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Komine là một thương hiệu sản xuất trang phục đi xe lâu đời của người Nhật. Các dòng sản phẩm đa dạng cho phép sử dụng trong nhiều điều kiện khác nhau. Bạn có thể tìm thấy sản phẩm tốt nhất cho bạn tại Komine. Và các phụ kiện bảo vệ được trang bị hoàn toàn cho bạn sử dụng an toàn khi lái xe.

Các thương hiệu đang giảm giá! Khuyến mãi trong tuần này!

KOMINE GK - 183 Găng tay bảo vệ lưới - Brave

The appearance of the gloves and other aspects are ok, it feels very suitable after wearing. If you add a protective piece to the joint of the first knuckle, it will be perfect. It's very light and su...

KOMINE AK-324 Cool Multi Mask

코미네 바라클라마(멀티마스크)구입후 착용해보니 착용감이 좋습니다.
날씨가 않좋아 미세먼지가 있는 날에는 얼굴을 전체적으로 가리게되어 봄,가을 계절에 적절할것으로
보이며, 무더운 여름계절에는 얼굴을 오픈하게되어 3계절사용에 적합하다고 생각합니다...

KOMINE JK-595 Protectwaterproofshortcotton Áo khoá...

실제품 색상은 검정색이며,174cm 70kg 인 제 체격에. 딱. 맞는 자켓 입니다
정사이즈로 주문 후 착용하면. 약간의 타이트함과 핏이 좋아 좋아 라이딩하기
좋은제품 인겄기같네요...

KOMINE WJ-731S Jeans Kevlar Đầy Giầy

제품구입시 도움이 될듯하여, 한글로 구매후기 남깁니다.
전체적인 디자인은 매우양호하며,슬림핏보다는 스트레이트핏에 근접 합니다
구입치수는 M 사이즈 인데.기장이 길고, 허리/허벅지/종아리 부분은 여유가 있는...

KOMINE JK - 128 Bảo vệ Lưới thép Áo khoác

174cm 60kg M size
very satisfied this jacket price and design
내부 마감은 좀 허접한 느낌인데 그거 빼고는 다 좋은거 같습니다....

KOMINE SA-058 Túi Chó Đi Xe 2

Arrived quickly. This bag fits well on the leg. Perfect to keep the docs. It is comfortable to open in gloves. Recommend the product.

KOMINE SA-238 Túi an toàn chống phản xạ

This product is suitable for everyday use. I think in addition to being used while riding a motorcycle It can be used during other sports such as running. It has a slot for the headphone cable to pass...

KOMINE JK-300 Legend Mesh Jacket

팔 어깨 다 맞는데 상체가 너무 짧아요.ㅠ
키188cm 사이즈는 3xl 신청했는데 옷이 작네요.
상체길이가 온래 이렇게 짧게 나오는건가요?...

KOMINE AK-090 COOLMAX mặt nạ toàn bộ mặt nạ

第一次使用这种面罩,材料的弹性很好,紧紧的包裹住你的脸,戴上以后很容易把头盔戴上,也更加不容易弄乱自己的发型。The first time you use this mask, the elasticity of the material is very good, tightly wrapped around your face, after wearing it, it is easy to ...

KOMINE GK-175 Găng tay bảo vệ lưới CANOSSA

Đôi găng tay nhìn rất đẹp và chắc chắn, nó có lớp bảo vệ những chỗ cần thiết khi rà xuống đường..thật đúng khi lựa chọn đôi găng tay này
The gloves look very nice and solid, it has a protective l...

KOMINE AK-322 Tandem Riding Belt

I purchased my girlfriend to safely tandem. The quality is much better than the low price thing. I like it very much. The strap is so long that it can be used regardless of body type and does not ca...

KOMINE AK - 344 Giảm tiếng ồn Tai cắm

단일품목 주문에도 포장 빵빵 합니다.
휴대용 케이스 귀엽습니다....

KOMINE Túi du lịch SA-214

Motorcycle wear is inexpensive yet well-established Komine.I thought that Tank Bag was also a problem and purchased without seeing the actual thing.I am satisfied with the result.Because I am using th...

KOMINE Bìa xe máy gọn nhẹ AK-102

The thing is good and the price is not expensive, but it was written in the bag ManufacturerSmall Selling price 2300 yen, 2415 yen (tax included) It was disappointing that it sold for 2931 yen in this...

KOMINE Túi du lịch SA-214

RENAISSA 's Tank was slim so I was worried that it could be installed but was affordable.Magnets are also strong and securely attached.

KOMINE Túi du lịch SA-214

I mounted it on the xv950 bolt.
It is perfect for tank size. It is a compact size, but it can be expanded so that a proper load can be stored.
It is a really good product for the price....

KOMINE AK-322 Tandem Riding Belt

I bought my girlfriend to tandem. I was very reliably riding. Thank you.
From now on, my girlfriend will not be nervous when riding

KOMINE Bìa xe máy gọn nhẹ AK-102

It is a little difficult to fold with the Large Sled when unopened, but you can round it around by the Small Sleeping Sleeve Size. Then it is Large strange to put it in the storage bag, but let's ...

