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KTC luôn nghiên cứu để mang đến cho thị trường những loại công cụ tốt nhất. Họ đã phát triển sản phẩm chất lượng hàng đầ với một niềm đam mê tuyệt vời. Sản phẩm KTC luôn tự hào với chất lượng đi đôi với tinh thần mà họ muốn mang đến.

KTC Tuốc nơ vít Ratchet

I don't think there is another driver that is as easy to use as this one, and as the name implies, the Ratchet driver is easy to use with no complaints about screw tightening and loosening.

KTC Brass Brush

It didn't seem to have a bad reputation, so I bought it to try it out along with a similar product. No difference between the look and feel and Large.I thought the cheaper option would be better becau...

KTC Cốc Lọc Bộ lọc Lọai Cốc

There are many different types of oil filter tools available, but the Cup is the most effective way to remove the cartridge type oil filter without crushing it.

KTC Trục vít

I was able to bite down firmly and turn it with a powerful torque to loosen the Screw that I had licked off. The Grip is easy to grip and effective with its easy-to-use Large size.

KTC Bộ dụng cụ sửa xe mô tô

I've always wanted one, but the price is so high that I was quite worried about buying it.But I couldn't resist and decided to buy it! I snapped it up.The things came in separate boxes and tools, and ...

KTC Brass Brush

I used it to remove the Rust from my Motorcycle Chain, but the size is easy to grip and polish, so the work efficiency was good.

KTC Kiểm tra gương nhỏ

The length and angle of the Compact can be adjusted freely and it is very easy to use in a small space. It is easy to check for oil leaks in hard to see places.

KTC Mở đầu Nhựa Hard Case

You can carry heavy items in the well-built toolbox, but it's strong enough to hold most of your daily tools.

KTC Ratchet Glasses Wrench Double Headed Loại Swin...

It is very easy to use and the quality is also good though I used Combination of 10mm and 12mm of the size used most. The angle of the swing of the head and the GEAR are fine, and the effect is effect...

KTC Mũi cạo DX

It's great for sticker stripping and very easy to remove front glass inspection marks and DialStickers, and I'm glad that five Spare Blades are included.

KTC Áo thun Silhouette

If you're looking for a similar design in a shirt with various tooling illustrations, this is the only one I can think of. It's my favorite of the t-shirts because it's good enough for everyday wear.

KTC Túi công cụ

When touring long distances with SUPER CUB, you can use the I was looking for a Tool Bag to put my tools in so that I could support themTo be honest, I have a box on the back of the truck, so I can pu...

KTC Công cụ túi biểu tượng

The capacity is just rightIt has a lot of Pocket and is very easy to useHowever, I think the color could have been a little darker or brownishHowever, the texture is good for the price and I will use ...

KTC Công cụ túi biểu tượng

I thought it would be cheaper, but I was betrayed in a good wayBecause there is a Small Pocket, the storage capacity is also good and the Flap is fixed by Magnet the reason is that ...It is easy to ac...

KTC Túi công cụ

I bought it to hold tools for my vehicleI was using the limited edition Black=Red I purchased this limited edition of this color to replace itI'm a worrier, so I'm putting in some solid stuff like Soc...

KTC Túi xách tay ba lô

Design, Large Kid, usability is very good. However, sewing was bad and there was fray of thread at several places. In the worst part, the thread melted and the hole was empty. It is the 4th day of use...

KTC Găng tay làm việc của KTC

Usually Gloves is Exactly at L Size, but it seems to take time to get familiar with a little shit.Was it OK with Large Yu Size again?The making itself is solid and it is used for off-road driving.

KTC Túi công cụ

I was looking for a sturdy and affordable thing to put the on-board tool.I purchased it because it was drawn by Brand and KTC called KTCBoth making and performance are the highest peaksThis price, per...

KTC Túi công cụ

(1) On the whole, making is sure..(2) Because it is a stiff fabric, it is painful to hurt, stretch and tear, even if you put a lot of heavy tools, there is no worry.(3) Because it is a thick fabric, I...

KTC Túi công cụ

【What made you decide the purchase?】In preparation for the Trouble at the destination, I purchased it because I wanted to install a tool in Motorcycle.The deciding factor of purchase,- KTCBrand- What ...

