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KITACO là thương hiệu chuyên sản xuất các bộ phận, phụ tùng, linh kiện cho dòng xe 4MINI. Họ cung cấp rất nhiều sản phẩm, linh kiện hỗ trợ cho việc liên kết các loại phụ tùng như ron ống xả, phụ kiện kết nối v.v.. cho rất nhiều loại xe khác nhau.

KITACO Ống tuýp ốc côn

About quality and texture - Top quality. Solid steel construction with 1/2" drive for connecting your tooling.
About the feeling of use - Very strong tool. I thought I might have some issues torquing...

KITACO Bộ tay ga tăng tốc STH-4

FrontSprocket 1 put in the state of being raisedI think the mid-range acceleration in city driving has become more powerful.I felt the grips that came with it were too thin for the cushion.At best, th...

KITACO Long đền

Almost the same as OEM.It properly prevents leakage.

KITACO Bảo vệ lốc máy KITACO

I saw that my webi friend KITA had installed it.I bought it because I thought it would hide the corroded part of the Front fork.I don't have an Instruction Manual for installation.It's easy, material ...

KITACO Vòng đệm hệ thống ống xả 1 bộ 2 cái

Whenever I replace the Exhaust System, I always use a new one. At that time, this is a cosmetically good choice.

KITACO Giá lắp đèn xi nhan

I wanted something shorter for the Bracket of the Reserver tank on the Front brake, so I substituted it here.The Mirror hall is M10 and the hole for mounting the Tank is M8, which is perfect for the B...

KITACO Bộ chuyển đổi OBD

While driving XG250 TRICKER, I was going to fix the Mirror, but I pushed the Kill switch by mistake. When I returned the Kill switch, the Motorcycle restarted without stopping, but the CheckLamp was t...

KITACO Baga trước

As the name of the product suggests, Fashion, Carrier to be installed by appearance.But when the time comes, you can put your luggage on it and also protect your body since it is a place where you usu...

KITACO Bộ thấu kính đèn hậu

Cover is changed to LED Tail Lamps. [Color] Replace with ClearThe included Reflector was slightly difficult to install, so another product was attached in a different location

KITACO Bộ ống xăng

The ZOOMER OEM fuel hose has a 4.5mm inner diameter, so I could not find the same system in Other Brand Products. I used this product and a conversion joint to install it. The product is inexpensive a...

KITACO Dụng cụ chỉnh, kiểm tra độ hở cam, cò

About quality and texture - Top quality. Solid steel construction with durable coating that has prevented any surface rust.
About the feeling of use - This special tool makes valve adjustments a br...

KITACO Bộ đèn cảnh báo nguy hiểm trên xe Taro-Kun

Purchased to install Hazard on 400KATANA.There is an instruction manual and it was easily completed.Now I am looking forward to seeing how long it will last.

KITACO Cờ lê chữ T chuyên dụng

엔진리빌딩 작업을 위해서 구매했습니다 근데 사용에 미숙해서 고정하는데 어려웠습니다 하지만 APE100 용으로 제작되어 있어서 사용하는데 정말 편하게 정비할수 있었습니다 친구의 바이크 하이캠 교체 할때는 잘 사용했고 주로 스스로 정비 할때 꼭 필요한 도구라서 잘사용하겠습니다

KITACO Dụng tháo lắp gic-lơ chế hòa khí

I use this product to adjust the screws on my carburetor. I think the quality of the manufacturer's product is better and easier to handle.

KITACO Bình châm dầu 1L

【Impressions】I am satisfied with this product because it is not just a product to put oil in and pour it, but a detailed device that makes it easy to change oil for motor cycles.[Good point.Scale in 1...

KITACO Cờ lê 350mm DR6-30NM

Torque management for maintenance provides added peace of mind.Dial is easy to read, easy to set up, solid quality, and easy to use.

KITACO Bộ cờ lê có chấu kết hợp

[How is it used?I purchased this for SpokeMaintenance on my SEROW225.A friend of mine told me how convenient it was.Was the one you received as per Image?The Image is a good size and is more massive t...

