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WEBIKE - Christmas Sale


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MINIMOTO cung cấp các loại phụ tùng, phụ kiện rất phong phú dành cho các dòng xe off-road, đặc biệt là Honda Monkey, Gorilla, Dax, Chally và cả dòng Honda Cub. Chất lượng cao nhưng giá cả của Minimoto đưa ra lại vô cùng hợp lí.

Các thương hiệu đang giảm giá! Khuyến mãi trong tuần này!

MINIMOTO PC 20 Bộ chế hòa khí kích thước tương tự

It is almost equivalent to PC 07B (main jet # 85, slow jet # 38) for honda CB50J general export.
It is suitable for 80cc and above, with 50cc I made a cushion, and jet needle setting in 2nd place, it...

MINIMOTO Biểu tượng Forkem cờkithondathree-chiều

A small part who give really a touch of class, affirming the Honda brand when Monkey is saw in front. Easy to fit. Also can be used to deport the horn from its original place.
(the horn-grid is home ...

MINIMOTO CUB series Kick starter

Привет Webike! Этот рычаг кикстартера я купил взамен старому оригинальному рычагу Honda Super Cub C50 fi который болтался на валу. Качество изготовления рычага очень хорошее, он хромированный с качест...

MINIMOTO Cộng đồng đến Mặt trận và Bảo vệ Lỗ chắn ...

Very cheap but working ok. Not easy to mount because the holes are drilled slightly off, was pita to install but possible.

MINIMOTO Bộ Điều Khiển Túi Ra Kép Bộ Phụ Kiện 12 V...

The length is correct but does not have the connections to fit a 12 v takegawa engine (124 4v) so i had to order the takegawa harness


I've owned the ebay replica racks before; they are thin and can snap quite easily. This is a solid piece of kit. Very happy with my purchase. Much better than a eBay rack!


Hello you all! Just recieved my off-set front sprocket for my Z50. It works like a charm as i have the kepspeed wide swingarm. The quality feels nice and it mounts up perfectly with my 12 inch wheels ...

MINIMOTO Bộ cao su chống rung cho bình xăng MINIMO...

Hello you all! Just recieved my minimoto mounting rubbers and bushings. First of all the quality is good for the money they cost. Though i dont know how they will last in the long run. Hope the rubber...

MINIMOTO Bình xăng MINIMOTO 2738 cho xe HONDA MONK...

I have bought this tank for for install it on my Honda Jazz 50 for set it instead of factory installed. You can't imagine how I was happy when have seen a result. It's perfect! Perfect shape and quali...

MINIMOTO Bộ phanh (thắng) MINIMOTO 5223 cho xe HON...

The Minimoto master cylinder seems like a pretty nice product especially for the money. It looks identical to the Nissin master cylinder at about a third of the cost.

MINIMOTO Khóa Nut Wrench

I specifically chose this tool because of research into what tool would work to remove the flywheel retaining nut on Honda Monkey Z125. The problem with most aftermarket wrenches of this type, is the...

MINIMOTO Clutch Spring Compression Tool

This tool is designed to compress the clutch spring of almost any scooter! At the moment I will be using it for Honda Joker 90. Prior to this, the clutch was quite problematic, I had to ask someone f...

MINIMOTO Với Mini-Moto O-ring Set 225pcs.

Good set of rubber orings of all different sizes. Appear to be well constructed. All housed in a nice plastic container.

MINIMOTO Với Mini-Moto O-ring Set 225pcs.

Great assortment of orings in metric sizes. Appear to be well constructed with no flaws. Sizes are accurate. Not sure if effected by fuel or oils.

MINIMOTO Với Mini-Moto O-ring Set 225pcs.

A great little set of numerous size orings for multiple applications. They appear to be well made and are exact to size. Metric sizes.

MINIMOTO Công cụ làm sạch bộ chế hòa khí

carburetor It is compulsory for cleaning. Tip Knurl has been processed.With GN125H, the clogging of ThrowAir Jet was cleaned up.However, since Slow Jet does not pass through because it is thick even a...

MINIMOTO Dụng cụ giữ bên ly hợp

It was easy to use and used for Reinforced Clutch exchange. I was glad to purchase it because it was easy to grasp the hands well. SPIDI exchange can be done if there is Clutch exchange.


I purchased it for Wheel and hub's Bearing exchange.Put Puller in the hole of Bearing, spread out the cracked part, wear a steel bar with Slide hammer, then grab Hammer and thrust up with GunGun! ...

MINIMOTO Bộ chế hòa khí điều khiển 4 loại

I bought it for Carburetor setting.If you do not remove the carburetor you are using the carburetor of Type which impossible to replace Slow Jet due to space and structure problems.However, working wi...

MINIMOTO Khóa Khóa Multi Nut Hook

Purchase to do Initial adjustment of Rear suspension.I purchased this because the size of Nut was unknown.I can not rely on making it, but I could use it without problems.Although it is used less freq...

MINIMOTO Chìa khoá chính CUB

Привет Webike! Этот замок зажигания я купил взамен старому оригинальному замку зажигания. Старый замок зажигания имел плохой электрический контакт и я решил его заменить. Качество изготовления хорошее...

MINIMOTO Giá đỡ bảo dưỡng mini cho phía sau

I bought this for the Monkey engine replacement schedule in the spring.I think that it is also a big success in the future Maintenance.The last point price was also a little cheaper and the shipping c...

MINIMOTO Vật chất : Nhôm Bogie · Xe lăn · Bước khá...

It is strong enough if it is a moped such as NS-1.I tried raising and lowering while straddling the Motorcycle, but it was possible without problems.However, Chinese Buggy was a bit short of width, so...

MINIMOTO Độ dốc hợp kim phổ quát (Dài) Cho xe máy

I bought an electric wheelchair on the Trunk room. Since it folds and can be placed, the width is just fine, just Cut it because the length was too long. I am working with two cars by car. I am please...

MINIMOTO Độ dốc hợp kim phổ quát (Dài) Cho xe máy

It is definite and very light and easy to use. I am using it a little better and improving it a bit.. From this I will use Don Dong. Good shopping was done..

MINIMOTO Universal Xe máy & ATV, Snowplow Nhôm...

Until now I used wooden board instead of Slope. T company R vanWhen I changed it my luggage space was slightly shorter and I was struggling to store the board.Since Compact is a syllable phrase, it be...

MINIMOTO Độ dốc hợp kim phổ quát (Dài) Cho xe máy

It's cheap! It's a bit heavy, and the finish is stubborn.Well I do not mind the price is the price. I think that it is probably for mopeds, but there is also a little uneasiness in strength.I ...

MINIMOTO Phổ biến đến đứng Bảo trì Trước và sau

It is too large for Mini bikeWe used it for NSF 100 but it can not be used.Front stand can not be used for Full cowl at all.So welded and shortened.

MINIMOTO Đứng Loại A dành cho xe mô tô Mini Moto

Strength, construction is no problem.It may be good for use in Garage or display for shops.I do not care if the paint is weak, but I feel that it is really not possible without impossibility.

MINIMOTO Loại Mini Đen Bảo trì Đứng trước

JAZZ 2 times Lift, boss Shaft broke. When I contact Minimoto, Parts on Single Body Reply without saleIt was a product that was not usable.

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