KOMINE Khóa Pad LK-111 Square Pad

From the spring of 2013 to the spring of 2018, the winter period (5 months) Since it is deposited in the store, it is used outdoors for seven months a year.Red cloth which is covering the chain as wri...

KOMINE Nhắc nhở AlarmDisc Lock

Item delivery speed is fairly satisfied ,Item quality is not very good.There are flaws in the process.
The advantage is easy to use.


About 10,000 yen, from this priceI think that this is good.In particular1 / Anyway it is light.2 / The feeling that I was covered was shallow, butThat is a good meaning, not cramped.3 / Even if you op...


Off I bought it for leisurely searching forest road with a car. I usually use L Size of SHOEI so I chose L Size. Size was just right. Although it is natural, the quality feeling drops considerably com...

KOMINE Mũ bảo hiểm Remover

Helmet remover essential for Circuit driving. Considering the time of falling, I think it is safe in relief. Although it is an ordinary commodity, standards also pass, and feeling of use is no problem...


I bought a total of two, one for myself and one for children.The product is the worst..First, the person who received the Screen installation Screw, that is, the Helmet side was out of Helmet.There ar...

KOMINE Mũ bảo hiểm AK-338 WR

I was expecting to be portable with things like Packable function, but I was abandoned carrying with me on the planned storage space under Seat. Actual measurement 267 g, Large Kimi about 5 music CDCa...


Helmet is light, comfort to wear but the wind shield a bit tough to move up & down. Overall not bad. I like the small detail engrave on the helmet with reflector at the back


The chance to learn this was using the instructor of the school.It was a light word at the moment I bought it!Tried up and down Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Because it is light even if it shak...


We use KomineBrand's Motorcycle supplies and Wear, but Helmet is the first !!It became known per se that he was making Helmet with Komine (sweat)In short, what is good is exhausted as Cost perform...


First I felt it was light with a box.It is not easy to get out of the box - - -Helmet for CUB has exceeded ten years, so I decided to change my style as a matter of fact, but I did it at the end after...

KOMINE Mũ bảo hiểm Remover

since it was required of the Regulation, it bought! -- well cheap -- since it carries out and is obstructed satisfactorily ordinarily, I think that it is good!!! push -- end -- peevish [ come out and ...

KOMINE IK Instructor Pants 3

Blue is so fragile that NavyEven so, because the vehicle on which you are riding is a vehicle, the conspicuous feelingThere are also two Pocket behindIt is too shallow and you can only enter Small mon...

KOMINE Tay cầm cao su tổng hợp AK-049 dài hơn

I heard that the combination of Handle bar warmer and electric heated grips was the best anti freezing solution for hands. After using it 3 times, I came to think that the handle bar warmer was out-da...

KOMINE AK-085 Neoprene ấm Che tay

Handlebar Grip Only Type in the CoverLever holds on Rubber outside CoverIt's Type Cover I've never seen before..Because the hole is only Handlebar GripFrom regular Handlebar CoverI think that ...

KOMINE AK-021 Neoprene tay cầm ấm

I put them on my ex postie bike (Honda super cub NBC110)
They prevent me getting cold wind directly and I can ride my bike comfortably through out year even winter time. And this is my second time I ...

KOMINE AK-021 Neoprene tay cầm ấm

With Gloves this type of function and older than formality as the hand cold as the temperature dropsI tried wearing Handlebar Cover.I tried Gloves for summer winter, but I decided that Gloves is unnec...

KOMINE AK-001 Xử lý nhiệt Thermolight

I use it with CROSSCUB, but it is very warm without clearing. I have never used Han Cover box so far, so I am surprised at the Large Kim of the cold protection effect.If it is used with Han CoverSingl...

KOMINE AK-021 Neoprene tay cầm ấm

It is my first hand cover. It installed in 250TR.Anyway I do not know if I do not buy it, first of all it's cool at an affordable price!I decided to think here..Reach it, I thought that Design is ...

KOMINE AK-049 Neoprene tay cầm ấm, dài

Introduced to NMAX 155. As it is, Throttle gets heavy. Screwors mounting holes - It became a good feeling when expanding it with Cutter and reinstalling it. I think that it will be better even if proc...

KOMINE AK-001 Xử lý nhiệt Thermolight

In winter it is the strongest Items to use with Grip heater Handlebar Cover.Purchase this MODEL for a little longer because the wrist will be short because the thing I used up to now is short.At first...

KOMINE AK-049 Neoprene tay cầm ấm, dài

I bought it for winter. Even if you ride with bare hands at the statutory speed of the original, you feel no cold at all. I am satisfied with ease of use than Gloves I bought for winter. Though it was...

KOMINE Mặt nạ che chắn lưới AK-109 3D 2L Chống trư...

XT250X ('06) It attached to.Although it was the use of only basic commuting, there is increasing thing that the child rides behind,Simply purchase as a measure against heat and stuffy after summe...

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