

MINIMOTO HONDA Clutch Lock Khóa Khóa Nut 30mm

These tools are essential for replacing the Clutch on the HondaHorizontal TypeEngineI have seen some people making their own sockets by cutting off the sockets, but when you consider the price and qua...

First things firstThe construction is solid and normalCosmetically, rave reviewsJust paint & hellip;There were places where it looked like the paint had been partially over-sprayed and cured in a foam...


I bought it to put in the doorway of my garage, but I liked it so much that I decided to put it in my house I have it on the front porchDo you like CUB for your deliveries? I was approachedIf you like...

I used to use two Uma for Vehicles, but they were not as stable as they could beI have been able to maintain this STAND with peace of mind since I purchased it I should have purchased it sooner!When y...

MINIMOTO Chìa khoá chính CUB

Привет Webike! Этот замок зажигания я купил взамен старому оригинальному замку зажигания. Старый замок зажигания имел плохой электрический контакт и я решил его заменить. Качество изготовления хорошее...

I think the quality is good for the priceBut it seems to be too much for a car with a large chassisJust right for MT-03Brake, Chain, Sprocket, etcI think it's necessary for those who make maintenance ...

MINIMOTO Độ dốc hợp kim phổ quát (Dài) Cho xe máy

Even with the weight of vmax1200+Alpha on a 40cm high step, you can climb up to the top with no worries I was able to get downI was a little worried about the weld marks, but it seems to be unfounded

MINIMOTO Độ dốc hợp kim phổ quát (Dài) Cho xe máy

Perhaps!Isn't it the cheapest on Slope?It's light and the ground surface is flat and hard to push!It's a decent build, but for the priceCost performance at its best!

MINIMOTO Loại Mini Đen Bảo trì Đứng trước

I use it on the Grom 1 and it hits the bottom part of the headlight a little as it is It is not impossible to use it, but I extended it by welding the insertion part of the headlight It's ready to be ...

I bought this for the Monkey engine replacement schedule in the spring.I think that it is also a big success in the future Maintenance.The last point price was also a little cheaper and the shipping c...

It is strong enough if it is a moped such as NS-1.I tried raising and lowering while straddling the Motorcycle, but it was possible without problems.However, Chinese Buggy was a bit short of width, so...

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