KTC Đệm lót cho thợ cơ khí

Foldable CushionMatte can be used as a sleeping board if it is unfolded, or it can be folded to become a chair. It's very useful for kneeling or low maintenance and doesn't take up much space.

KTC Đế lót ly nhôm

Logo is engraved in Laser and the quality is excellent. I put it on my desk and use it as an Interiors. The design has a luxurious feel to it and I love it.

KTC Đệm lót cho thợ cơ khí loại hẹp

Motorcycle maintenance is often done in a low position, so I have to kneel down. With this product, I don't have to worry about dirt on my clothes. You can put power into your knees even if you are in...

KTC Biểu tượng KTC

This is a high quality metal emblem that has a solid feel and can be applied anywhere, and the double-sided tape makes it firm and easy to apply.

KTC Loctite cho sức mạnh trung bình

I applied this to the Handlebar Bar End to prevent it from loosening, not only to the Handlebar, but also to the motorcycle because the vibration of the Engine is transmitted to many places.

KTC Túi xách

KTC is a famous tool manufacturer, but they also produce this kind of goods. The design of the tools is indescribably good. I bought it, but I don't usually have a wallet with a mouthpiece, so it's a ...

KTC Số Padlock Điều chỉnh Số lượng

I bought this because I wanted to put a key on my Tool Box. It is. I can open it quickly and easily so there's no hassle, so it's a Recommendation!Since I am a KTCUser, I like the casual KTC White col...

KTC Đệm lót cho thợ cơ khí loại hẹp

Purchased at the same time as the Mechanic Matt from the same KTCI purchased this product with the intention of working on my kneesIt is just the right size for kneeling as shown in the picture It is ...

KTC Đệm lót cho thợ cơ khí

This would be so handy for a DIY maintenance job!In the past, I've been working in the middle of the room or sitting on the ground with Dustcloth on the groundI've been interested in this product for ...

KTC Số Padlock Điều chỉnh Số lượng

The color is red and stands out and is quite nice The key numbering part should have been a little more modest This is a great product I'm not sure if this is a good idea for the price But I like it

KTC KTC Sticker Ký tự Kiểu Loại

There are two types of stickers in different sizes, so you can put them on various places. It's a simple and cool sticker with good design.

KTC Hình dán biểu trưng KTC

It is a good sticker with good design and can be used in various places.

KTC KTC Sticker Ký tự Kiểu Loại

It is good for emergency but is not it cheaper?Unlike ordinary Sticker, it seems that the character Sticker looks good!I put it on a smartphone Cover for the beginning...The rest sticks to several Too...

KTC Công việc sơn mài vàng

This Size is pretty small, so it's good if you have SizeVariety and ColorVariety!I am satisfied with the texture...Adhesion and Discoloration etc. I do not know the durability of

KTC Hình dán biểu trưng KTC

I used it to hide Seat Cowl 's Carrier hole from the time of delivery.Even if it rains or car wash it seems that sponsors have attached without problems.Just because Size is either extremely Small...

KTC Công việc sơn mài vàng

Shiningly beautiful.There was no such scene as struggling to scrape paste.Noticeable "* The surface to which dirt prevention paint was applied etc etc. , It may not adhere to some special painted...

KTC Bảng dán nhãn Logo

In addition to sticking to my tool box, there are other companies' products, but SST (Special Tools) Several kinds of resin Case "Anything KTC" I am sticking it as! (Because I am satisfi...

KTC Bảng dán nhãn Logo

It is a tool box in which tools of various Manufacturers are stored, but since it also includes things of KTC, it is stuck on the tool box. (Ko-ken's sticker is also put on it... ) later... Where ...

KTC Xích xe KTC MCCU14

Repair Parts of the previous MODEL will not appear and it is a substitute.First of all, it is overwhelmingly different that Plate's press-fitting has become easier.Former MODEL was difficult becau...

KTC Hình dán biểu trưng KTC

【What made you decide the purchase】I liked the tool of KTC and decided to put the KTC's sticker on the top cover out of the CutSeries sold from RingStar because I wanted to make the tool box KTC&#...

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