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Komine là một thương hiệu sản xuất trang phục đi xe lâu đời của người Nhật. Các dòng sản phẩm đa dạng cho phép sử dụng trong nhiều điều kiện khác nhau. Bạn có thể tìm thấy sản phẩm tốt nhất cho bạn tại Komine. Và các phụ kiện bảo vệ được trang bị hoàn toàn cho bạn sử dụng an toàn khi lái xe.

KOMINE Bao tay bảo hộ GK-821 Carbon

The design of this product is red, but the color is good, and the design is parenthesis good.In the middle of winter, the fingertips get a little cold, so I'm not sure if it's good enough to keep you ...

KOMINE Mặt nạ lót trong AK-090 COOLMAX

Purchased at the same time as the Helmet.Helmet removal is also very comfortable with Smooth, no steam and no sweat dripping.It will also reduce oil adhesion to the pad, which will contribute to safet...

KOMINE Bao tay cao su tổng hợp GK-753

I'm posting a review of the GK-753 Neoprene Gloves from KOMINE Komine after using them.I bought it for warmth purposes.I bought it for fall and winter because of its low price and Waterproof, many peo...

KOMINE Tất bảo hộ ngón chân AK-047 cao su tổng hợp

Touring at high speeds in the middle of winter can make your toes cold, no matter how thick your socks are.If you put this Warmer on top of a sock, it's Neoprene and is windproof and warm, but it won'...

KOMINE Giáp bảo hộ đầu gối SK-466 Pro

This is my first Protector. I wanted a knee protector and chose this protector from Komine, which has a reputation for being a good cosmetic choice. It's the first one I've worn since driving school. ...

KOMINE SK-827 Air Throughce Supportknee Guardfit

I tried it on underneath my Stretch Denim Pants, which I usually wear, but it didn't get stiff, and walking and bending was no problem.It was nice and comfortable to look at when wearing it.

KOMINE Giáp bảo hộ ngực SK-807 CE Level 2

Inserted into the Jacket of Komine. It takes a little bit of effort to wear it, but I use it for safety.

KOMINE Quần lưới đi tour PK-711 REMA

I bought the XL when I was touring with bmwgsadventure. Unfortunately, the wind does not come in at all when I started running. However, when you take StandingPosition, a fresh breeze blows in from th...

KOMINE Mặt nạ lót trong AK-090 COOLMAX

Ha Gap? The strings are pretty much untied. 。 ........................

KOMINE Giáp ngực lót trong SK-689 SF

I've never fallen down, so I don't know about protection performance, but I feel safe. I think the performance is also high. The fact that the Size is available for the street was also good to use.

KOMINE Túi đeo bình xăng đi tour SA-214

Car models installedThis is a 2004 250SBIt is said to be 250SB, and the one who does not have a pin is considered to be Large and a half, so...In a nutshell, it's a D Tracker with a SEA BASS CowlPurpo...

KOMINE Ổ khóa đĩa LK-120

Purchased to prevent theft of a motorcycleLarge PadlockIt locks into the holes of the brake discsWhen I saw that it has this big Padlock on itMotorcycle Theft Intent is going to disappearAnd it comes ...

KOMINE Túi đeo bình xăng đi tour SA-214

As the title suggests, this is the perfect tank bag for day touringThe tank is thin and can be used with the Small Dice KSR and Ninja250SLThere is a possibility of Gap by wind pressure etc. even if yo...

KOMINE Ổ khóa đĩa LK-122

Purchased for vehicles parked for long periods of time at home (Apartment parking) and in a different locationAt home, I use Chain and U-Lock as Main and Disc Lock as a sub sound threat UseFor long pe...

KOMINE Túi bọc xe AK-102

The cover I was using was torn, so I bought a new oneSize:XL is too large for the SSThe fabric is gold-framedIf you can use it for 2 years, it's good

KOMINE Ổ khóa đĩa LK-122

It is installed in the rear wheel disc of my CB250RThe pin thickness of this product is Φ7mm, and the CB250R is just It varies from one motorcycle to the next, so when I purchased the bike, I used the...

KOMINE Lều bọc xe AK-117

There was no place for a motorcycle at the place where I was transferred, so I hurriedly bought a Chinese MotorcycleDome's Cover was torn the other day due to ageing and typhoon, so I replaced itChine...

KOMINE Dây kéo quần AK-346 II

When I try to use it. I am very satisfied. It can be adapted to fit many types of pants. Not only with riding pants. Sometimes I use it with a pair of motorcycle jeans. Alternating with touring motorc...

KOMINE Dây kéo quần AK-346 II

I use it to hold the motorcycle pants. Which can be used very well Strong And can hold very well I am satisfied It also has a reasonable price.

