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KITACO là thương hiệu chuyên sản xuất các bộ phận, phụ tùng, linh kiện cho dòng xe 4MINI. Họ cung cấp rất nhiều sản phẩm, linh kiện hỗ trợ cho việc liên kết các loại phụ tùng như ron ống xả, phụ kiện kết nối v.v.. cho rất nhiều loại xe khác nhau.

KITACO Cùm công tắc khởi động cả khi chưa gạc chốn...

It's easy to install, just remove the coupler and replace it, but it's impossible to remove the box under the seat, so getting to the coupler may be large strange.

KITACO Yên phẳng loại 3

CustomImage, was a TRACKER, but I do not like the Spartan to Tracker Seat, I decided to flat shape things here.good pointThe wide seat surface allows for a high degree of freedom in positioning. No fa...

KITACO Cùm công tắc khởi động cả khi chưa gạc chốn...

When I went to the forest road, Side stands switch was broken, and I bought it assuming the time when I could not start the engine. connector and Pin were bought, and I thought about making it by myse...

KITACO Thấu kính đèn xi nhan Smokey

I hadn't thought about changing to LEDs.The appearance becomes a very tidy impression, and I am satisfied with Large change.The nails were hard to get into, and I had to use File to cut them a little ...

KITACO Van khí bơm bánh xe

This extension is very useful when you need to refill the air pressure of your motorcycle at the service station. Although it is necessary to install and remove it each time, it is safe because it can...

KITACO Vòng đệm hệ thống ống xả 1 bộ 2 cái

It works fine without any strange Size differences.It's convenient because it's readily available.

KITACO Dây đồng hồ tốc độ (H-2S) STD

Give me back my gold. Make sure you know what kind of car you're dealing with.

KITACO Dây dẫn cấp điện 12V

I was able to use it with JC92The Option4PCoupler can be easily installed by popping the JC92 under the Seat!As supplementary information, it is said that the maximum large current that can be taken f...

KITACO Meter Protection Film

The cut shape is like the JC92 Meter, but it sticks out a lot.I had no choice but to use DesignCutter to cut out the protruding parts, but the film was too hard and I couldn't cut the corners cleanly.

KITACO Pu lông 2 đầu và Đai ốc titan

[How is it used?I've been tinkering with the CUB lately and enjoying it.If you've ever tinkered with Honda's Horizontal TypeEngine, you'll know that Tappet adjustment is a pain in the ass.There is a T...

KITACO Trục bánh xe

I use it on my JC92.for Front is the same length and can be used as is.The length of "for Rear" is long. You can use it, but it is inconvenient when you put Slider etc. on Axle Shaft.It can be used fo...

[How is it used?New article unusedWas the one you received as per Image?ImageWas the installation difficult?I'll have it on in five minutes.How was your experience with it?It's pretty easy to use.[Inc...

KITACO Móc gắn chìa khóa

This is the MiniatureSize Shock absorber Key Holder and it is very cute and stylish. The design is well made and will be loved by car and motorcycle lovers.

KITACO Sách hướng dẫn bảo dưỡng trục khuỷu

I bought it to Rose the waist of MONKEY.This is the first time I've tried this challenge, and I followed the instructions exactly.It was done safely.I'm glad I bought it

KITACO Sách danh mục sản phẩm động cơ MONKEY/ Supe...

It has all the information you need.The price is cheap and I am satisfied.

KITACO Trục bánh xe

Rear shaft replacement was easy, but Pivot shaft replacement was difficult. (=PωP) noIt was good until I used RearJack and CenterJack to pull out OEMShaft and plunged φ6 stainless round steel instead,...

KITACO Xích khóa bánh xe (TDZ-06)

You won't feel the effects unless there's an attempted theft, but it's for peace of mind.No one but bandits will be able to stop them.After using it for almost a year, I was worried about the keyhole ...

KITACO Hộp đựng chìa khóa thông minh

It adds a sense of heft and ownership.Because it can be differentiated from Spare key, I think it is easy to understand when to change the battery.The size and installation is easy and the constructio...

KITACO Sách danh mục sản phẩm động cơ MONKEY/ Supe...

[How is it used?I used it to open the Engine of LITTLE CUB.There is a lot of information about the 4MINI lying around on the Net these days, but I bought it because I wanted to get the right informati...

