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LEAD rất quen thuộc với người Nhật trong một thời gian dài. Họ cung cấp phụ kiện, trang phục biker chất lượng cao, nổi tiếng nhất là các loại mũ bảo hiểm phổ thông.

Các thương hiệu đang giảm giá! Khuyến mãi trong tuần này!

LEAD CROSS CR-741 Mũ bảo hiểm nửa

It's not as safe as a full face, but it's very convenient for long distance use. This is a solid manufacturer's half helmet and I use it when I ride my scooter.

I usually use the SHOEI Z7. I wanted a half hat for when I go out for a while, so I bought this one.Unlike the flimsy interior for decoration, this one has a good cushioning property.A separate Cushio...

LEAD CROSS CR-720 Jet Helmet

I bought this for my father who sometimes rides a scooter.Until then, I bought the Size from Home Center.:I was wearing a Free Interior Pe LePera Helmet.I bought this one because I thought it was stil...

LEAD FLAKER Mũ bảo hiểm nhỏ Jet

LEAD Industries has used it in the past.There is no difference in Size between the other types and Large, so this is the same product.Even if not, the size feeling is the same as the Manufacturer'sI t...

LEAD CROSS CR-760 Mũ bảo hiểm nửa

Buy to go to work For ScooterI love it because it doesn't take up much space and is easy to put on and off.Besides, it's a Compact, but it will keep the rain away.It's a very small Helmet, so if you t...

LEAD D LOOSE D-355 Mũ bảo hiểm nửa

This is my first time buying a half helmet and I'm a little nervous, but I'm sure it's a great product I'm sorry for the inconvenience We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and thank y...

LEAD AIACE (Aias) Jet Helmet

i wanted a Jet helmet with Visor and when it was just released, I jumped on it I saw itI purchased the L SizeThe size is the same as SHOEI VFX-W and VFX-WR, etcThere is some pressure around the ears, ...

LEAD ZIONE (Gione) Mũ bảo hiểm toàn diện

I bought this for my commute to workIt's about 10km one way, 15 minutes in time, so you don't have to worry about a little noise or lightness of the cap Not? Low purchase price? Ease of attaching and ...

LEAD D LOOSE D-355 Mũ bảo hiểm nửa


LEAD CROSS CR-720 Jet Helmet

The last time I had a LEAD Industries barton series, it was a LEAD Industries barton series, so the size feeling is the best LargeBought it to be sturdy andI did It's not bad, though it's a bit genero...

LEAD Tháp pháo binh lục địa KS-21TC Bracket

First, I had to cutters to fit the optional Smartphone Holder. In addition, when I used it for several months, Button of Holder release did not work, so I Rose and Grease up. It is necessary to work o...

LEAD Cuộc phiêu lưu lớn đất KS - 217 Một người giữ...

I first bought the Full cover Holder for rainy weather, but my phone runs out of heat in hot weather, so I bought an additional one for sunny weather. The Hold function of the phone etc...the basic pa...

LEAD Tháp pháo binh lục địa KS-21TC Bracket

I bought it at the same time as the Navigation System Case KS-212A and installed it. I was worried that it was not fit to KS-212A, and it was written in the review of other sites that it was cut down ...

LEAD Quốc lộ Phiêu lưu KS-212A Hộp Danh mục

I haven't installed a GORILLA CN-G520D in my motorcycle yet.It has 3 pieces of Urethane to adjust the thickness, but 2 pieces are perfect.It is convenient because you can operate the Touch panel witho...

LEAD Khóa Khóa Ganjokun GD-2507

[Intent to purchase]I bought a new car so it wouldn't be stolen.Product Description.Three keys are included.The keyhole has a drip-proof cover.【Impressions】A good place to buy a 2020 ADDRESS 110, but ...

LEAD [Ngâm] Người giữ điện thoại thông minh

I install the rubber sheet on the Brace bar and use it Wrap it around and pinch it in the Sleeve and close the Clamp to secure it to the Brace bar The Clamp should be movable between the Sleeve and Cl...