KOMINE Thắt lưng tay nắm AK-322

와이프를 텐덤하고 다니는데
계속 어딜 잡아야 할지 불편하다고 하네요.
착 달라붙으면 저도 덥고 해서 ㅎㅎ ...

KOMINE Túi đựng mũ bảo hiểm AK-338 WR

I bought this to protect my Helmet from dust and bugs as I leave it on my Motorcycle when I commute to work.As it turns out, it was an unnecessary purchase.The bag itself can be stored in the Compact,...

KOMINE Mũ bảo hiểm HK-165 ERA

About 10,000 yen, from this priceI think that this is good.In particular1 / Anyway it is light.2 / The feeling that I was covered was shallow, butThat is a good meaning, not cramped.3 / Even if you op...

KOMINE Mũ bảo hiểm HK-165 ERA

Off I bought it for leisurely searching forest road with a car. I usually use L Size of SHOEI so I chose L Size. Size was just right. Although it is natural, the quality feeling drops considerably com...

KOMINE Bọc đầu tháo mũ bảo hiểm khi cần thiết RE-0...

Helmet remover essential for Circuit driving. Considering the time of falling, I think it is safe in relief. Although it is an ordinary commodity, standards also pass, and feeling of use is no problem...

KOMINE Mũ bảo hiểm HK-169 HADES

I bought a total of two, one for myself and one for children.The product is the worst..First, the person who received the Screen installation Screw, that is, the Helmet side was out of Helmet.There ar...

KOMINE Túi đựng mũ bảo hiểm AK-338 WR

I was expecting to be portable with things like Packable function, but I was abandoned carrying with me on the planned storage space under Seat. Actual measurement 267 g, Large Kimi about 5 music CDCa...

KOMINE Mũ bảo hiểm HK-168 PLUTO

Helmet is light, comfort to wear but the wind shield a bit tough to move up & down. Overall not bad. I like the small detail engrave on the helmet with reflector at the back

KOMINE Mũ bảo hiểm HK-165 ERA

The chance to learn this was using the instructor of the school.It was a light word at the moment I bought it!Tried up and down Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Because it is light even if it shak...

KOMINE Mũ bảo hiểm HK-165 ERA

We use KomineBrand's Motorcycle supplies and Wear, but Helmet is the first !!It became known per se that he was making Helmet with Komine (sweat)In short, what is good is exhausted as Cost perform...

KOMINE Mũ bảo hiểm HK-165 ERA

First I felt it was light with a box.It is not easy to get out of the box - - -Helmet for CUB has exceeded ten years, so I decided to change my style as a matter of fact, but I did it at the end after...

KOMINE Bao tay giữ ấm AK-021

I bought it because it rains when I commute to work and in the winter I worry about the cold at hand.I still feel this is a bit better than Gloves in the winter.However, it is not completely wind or c...

KOMINE Bao tay giữ ấm AK-021

For the practical rider who has no choice but to ride motorcycles in the winter, there is no choice but to keep his hands warm is a pretty serious problem for me, but this product is amazing It's not ...

KOMINE Bọc tay lái giữ ấm AK-001

I've been using it for about five years now, and this is my second one, which I use on my off-road motorcycle It is not a problem It is convenient to be able to put the Hand warmer in the back of the ...

KOMINE Bao tay giữ ấm AK-021

I bought it because I couldn't stand the cold air from the front in the middle of winterThe Grip heater has a high cost of ownership and is a good choice for a frontal grip heater I chose this one bec...

KOMINE Bao tay giữ ấm lắp trên tay lái AK-049 cao ...

These are my thoughts on the PCXIt is easy to install and very warm in combination with the Grip heaterThe only thing is that the blinker needs to be operated with the thumb, and the Engine Starter at...

KOMINE Bao tay giữ ấm lắp trên tay lái AK-049 cao ...

I installed it on a CB without a grip heaterEasy to install, just thread the Handlebar and ClutchBrake Lever It isI felt that it was difficult to operate the Switch of Blinker as a feeling of use, but...

KOMINE Bọc yên dạng lưới thoáng mát AK-107 3D

Even if you're parked in the sun in the hot sunSeat is not demonically hot when you ride it (^∇^)In the morning, I was able to ride as it was when the frost came down, and surprisingly, that mad...

KOMINE Bọc yên dạng lưới hai lớp AK-109 3D

I use it on my Scooter It's good for protection against steam, just not cool, a little bit of a nice breeze when the cold wind blows It goes through

KOMINE Bọc tay lái giữ ấm AK-085 cao su tổng hợp

The Handlebar Cover, which I used to shy away from when I was younger because of its old man smell, is now actually Because I'm an old man, I started using the fruit rather than the nameThe reason why...

KOMINE Bọc tay lái giữ ấm AK-001

The deep design reduces wind entrapment and the Grip heater is unbeatable It's a condition (although it's limited to the area around my hands)Cover (insert?) the Handlebar It is possible to install it...

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