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Xếp hạng 34 trên 1,999 thương hiệu  trong Dụng cụ thủ công
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KTC luôn nghiên cứu để mang đến cho thị trường những loại công cụ tốt nhất. Họ đã phát triển sản phẩm chất lượng hàng đầ với một niềm đam mê tuyệt vời. Sản phẩm KTC luôn tự hào với chất lượng đi đôi với tinh thần mà họ muốn mang đến.

KTC Lốp xe

The tip is thin and strong and the Grip is easy to hold so it is easy to apply force.The lever itself is of moderate length and of very high quality, so it can be easily attached and detached from the...

KTC Lốp xe

I could not get the tire to fit in the lever made by another company, but it fit easily in this one. What's the difference?It is the thinness of the spatula part. The thin spatula takes up 1/3 of the ...

KTC Lốp xe

I have three of them. If you have that many, you can reassemble them without any problem.

KTC Lốp xe

I lost the one that I was using, so I bought it again.Tire lever comes out from various manufacturers, but this one of KTC has good balance in both price and performance. It is thin and the tip is ben...

KTC Bộ cảo mắt sên

[How is it used?Currently in use, rarely used since it only comes into play when Chain is exchanged.Was the one you received as per Image?Image is correct. It has a sense of quality and rigidity.How w...

KTC Lốp xe

The tip is thin and strong and Grip is easy to hold and force. KTC is the best in terms of quality.

KTC Lốp xe

Tire Lever is not long enough. Even if it is short, the angle is good, so it is easy to use the Tire Lever to get power.

KTC Lốp xe

This is the easiest to use among these Tire Lever models, along with TSK'sIt's one of those things.I bit a tube when I did Puncture on the road and I couldn't help myself.I've been there, and I'm not ...

KTC Túi công cụ

The Bag can be spread out like a cloth with the tools used in the field.I used the Bolt I removed and placed it on the spread.It is a bit cumbersome to store tools, so I am thinking of doing something...

KTC Túi công cụ

The material is firm, so it can be used safely without tearing even if you put a lot of material in it.The pocket is also very easy to use as it has enough space and can be rolled up for storage.

KTC Túi công cụ

There is a long Pocket for Wrenches and a short Pocket for Socket pieces, and it is quite a good storage capacity for carrying around.It is easy to take out the tools because it can be opened up quick...

KTC Đèn LED Hand Light

Compact size and lightweight, yet very sturdy and well made.The brightness is sufficient and can be adjusted to two brightness levels.The Indicator, which displays the remaining battery level, is also...

KTC Số loại ổ khóa có thể điều chỉnh

At any rate, I'm glad that they re-released it. The quality is not bad as it is made by ABUS.However, it is a pity that it is only available in one color.after, "KTC" characters cost 600 yen. (Lol) 。

KTC Đèn LED Hand Light

The compact size of the lamp is light, yet sturdy and well-made. It is very bright and has two different brightness settings. The battery life indicator is also a great feature.

KTC Số Padlock Điều chỉnh Số lượng

You can set the PIN number to your favorite number and there is no key. It is easy to use without losing the key.

KTC Bàn chảy móng tay

You can remove grease and stains between your fingers and nails that are not fully removed by detergent and soap. It is easy to use because of the easy to hold shape of Brush. You can keep your hands ...

KTC 9. 5sq. Quick Spinner

I have the one from Tone and it is convenient, so I bought it to see if there is a difference.I bought the one from Tone for 800 yen on Amazon, but this one is about 1300 yen.As for the quality of thi...

KTC 9. 5sq. Clip Set

Purchased for Socket expansion.Neither possible nor impossible.The Gold model has been replaced or somewhat lightened.

KTC Kiểu tổ hợp Ratchet Swing Type

I bought it thinking I would eventually use it.Good to use, easy to turn with moderate resistance.

KTC Công cụ Spring Spring

This one is always in the back of the tool box. wI don't get a chance to use it very often, but it is in the back of my tool box, wondering when I will use it.The handle is easy to use and easy to app...

KTC Người có thể phun

I use it as a Drink holder.It's cool. I'm putting Drink on it for complete self-satisfaction.If you get bored, you will have to stand in line with the tools.

KTC Mở đầu Nhựa Hard Case

The large lid can be opened and used as a plate, so it can be quickly taken out and used right away.It is easy and lightweight, so I don't mind using GunGun.Largearge usually gets covered in Oil and t...

KTC 9. 5sq. Bộ Bit Đa giác Long Ball

If you want to buy a Single Item, you should buy a Quantity.:Purchased in Sets. However, there are some that do not come into play. But it is good to have it because it is necessary to have it when yo...

KTC Hộp mở Metal đơn

It seems a little heavy, but its weight is a proof of its strength. The Tray inside is fee Gold expensive for those who don't need it.

KTC Ratchet kỹ thuật số 9. 5sq. 12-60N · m với vỏ

KTC is a proud manufacturer in Japan, so you can rest assured.From SmallEngine Displacement Volume to Large type, Torque management of Large Mistake Screw can be done with this single unit for Motorcy...

KTC 9. 5sq. Quick Spinner

I am the second generation as my predecessor is getting tired.It can be used to turn the bolt and nut of the Small Torque by hand, and after tightening the bolt to a certain degree, it can be used to ...





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