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MINIMOTO cung cấp các loại phụ tùng, phụ kiện rất phong phú dành cho các dòng xe off-road, đặc biệt là Honda Monkey, Gorilla, Dax, Chally và cả dòng Honda Cub. Chất lượng cao nhưng giá cả của Minimoto đưa ra lại vô cùng hợp lí.

Các thương hiệu đang giảm giá! Khuyến mãi trong tuần này!

MINIMOTO Bộ phận ngắt phía sau

It is very convenient to start the engine with the side stand still in place.

I was hesitant to purchase this product because there were reviews on several sites that said it was hard to install with the Hole Gap and that it was not possible to do so. However, I looked at this ...

MINIMOTO Bóng đèn tốc độ 6V

I made a mistake in confirming that the shape was wrong.I bought it just for the fact that it's 6v, lol.So I can't give it a bad rating.You all need to check it out!

MINIMOTO Thay đổi bộ phận tăng cường thay đổi

The Shift feel felt so good that I didn't know how much of a difference this would make. Stiffness is a Large thing.The instruction manual does not tell how to remove the Shift link (remove the split ...

It was written in the previous instalment that it was broken immediately, or that it was crimped while seeing how it worked, but it is not a tool set for Chainfor Replacement in the first place.As for...

MINIMOTO Xích xe MINIMOTO 1974 (thép)

It was installed to protect the Swing Arm.I don't want the paint to come off with Axle adjustments.Demerit is recommended for nothing.Manufacturer's preferences are different for everyone.

I used it with the ELIMINATOR 250.The Parallel twin's Carburetor is recessed and inaccessible in the on-board condition.So I bought this Special Tool, but unfortunately it didn't work.I thought the ti...

The OEM product fits perfectly into the cut groove, but this product is too thick for the plating, or is it because of the extra plating on the fabric BALI?

MINIMOTO Dạng đứng và chân DAX

In order to install it, the bolt holesThere is some gapping and processing.It was necessary.Stand stopper Rubber.It's too thick and the main stand is halfway between the twoI shaved off half of this o...

I used it on my MONKEY125 that I just received a few days ago.A few years ago when I was driving my predecessor Grom, I often stepped on Pedal three times because I didn't feel Firmly when shifting ch...

MINIMOTO Drain Cock Packing M12

It is a 2mm thick drain washer to tighten the drain bolt and prevent oil leakage.:1 Set of 2pcs. is very helpful. The quality is no different from OEM.

MINIMOTO Kìm Piston Phanh

I tried to replace Seal because I removed the Caliper, but it was on the way. "Oh, that's easy! . But I couldn't pull out the whole thing because I couldn't spread it out and lift it up.

【good point】Various sizes are available in the Quantity:It's easy to use as a set.It can be used in a wide range of applications from BrakeBanjo to oil drain.And I thought it was nice and friendly to ...

MINIMOTO Drain Cock Packing M12

I changed it for oil change, locally we call it Thickness:I bought this at the same time as I bought the Filter from We-Big, because I was afraid that the 1mm packing might damage the drain bolt holes...

MINIMOTO Dây pin DAX (cho 3. 0Ah)

I replaced the Elastic band that holds the battery in place before the trouble happened. I was able to fix it firmly and the price was very reasonable.

MINIMOTO Kìm Piston Phanh

I would never buy from this company, even if they are the only Manufacturer in the world. The customer service is arrogant and offensive. The corporate attitude is to be expected.It's a local business...

Time-consuming air removal is very efficient and convenient with this. It was easier to handle inhalation than injection. Work time is definitely reduced.

MINIMOTO Dấu phân cách đĩa

important item[Was there anything that disappointed you?It was also in the imprints of others, but as for motorcycle use, I think that it is a little Large and heavy.Do you have any wishes or improvem...

MINIMOTO Drain Cock Packing M12

Since the price of the Honda OEM Product went up, it was changed to this one for the same price per unit.1.Compared to the 5mm thick OEM Product AluminumPacking, there is only 1/5th of the crushing fe...


Sir Clip Pliers needed to replace the Driven Sprocket in TOWN MATE90 and purchasedIt was nice to be able to use it normally and cheaply.It's something I rarely use, so the cheaper the better.

MINIMOTO Độ dốc hợp kim phổ quát (Dài) Cho xe máy

I was looking for a Ladder to load my kid's QR on the Land Cruiser 60.We decided that it was too tough to lift up on a car that was lifting up, so we bought this one.First of all, Cost performance is ...

MINIMOTO Giá đỡ bảo dưỡng mini cho phía sau

The picture is a lifted state with MONKEY8InchSpec.The Tire is about 10cm up.It's stable enough for lightweight vehicles and easy maintenance.

There are many products for CROSS CUB, but this one has a simple structure and supports the side back firmly. The mounting bolts are made of steel, so I think I will replace them with stainless steel ...

The product is excellent, I installed it on my CROSS CUBJA45, but the included screw didn't fit the CarrierBody hole (Screw diameter is too thin and rattling), so I bought the Spacer 30mm Spacer for M...

MINIMOTO Giá đỡ bảo dưỡng mini cho phía sau

The vehicle is so light that I don't think it would be a problem without the Roller.I didn't care for the color so I went with Red, which is in stock.I'll have to wait and see how the moving parts of ...

MINIMOTO Xe lăn Roller Stand Bearing

The costumer is greatHowever, it's dangerous if you don't think about the angle of the Motorcycle properly when you install it.It is useful for simple chain cleaning and other light work.I wish I had ...

I installed it on a JA45CROSS CUB.It was cheaper than the one from Kiama, so I bought it to try it out.There was no Construction Manual or the like of installation, but it was not a good idea to use t...

MINIMOTO MinimotoHorizontal Engine Maintenance The Stand Multi Type has arrived and I'd like to give you a quick in-play of how it feels to use it.I think the quality of the product is reasonable for ...

MINIMOTO Giá đỡ bảo dưỡng mini cho phía sau

First things firstThe construction is solid and normalCosmetically, rave reviewsJust paint & hellip;There were places where it looked like the paint had been partially over-sprayed and cured in a foam...

I bought it to put in the doorway of my garage, but I liked it so much that I decided to put it in my house I have it on the front porchDo you like CUB for your deliveries? I was approachedIf you like...

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