KITACO Chốt khóa đai ốc không gỉ

Quantity:1 Set of 10pcs. so I keep it in stock and use it when I need it.It should always be Stocked as it is consumed during maintenance.In principle, once removed, they cannot be reused, so it is be...

KITACO Bình châm dầu 2L

[How is it used?I bought it to replace Oil at home.Was the one you received as per Image?As per Image.How was your experience with it?I like the tip Cap and Size andI thought it was very nice to have ...

KITACO Dụng cụ kéo van lốp xe

I use this product to hold the Valve in place when changing Tires, the Brass part is well made and seems to be durable!

KITACO Hộp đựng chìa khóa thông minh

Cosmetic, but good looking.I'm thinking of buying another one.

KITACO Móc gắn chìa khóa

It is a MiniatureSize Shock absorber Key Holder, so it can be used as a key holder.I like the product that comes in MotorcycleAppeal casually.The colors are fashionable.

KITACO Phễu hút gió lớn 55

[How is it used?Model used:FTR223Traveling:Street riding, TouringPeriod of use:about 1 yearNo problems during the period of use.Was the one you received as per Image?Just like the image. At the time, ...

KITACO BilletKey cover

Very nice quality cover and the packaging it came in. Fits well on both my Honda Ruckus and Honda Navi keys. Only downside is my keys don't have the logo to transfer to the cover.

KITACO Bộ phụ kiện bảo vệ các chi tiết không bị mấ...

When I was younger, I lived in a place that wasn't as safe as my current location.Quantity of OHLINS within a week of purchasing a new car:2pc suspension was stolen, and 10 days later, there were sign...

KITACO Sách hướng dẫn bảo dưỡng trục khuỷu

I bought this for my first Bore up work on my SUPER CUB 50FI 3-speed AA01.Purchased at the same time as the upper waist version.The illustrations were so detailed that even a novice like me could unde...

KITACO Sách danh mục sản phẩm động cơ MONKEY/ Supe...

I bought this for my first Bore up work on my SUPER CUB 50FI 3-speed AA01.It was explained in a way that even a layman like me could understand it. The instructions are well illustrated, and the handl...

KITACO Mũ bảo hiểm

Originally, GSX has a Helmet Hook under the seat, but it's too much trouble to remove the seat every time and the space is too small, so I bought a Helmet Holder (sold separately).good pointThe Instru...

KITACO Mũ bảo hiểm

Good manufacturing accuracy and easy installation.The Helmet hooking position is too low when in use.I was a little concerned, but it is not inconvenient to use.

KITACO [K / TOUR] Mũ bảo hiểm

The mounting position is a little high, so when the Helmet is lowered, it doesn't interfere with the Chain, Tire, Frame, etc. Very nice product!

KITACO Móc khóa mũ bảo hiểm loại 3

CROSS CUB, the OEM Helmet holder, was difficult to use in the RrFender section, so I removed it and moved it to the Side Mirror Base section, so the empty space was lonely...I wanted to find something...

KITACO Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

The OEM Helmet holder of JC92 Grom is too hard to use, so I put it on.I added a RearBOX so I don't get to use it as often as I would like, but it will come in handy when I need it.

KITACO [K / TOUR] Mũ bảo hiểm

No Helmet holder, No Stress, Handlebar installation type.

KITACO Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

I put it on my CBR250R.I was able to attach it well by looking at the Instruction Manual.When the key is turned, the Hook descends with the Pattern and can be hooked easily.It's very easy to use.

KITACO Mũ bảo hiểm

I bought this because it was hard to get the Helmet into the compartment under the Seat.Installation is easyBecause of the low mounting position, the Helmet is closer to the ground.

KITACO Móc khóa mũ bảo hiểm kèm phụ kiện cố định k...

On all the Motorcycles I've ridden recently, I've always put a Helmet holder in this position.So I bought and installed it on the for GPZ900R again.The CB400SB was the same, but with a motorcycle with...

KITACO Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

Basically, I put the Helmet under the Seat, but if you go shopping or something, this holder is very useful.It was easy to installIt may not be a good idea to leave the Helmet attached to the Holder.





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