LEAD Giá (Loại đèn đơn mỏng)

LEAD Industries' "Glass Maholder I bought this for the installation of theIf it was about $2,000 for the Holder and Bracket, it was a trial runWhen I actually installed it on the Motorcycle's Handleba...

LEAD Ly / Người giữ điện thoại thông minh

There are a lot of these products out there, but are they really not falling off? I couldn't get it out of my headSo, I'm using "Galaphone We found our product when we looked for a folder that is comp...

LEAD [Ngâm] Người giữ điện thoại thông minh

I was worried about falling because there was no catch on the bottom side, but I apologized and left my phone on and Dirt I didn't fall down when I ranI am satisfied with it because it is inexpensive,...

LEAD Quốc lộ Phiêu lưu KS-212A Hộp Danh mục

There were some line scratches and marks on the screen area that seemed to be caused by heat Well, if you use it, the scratches will come in, so you shouldn't worry about it, but it's a No Brand produ...

LEAD Mặt nạ phòng khách RW-051

I ride my motorcycle to work and recently I bought this because it has been raining a lot lately and the amount of rainfall has caused puddles to form on the road and my shoes have been getting wet.Th...

LEAD Mặt nạ phòng khách RW-051

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Compact makes it easy to carry【How was it actually used?】 On the Change side, reinforcement is included and it seems durable【Was it difficult to install? (Hard par...

LEAD Máy sấy cổ WARMTH KH-005T

I usually have thick but I want to get cramped inside Helmet Purchase. There are also long long neck, but maybe it is better if it is a little longer?Even if you pull it up to the mouth it will not bo...

LEAD Vỏ Bao Bánh Landspout RW-050

It is 80 km / h with highway / Even if it gets flooded, in the case of a town ride it did not get wet.I think that the Rubber gloves at Home center are cheaper and the waterproof nature is higher.

LEAD Máy sấy cổ WARMTH KH-005T

I feel comfortable and more comfortable to use than those sold at Home center.I felt that cold air to the neck was blocked and more effective than wearing clothes.

LEAD Máy sấy cổ WARMTH KH-005T

Neck warmer used a lot, mostly it is short, cold wind comes in from the neck, this product seemed a little long, so I tried purchasing it, it is around, it is good-bye from cold wind, Lining feel good...

Skin and sewing method is also good.However, the thumb is obviously long.Every time I issue Blinker, the excess part of my thumb hits you.So soft so there is no problem but there is a feeling of getti...

Opportunities for going to Touring in cold seasons are decreasing, but I bought it as Gloves for winter for the time being.Gloves for Motorcycle of LEAD Industry is now Quantity : 2pc. Although it is ...

I thought that I want Gloves to connect between Mesh Gloves and Winter Gloves,I found this item at Home center and purchased here because Webike was cheaper.Because it is a cheap item of Free Size, it...

I bought this product because the hole has been opened at the fingertip by Leather Gloves with Protector of Nankai which I have been using for many years. First look at the real thing I thought that l...

LEAD WARMTH KS-209 Tay nắm tay lái không thấm nước

Mounted on the GromInstallation is easy to put on Handlebar, Lever and Mirror etc It's easy to attach it to MirroretcI went around the Boso Peninsula at the end of the year, but it was cold in the FOX...

LEAD Máy cầm tay nhỏ gọn KS-254A

TradeOff, you have to lose something to gain something HanCover is exactly that kind of equipmentYou will lose something very important And yet, it is so dependent and very dangerous that you will wea...

LEAD WARMTH KS-209 Tay cầm chống thấm nước

To install it we had to enlarge the hole through Grip and Lever unless we had to Large.If you do Gloves for Motorcycle you can not operate Blinker!Since there is no space to put your fingers, you have...

LEAD Bao da tay cầm WARMTH KS-208

When the Handle cover was attached too, there was an uncool Image, but since the finger was numb with cold in cold and it had influence on operation, when it attaches drastically, this product is plea...

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