KITACO Bộ thấu kính đèn hậu

Отличное стекло заднего стоп сигнала, в комплекте красная лампочка и вставка для освещения номера, качество хорошее, устанавливается взамен оригинального стекла

KITACO Dụng cụ tháo bánh đà

Have used this Kitaco flywheel puller a few times now to remove the rotor on the Honda Grom and Monkey 125cc motorcycles with great success. This tool is very easy to use and does a great job of relea...

KITACO Dụng cụ chỉnh, kiểm tra độ hở cam, cò

I like adding new tools to the tool chest in my garage and this is was a great one to add to make those valve adjustments jobs on my 2018 Honda Monkey 125cc so much easier. No more poor adjustments wh...

KITACO Cờ lê (Có thể thay đổi đầu )

Purchased for Tappet adjustment of CUB.At first, I used Radio pliers instead, but I wanted to adjust it properly.good pointIt's small, but it's easy to grab, so it feels good to use.KITACO is a strong...

KITACO Khay nam châm đựng đai ốc, long đền...

There is no need to worry about the loss of parts because it is attached to the tool stand by magnet, so there is no need to worry about the tray tipping over and the screws and bolts that have been r...

KITACO Dụng cụ tách bánh đà

Excellent tool to remove the flywheel on a TZR50/RZ50-2 or TZM50. Worked perfectly. You need this tool to remove it successfully. This is different from normal pullers because the thread is on the out...

KITACO Dụng cụ tháo bánh đà

When planning to upgrade the stock 125cc motor to the Special Parts Takegawa 143cc N-20 BBK I discovered I required a few special tools to be able to accomplish the job and Webike can supply you with ...

KITACO Cơ lê có thể đổi đầu mở siết ốc 380mm3/8 DR...

[Usage]Used for the front and rear axle shaft tightening, front fork fixing, and other important security parts.Image Street?Almost exactly. Slightly on the better side Gap.[Impressions of using it]Af...

KITACO Dụng cụ tách bánh đà

Essential tool for Flywheel removal.It's easy to use.

KITACO Dụng cụ cố định trục ly hợp ngoài

This is required for the maintenance of the NSR50 Clutch.When you remove the nut, you can use Impact Driver to remove the center check nut, but when you install it, you will need to use Torque wrench ...

KITACO Dụng cụ tháo long đền

I always had my loose nuts and bolts rolling around on the floor when working on motorcycle or car and on occasion would lose one. But now with the magnetic tray I no longer have this issue as I have ...

KITACO Mũ bảo hiểm

I bought this because it was hard to get the Helmet into the compartment under the Seat.Installation is easyBecause of the low mounting position, the Helmet is closer to the ground.

KITACO Móc khóa mũ bảo hiểm kèm phụ kiện cố định k...

On all the Motorcycles I've ridden recently, I've always put a Helmet holder in this position.So I bought and installed it on the for GPZ900R again.The CB400SB was the same, but with a motorcycle with...

KITACO Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

Basically, I put the Helmet under the Seat, but if you go shopping or something, this holder is very useful.It was easy to installIt may not be a good idea to leave the Helmet attached to the Holder.

KITACO Chốt mở/ khóa dây quai mũ bảo hiểm

I was able to easily install and remove it from both the Jet and AGB Full face types of Bell and AGB with one touch. Apart from being a bit heavy, it's well worth buying.

KITACO Mũ bảo hiểm

It is easy to install and fits perfectly because it is only for ADV150This motorcycle has a small Helmet in, so it's hard to store the Helmet since things tend to happenThe Helmet holder is very usefu...

KITACO Mũ bảo hiểm

The helmet holder is in the Rear Sets, but to be honest, it is difficult to use, so I bought it It wasIt takes a little bit of effort to support it because it is sandwiched between the Frame and Tande...

KITACO Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

In the GSX250R and NINJA, you can remove the Tandem seat and use the Seat lock It's a way of securing a helmetIn Touring and so on, you can't use it if you put a Back on it, it's going to be a Large w...

Matching CB250R for printing (MC52) is the CBR205RR in the photo (MC51) You will see and feel uneasyI don't know how it feels to install it as I haven't installed it yet, but it will be installed as p...

KITACO Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

The Helmet holder on the back of the OEM Seat is completely uselessI'd love to see this one adopted as an OEMIt opens from the top when you unlock itNot applicable, but I have it on my MT-03

KITACO Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

I'm using it on my MONKEY125 (OEM is too deep because it's assumed to use auxiliary wire)Clutch lever attached to the side, because the Handlebar Lock cuts to Left It's a hindrance, but it's also a ha...

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