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Komine là một thương hiệu sản xuất trang phục đi xe lâu đời của người Nhật. Các dòng sản phẩm đa dạng cho phép sử dụng trong nhiều điều kiện khác nhau. Bạn có thể tìm thấy sản phẩm tốt nhất cho bạn tại Komine. Và các phụ kiện bảo vệ được trang bị hoàn toàn cho bạn sử dụng an toàn khi lái xe.

KOMINE AK - 352 3 Dmesh Toàn bộ chỗ ngồi

I bought this because Seat is hot.Used for CT110 HUNTER CUB.I was able to fit a Large body good though not Exactly.I'm glad I bought it

KOMINE Bọc tay lái giữ ấm AK-085 cao su tổng hợp

This product is a must-have item for anyone who rides a motorcycle in the winter as well! It is coldproof and waterproof, but be aware that it makes it difficult to operate the blinker.

KOMINE Bộ dây nối cung cấp điện sưởi ấm EK-104 12V

This product is a power connection harness for Komine's electric heating series.Of course, this is at your own risk, but you can also use other companies' products that match the Connector shape.If yo...

KOMINE Bao tay giữ ấm AK-021

I installed it on a Scooter and a de Raster.I was a little worried because sometimes it was difficult to operate the Clutch.It's very cold.

KOMINE AK-348 Neoprenehandlebarwarmerplus

Transferring from AK021Installed on JA10CROSS CUBInitially, I used AK021 in the winter, but it faded with age (7 years of use), and the Vinyl window cracked, etc.I bought this product called New Model...

KOMINE Bọc tay lái giữ ấm AK-085 cao su tổng hợp

I installed it on MONKEY50I've been using Warm Gloves etc. for a long time, but a friend of mine was riding a SUPER CUB with a Handlebar Cover, which is not this product, and he said it was not cold a...

KOMINE Bọc yên dạng lưới hai lớp AK-109 3D

It's easy to install, just remove the Seat and wrap the Rubber belt around it.Thanks to this product, Seat did not get hot even under the blazing sun in mid-summer.It is comfortable without being stuf...

KOMINE Bọc tay lái giữ ấm AK-085 cao su tổng hợp

It is installed on SUPER CUB90. I have installed HandlebarHeater and Finger protector, but without Handlebar Cover, it is not enough to protect from the cold. There are many different types of Handleb...

KOMINE Bao tay giữ ấm lắp trên tay lái AK-049 cao ...

I have now installed a Grip heater and bought this for extra warmth.Just put it through the hole of Grip and Lever and tie it with a string. It was very easy to install.It's very warm and useful becau...

KOMINE BK-096 Dial Fit WP Riding Shoes

Hai all
1sr at all i would like say sorry cause my bad english. This shoes very comfort like walk in a cloud. For malaysia user. Don.t worry buy from here still from other malaysia seller sell like j...

KOMINE JK-150 Lưới bảo vệ

Happy Purchase / KOMINE JK-150 is lighter than JK-145. I however purchased komine rigid pads for shoulders & elbows while this comes with the yellow ce2 rated pads I prefer the rigid and it has wider...

KOMINE Khớp bảo hộ cổ cho biker SK-647 STREET

Happy Purchase / Komine Sk-647
I'm from the Philippines and the order arrived all well packed and authentic.
Love shopping in WeB!like. While there's a local distributor. I'd buy here especiall...

KOMINE Giáp bảo hộ vai SK-636 KOMINE CE

Happy Purchase / Komine Sk-636
I'm from the Philippines and the order arrived all well packed and authentic.
Love shopping in WeB!like. While there's a local distributor. I'd buy here especiall...

KOMINE Quần bảo hộ đi phượt dạng lưới PK-738 Congo

Bought this in L size as i had another pair of Komine mesh pants in JP L size previously.
However this is larger than the one i had before.
Generally still fits ok as i found the previous pair a b...

KOMINE Áo khoác phản quang JK-144

I bought an JP L size based on previous purchases of the same brand and size. However, this one seems to be almost 1 size larger than previous. ones.
I had to tighten all the adjustable tabs to the l...

KOMINE Công viên bảo vệ lưới JK-135

About quality and texture quality
About the feeling of use comfortable
About Design very good...

KOMINE Túi chân chống nước SA-211

Love this leg-bag. Authentic product. Simple design and light. Waterproof works. This my second bag of the same model. The first one still works well but already worn out. Shipping was fast too from J...

KOMINE Giáp bảo vệ đầu gối SK-819 CE Level 2

[How is it used?I use it with OffBoots for forest roadTouring.Was the one you received as per Image?The Protector and Urethane parts had frayed seams, so I sewed them myself.How was your experience wi...

KOMINE JK-602 Bảo vệ hệ thống vỏ mềm

Great performance, even below 10 degrees Celsius with heat-retaining Inner + winter clothes.

KOMINE Bọc đầu tháo mũ bảo hiểm khi cần thiết RE-0...

Was the one you received as per Image?Because I used the one made by ARAI for many years and got tired of the color taste, I bought the one made by Komine at the mail order of Komine for the 1st time....

KOMINE Bọc đầu tháo mũ bảo hiểm khi cần thiết RE-0...

The thickness speaking community in spring, ...

KOMINE Bọc đầu tháo mũ bảo hiểm khi cần thiết RE-0...

I bought this system so that a third party can take off the hat to Smooth when I cannot take off the helmet by myself due to a fall.Because I am using COOLMAX when I actually wear it, the fit feeling ...

KOMINE Bọc đầu tháo mũ bảo hiểm khi cần thiết RE-0...

Helmet remover essential for Circuit driving. Considering the time of falling, I think it is safe in relief. Although it is an ordinary commodity, standards also pass, and feeling of use is no problem...

KOMINE Ổ khóa đĩa LK-114

I chose Disc Lock as a security Items that I can carry with me when I go out. It has a wire so that you don't forget to remove it, and you can see that it is locked visually, which is what I expected....

KOMINE Dây khóa LK-123

At home, I use a heavy, burly chain lock.I couldn't take it with me to Touring, so I thought I'd see if there was anything I could do.I bought a light and poor lock as long as it made a sound.The soun...

KOMINE Túi ngồi du lịch SA-240

I think the price and quality are good.I bought this one after seeing the picture on Net.When I saw the actual product, I thought it would have been better if it had a larger capacity.

KOMINE Ổ khóa đĩa LK-122

I use it on the rear wheel disc, but the hole is too small, so I insert it into the space inside the disc.It is heavy, feels solid, and will last for a long time because of the lid on the keyhole.

KOMINE Ổ khóa đĩa LK-114

No matter how many measures you take, if it's stolen, it's stolen…I bought it just because I thought it was better than doing nothing.I take it with me when I go out and make sure to lock it when I le...

KOMINE Ổ khóa đĩa LK-122

[How is it used? Prevention of theft during overnight staysWas the one you received as per Image? YesHow was your experience with it? I used to carry a heavy wire lock, but it is useless when it comes...

KOMINE Ổ khóa số LK-115

The first item I received had a numbering problem and was returned→Manufacturer inspected→ and replaced. Replacement also defective. I told them that I wanted them to send me a product that had been c...

KOMINE Ổ khóa đĩa LK-114

The texture is sturdy and reassuringly resistant to destruction.The bright yellow color stands out and appeals to the user's sense of rock 'n' roll.Unusually for this Type, the key part has a Cap, so ...

KOMINE Bìa xe máy gọn nhẹ AK - 102

It tore in six months.The fabric is PelePera, so I guess it's possible if it's for carrying around.





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