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MINIMOTO cung cấp các loại phụ tùng, phụ kiện rất phong phú dành cho các dòng xe off-road, đặc biệt là Honda Monkey, Gorilla, Dax, Chally và cả dòng Honda Cub. Chất lượng cao nhưng giá cả của Minimoto đưa ra lại vô cùng hợp lí.

MINIMOTO STD Đặt màu nâu của hình GORILLA truyền t...

The quality of this seat is amazing, I can't wait to enjoy many days riding on it as I could tell as soon as I unboxed it that this seat will hold up for at least a few years. The color is amazing and...

MINIMOTO Ống nhiên liệu Đường kính bên trong 4mm x...

About quality and texture be well-organized Hose and clip
About the feeling of use Takegawa High Flow Fuel Cock does not fit well with standard products, but the hose did not feel durable
Products t...

MINIMOTO SPII Tròn Khung khép kín Cao cấp của SPII

About quality and texture It's of high quality and well-organized
About the feeling of use I installed it in ape100, but I couldn't install it neatly But I think the product is okay
Products to buy ...

MINIMOTO Khung trần

About quality and texture I think the quality is really good
About the feeling of use Incorrect length measurement but fitted to exhaust clamp bolts.
Products to buy together An exhaust clamp with m...

MINIMOTO Keihinpc18 / 20pilot Jet6sizequantity: Đặ...

About quality and texture Quality, product finish, product composition, everything is good
About the feeling of use I am setting the pc20 now. Because of the good configuration, more data can be fo...

MINIMOTO Xe tăng phụ

Really wanted to attach the old CT sub tank to my new trail and this was the best solution I had found at the time. In practice is really flops around alot on the dirt trails and I have seen too many ...

MINIMOTO Bộ giảm chấn phía sau

About quality and texture: I am happy with the quality of this set of rear shock absorbers. Lots of chrome plated steel on these, from the shock body to the springs and then the pre-load adjusters are...

MINIMOTO Trắng Ánh sáng Trắng Siêu PH7 12V / 30 / ...

About quality and texture The quality of Minimoto is really good
About the feeling of use I feel really good because the color got brighter
Products to buy together If necessary, a relay to match t...

MINIMOTO Hệ thống SPClassicExhaust

One of the cheapest exhausts for the ct125 with a great quality finish and welds, I'm decently surprised. Pretty quiet too, for louder enthusiasts, you can remove the end baffle which will definitely ...

MINIMOTO Thiết bị đầu cuối loại thường110 loại Bộ ...

[How is it used?I have been using Bullet Terminal for all of my Harness tweaking. Sometimes, when I have the motivation, I use AutoBacks and Color:I used to go to YellowHat to buy Coupler sets made by...

MINIMOTO Backbrquet Set

This product looks just like a certain Manufacturer's. I haven't compared them, so it's just my opinion. I didn't compare them, so it's just my opinion, but this one is half the price and probably the...

MINIMOTO Bogie / Xe lăn / Bước khác biệt cho độ dố...

We store our motorcycles on steps, and with the narrow Slope, we had to carefully put them in and out, worrying that they might break off.In this respect, the Slope is 70 cm wide, so it offers a diffe...

MINIMOTO Bảo trì La viêt tăt của Phía sau

Rear Maintenance Stand NORMALI could not use it on my Grom JC92. The description reads like it would be compatible with NORMAL, though.

MINIMOTO Độ dốc hợp kim phổ quát (Dài) Cho xe máy

I've been using it for almost 3 years with no problems at all.However, I use it for human use, not for Motorcycle.I use something a little more expensive from another company for my motorcycle.This La...

MINIMOTO Độ dốc hợp kim phổ quát (Dài) Cho xe máy

I used to use a thick wooden board for Motocross practice, but after hard practice, it was quite hard to load. It's foldable, so it's not too bulky to load in the car, and it's very easy to use. I'm n...

MINIMOTO Loại Mini Đen Bảo trì Đứng trước

I bought this because I plan to replace the front tire on my XR100. I was surprised to receive it and hold it in my hand. With such a simple structure, can it support the body of 108kg for many days? ...

MINIMOTO Độ dốc nhôm cho xe máy

It's made of aluminum and is lightweight, making it easy to use.

MINIMOTO Vật liệu cho xe gắn máy: nhômslope

It's made of aluminum and is lightweight, making it easy to use.

MINIMOTO Độ dốc hợp kim phổ quát (Dài) Cho xe máy

I was looking for a Ladder to load my kid's QR on the Land Cruiser 60.We decided that it was too tough to lift up on a car that was lifting up, so we bought this one.First of all, Cost performance is ...

MINIMOTO Máy nén vòng đai piston

Cheap and easy to use.But to be honest, it is not essential, because it can be inserted by hand without it.I bought it, but it became a hassle to use it, so I had to put it in by hand.

MINIMOTO Kìm Piston Phanh

About quality and texture - The whole tool is made of quite thin materials and feels undersized. For example, the handle has square edges and even with the covering it hurts to hold this tight in your...

MINIMOTO Chủ Universal

[How is it used?Used to remove Clutch and Pulley from ScooterWas the one you received as per Image?No problem as per Image.How was your experience with it?I have not had any inconvenience at all.[Poin...

MINIMOTO Drain Cock Packing M12

It is a 2mm thick Drain Washer, so it is good in thickness.The drain bolt can be tightened securely and prevents oil leakage.The quality is the same as OEM, so you can use it with confidence.

MINIMOTO Dụng cụ Hook mùa xuân

Simple construction makes it hard to break. It is strong and sturdy for its appearance.Even hard springs can be pulled firmly and safely.

MINIMOTO Kìm Piston Phanh

Purchased because I am replacing the pad with Self. It is inexpensive and easy to use.

MINIMOTO Chuỗi cho bàn chải xe máy

Chain dirt can be removed thoroughly.It is much easier to work with and can be used safely on Seal chain.Chain cleaning is tedious but this product makes it very easy.


It worked fine to remove the Flywheel on the NSR50.





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