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KN Planning

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KN PLANNING cung cấp cho người dùng 1 loạt các sản phẩm rất đa dạng từ các loại phụ tùng zin cho xe 2 thì, các bộ hiệu chỉnh động cơ, nâng cc đến các sản phẩm phụ trợ bằng nhôm cao cấp phục vụ tùy chỉnh xe máy.

Các thương hiệu đang giảm giá! Khuyến mãi trong tuần này!

KN Planning Caliper Hỗ trợ cho Rotor 200mm

Brake, which is too ineffective for OEM, will work well enough to lock up.However, if you apply even a little too much Torque when installing it, the Screw mountain will become stupid.

KN Planning Khay thải

Однозначно годная прокладка для глушителя, использую ее уже длительный период и за долгое время она не потребовала замены на новую, так как выполнена из очень качественного негорючего материала, отлич...

KN Planning Xi lanh KN Planning (50cc)

Вполне хорошая цпг за адекватные деньги, произведена в Тайване, но качество окон и хонинговки хорошее, прошла на данный момент сезон, нареканий нет, тяга отличная, ездила на Honda Dio 35ZX в режиме га...

KN Planning Hệ thống xả Powerup

[How is it used?We installed it on CUB50.The exhaust system that came with the car was so loud that it was hard for me to drive it, so I was looking for a quiet exhaust system and found this product.I...

KN Planning Chiều cao xe nâng lên

I bought this for my LEAD 100 to install the rear suspension of another car.Most of the Adapter is Material:There are a lot of aluminum, but there is no indication of the material (there are many kind...

KN Planning Bộ nồi xe ga KN Planning

CYGNUS X.It was hard to get it in. I couldn't get into it very well.And when I test drove it, it was slower than NORMAL. It's slower than NORMAL. No maximum speed.Wound was attached to the product fro...

KN Planning Thấu dây Universal Large

I bought and installed this for a dress-up.The installation was to replace the OEM holder, but it had sensor-like wiring as well as brake hose.I installed it co-tightened with OEM.Bolt cap is also ins...

KN Planning Gương Mặt sau Loại STD

There's nothing wrong with that.At a glance, it's a true OEMMirror.Good rear view, good cosmetics, good looks.For a rusty Mirror replacement.perfectly suitableThis is a product of

KN Planning Chân đế trong nhà Hộp mũ bảo hiểm

I bought this to prevent things from rolling around inside the Helmet in and scratching it. The fitment is It just fits. And easy. No sound like rolling around inside, no worries about scratching it, ...

KN Planning Van màng

All in all, a very good product! 。 But my personal impressions are 'Ah! This is how it came to be!' It's as bad as it sounds. 。 (Emphasis & rarr;) Personally!The vacuum valve, diaphragm and slide valv...

KN Planning Pít tông bạc (up cc) KN Planning dòng...

Depending on your cylinder, the Piston is a little bit bigger, Clearance may not be able to get enough of the

KN Planning Universal Hook

I think it's good. Personally, I'm happy with itThe pattern is Fashion and Parenthesis goodIt's just that my motorcycle didn't have the ability to Bolt-in to the ChassisI removed the Emblem from the R...

KN Planning Bu lông Búp bê đồ chơi STAGE6 Plug

I bought this as a present for a friend who is a motorcycle riderIt's just a doll, to be honest, lolBut since there aren't too many motorcycle-related aspects of WhiteGoods like this one It's a valuab...

KN Planning Bộ Piston Kit H1011

The pack age is best,first time I try KN PLANING PRODUCT, the product is nice finish the best part is it compatible with polini corsa kit that I beat blast most scooters in Hollywood by doing a delive...

KN Planning Van màng

Here are my thoughts after using itIt used to be a one TEMPO13 late Throttle luck, but after the replacement Response is now much better than before:It may be called Valve of Plastic, but the Engine i...

KN Planning Van màng

Somehow, I started to hold my breath in the straight slalom and sometimes I couldn't run wellI check the diaphragm, but it's not torn and it looks normal I put a new Diaphragm in the DF200 DJEBEL at t...

KN Planning Chuỗi chấu cách điện 60mm

Install KEIHINPE20 on the Carburetor Joint with 60mm between screws Used forI bought the same one in the past, but it cracked after 6 months, so I'm repurchasing itThe diameter of the attachment part ...

KN Planning Xóa Đèn Đuôi Đuôi

Отличный материал и цвет, подошло идеально. Отлично упакован, почта России довезла до порога почти без эксцессов, деталь почти целая.Две небольшие трещины будут незаметны. Срок доставки 5 дней из Япон...

KN Planning Piston Kit

KN Planning has a lot of Aftermarket parts for old mopeds, so it's really It's helpfulThis time I bought this in exchange for the piston circumference, and KN Planning has high qualityIt's about twice...

KN Planning Lái xe sốc

It's very sturdy and strong because it's only a shock driver. The powerful torque can loosen even the hardest and most stubborn Screw. [Contents] I'm also happy with it.

KN Planning Cáp Injector 【Bộ phận phun dây】 Gấp đô...

There are two types of Axel warmer, one to pull and one to put back, and by all accounts there's no gap to point the Nozzle through, so I think this is now a necessity, whether it's WAKOS, CRC, or wha...

KN Planning Bộ ghép nối ống Universal 3 WAY

I used it because I needed to change the handling of the Hose when I replaced the Radiator-.I used it mainly for the part of the Hose that branches out, and it has been used without any water leaks.If...

KN Planning Chủ chứa Universal SUZUKI Series

Scooter drivetrain maintenance essentialsWe can't start without it.But it's hard to use it for anything else, the fate of specialized tools …I think I'll use this on Sunday to trade the Weight Roller ...

KN Planning Lái xe sốc

It is used to remove the bolts that are attached to the boltsI'm glad I was able to get it off without any problemsThe details are cheap, and the material is slippery and difficult to use with bare ha...

KN Planning Chủ băng phổ

I used it to change the weight roller and it was my first time to do so, but it was doneHowever, I won't be using it for the time beingAs a Sunday mechanic, this is good enough for me

KN Planning Khóa phanh / Stop Phanh Loại 2

Until now, Wheel Cleaning and ChainMaintenance has been done by Move and Car Jack was troublesomePurchased for use with the DAYTONA Maintenance Roller StandOther Manufacturer Material:I thought about ...

KN Planning Xi lanh nữ [500cc]

Oil Measurement Acceptance PurchaseIt can be used without any problems as other people have writtenIt also includes a memory for calculating the mixing ratio, so you can use it to make mixing oilIt se...

KN Planning Máy kéo vòng bi

The shape is completely different from the one in the picture, so it's useless It's the same name, but with the model change, it's changed to something completely different I'm not sure if this is a g...

KN Planning Máy kéo vòng bi

Actually, the shape is completely different from the one in the photo, so it's not useful It has the same name but seems to have changed to something completely different with the Model change The sha...

KN Planning Lốp bút [Màu vàng] [KEITI]

It's easy to apply to Tire's Rubber and the color doesn't fade easily and lasts for a long time.

KN Planning Phấn hoa / Khí thải / Mặt nạ chống lạn...

I was hoping to get a Masque to combat hay fever, but the other Masques were too expensive, so I bought one I saw itI thought it was cheap, so I bought it, was beyond my imaginationI can't do...

KN Planning Ốp bình xăng KN Planning cho HONDA ZOO...

Fast delivery Of safe no damage Color is not abrasive package delivery successfully. Put the car neatly Thank you for shipping.

KN Planning Lốp bút [Màu vàng] [KEITI]

Color : Yellow is Color : Although it is Yellow, when I try to paint it on Black Tire the color is thin and it feels like Lemon yellow. Originally the pigment was thin, I shaken it well and painted th...

KN Planning Lốp bút [Màu vàng] [KEITI]

The color is an ordinary yellow color, but if it is a darker shade a little more, it was a star 5. Although it is regrettable that it can not be conveyed by photographs, the adhesion of the paint to t...

KN Planning Người giữ mũ bảo hiểm

I put it on my daughter's Grom I want a Holder too! I kept saying that I needed it! I bought it because the price was reasonable I had it installed at the storeIt made it easier for me to take it with...

KN Planning Người giữ mũ bảo hiểm

I would not recommend to purchase this product due to following.
there isnt any Bracket given to fix on
the Product itself wasnt given instruction ...

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