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Webike Year End Sale


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KITACO là thương hiệu chuyên sản xuất các bộ phận, phụ tùng, linh kiện cho dòng xe 4MINI. Họ cung cấp rất nhiều sản phẩm, linh kiện hỗ trợ cho việc liên kết các loại phụ tùng như ron ống xả, phụ kiện kết nối v.v.. cho rất nhiều loại xe khác nhau.

Các thương hiệu đang giảm giá! Khuyến mãi trong tuần này!

KITACO Cung cấp điện khai thác

A ground cable is also included to increase efficiency.

KITACO Liên kết thay đổi

The GEAR is too high for the standard position of GROM. First of all, I put it on the Rear Maintenance Stand, prepared 10mm Spanner etc., laid down on the rug and removed it. The manual says to remove...

KITACO Bộ thấu kính đèn xi nhan

I put it on my commuter Special Knife Dtra 125?Properly legal. [Color] SmokeBlinker.

KITACO Vòng đệm hệ thống ống xả 1 bộ 2 cái

I used it for my commuter and Motocross car, the XG250 TRICKER?I used it to replace the PowerPipe in the Tadao? It's a 2-pack with no worries if it fails.

KITACO Tấm trang trí biển số

I put it on because I don't like the interference between Sticker and Bolt.It's not very good because it comes out from the width of the License Plate.

KITACO Bộ kit lên ccKITACO75cc LIGHT Bore Up Kit

Break-in done, no problems.I switched to high octane fuel and my mileage per liter increased by about 10km.I'm satisfied!

KITACO Bộ phận sửa chữa cho bộ chế hòa khí PC20

Whenever I open and close the float chamber during setting, it is always stretched. I think there's no way to fix it because it's a thin rubber, but can't I buy it as a Single Item? I can't help but g...

KITACO Ống bướm ga

It's easy on the wrist until it opens fully.Actually, it's good enough for me.It's more than just Parts that go faster.It's supposed to be ConvenienceParts.Price-wise, I can't argue with that.

KITACO Cùm công tắc đề và công tắc tắt máy xe tạm ...

I had to replace the Handlebar Switch when I installed the High Throttle Kit. I used this because the only switches I needed were Cell and Kill switch.The movement of StartSwitch is reluctant as it is...

KITACO Trọn bộ két nhớt làm mát KITACO cho HONDA N...

The bracket is designed to fit the OEM Center up muffler, so the bracket is designed to fit on the Right Side, but in the case of Down Type Exhaust System, it may not fit on the Right Side. Bracket is...

KITACO Sách hướng dẫn sửa chữa, bảo dưỡng pít tông...

I bought a used APE 100Normal engine that I purchased for maintenance.Initially, I purchased only the lower waist version because I didn't want to open the upper waist, but I wanted to understand the ...

KITACO [K / TOUR] Front Carrier

After a long wait, I finally received KITACO's Front carrierI'm sure the relatively low cost of this popular model led to a high concentration of orders, though.As for installation, although it is pos...

KITACO Sách hướng dẫn lắp hộp trục khuỷu

With HondaEngine, there is a lot of information available on the Net, but you may not be able to find the parts you want to know or the key figures you need to know.In that regard, although it is divi...

KITACO Bộ phụ kiện bảo vệ các chi tiết không bị mấ...

I use it for the prevention of the theft of Silencer of Exhaust System just in case. There is no feeling of attachment at all, but on the contrary, it is not conspicuous and it is good.

KITACO Hộp đựng chìa khóa thông minh

The Smart Key Case protects your Damage firmly. The worry of the loss and the damage is gone.

KITACO Bộ chốt One-Touch

I bought the D-ring Fastener for better maintenance.As the product name suggests, the cowl can be removed with a one-touch operation, which leads to shorter maintenance times.The more areas that are h...


To begin with, I think I placed the wrong order. I wanted to use FXSpec. for APE, but when I searched for it with Cowl, I got a hit, and it was hard to understand because of my age... so I ordered it....

KITACO Sách hướng dẫn sửa chữa, bảo dưỡng pít tông...

I used this as a reference to build the Bore Up Kit for APE. The kit that I purchased was Takekawa, but it was described in detail than the attached Manual, and it was very helpful.

KITACO Khóa đĩa phanh KDL-05

Overnight touring gives you a greater sense of security to use in your accommodation.It's quite pricey, but it's the price for peace of mind.However, the drawback is that it is heavy. I think this is ...

KITACO Sách hướng dẫn bảo dưỡng trục khuỷu

Detailed Illustration and easy to understand.Easier to understand than the service manual.The differences between the spec. of the engine are also described.It is generally easy to use. It's not a bad...

KITACO Kìm tháo ron kẹt rãnh

To remove the Snap ring, this is out of the question without it.If someone is trying to remove the Snap ring at random with some kind of haphazard tool, I would tell them to stop because it's a wasted...

KITACO Bình châm dầu 1L

I purchased this for use when changing oil.The scale makes it easy to measure the right amount.In addition, the spout is thin and easy to pour.It also comes with a Cap so your Oil won't drip when you'...

KITACO Cờ lê 350mm DR6-30NM

You can drive safely by managing the torque in the essential and indispensable suspension and detachment of the wheel. It is a solid quality in a size that is easy to use.

KITACO Bình châm dầu 4L

【good point】An easy-to-use 4-liter jug.Motorcycle Oil is Large body and this size is just right.[Bad point]nothing special[Summary]If you use a jug when you change the oil, it will be less likely to s...

KITACO Dụng cu tách ống hút khí và van ống xả

【good point】The tool itself is well made and made the Valve Spring Compression a breeze.[Bad point]None in particular[Summary]If you need to remove and install the Valve Spring, this is a tool you'll ...

KITACO Dụng cụ nhặt các chi tiết nhỏ

If you drop a Bolt or Nut in a tight spot, the magnet makes it easy to pick it up when it's out of reach. It can be changed into any shape and is very effective.

KITACO Bình châm dầu 1L

I bought this product to see how much oil I need to change, which seems to have a good reputation.It seems to be a bit hard in terms of material and seems to deteriorate and crack quickly. This is a g...

KITACO Bàn chải chuyên dụng vệ sinh xích xe

You can brush from three directions and end up with a SPIDI to remove chain stains. The price is low and easy to use, so you will be satisfied with one bottle of this product. I hope it will last a lo...

KITACO Cờ lê móc

I bought it to adjust Minimoto's rear shock.When I tried to use it, the position of the bottom prop was not suitable for Minimoto's Shock.I sanded off the bottom edge and it became easier to use.It's ...

KITACO Bộ khấu mở siết đai ốc

The THRUXTON 900's Plug has a secondary air pipe right next to it.It has to be a thin Socket to go around.This was no good, I used a sander to scrape around it.The product itself is inexpensive but we...

KITACO Chắn bùn kiêm pát biển số KITACO cho HONDA ...

Whenever I ride a Motorcycle, I always use the Fender Eliminator.I decided on KITACO because the Grom Helmet holder is hard to use.I like the design there.

KITACO Móc khóa mũ bảo hiểm kèm phụ kiện cố định k...

On all the Motorcycles I've ridden recently, I've always put a Helmet holder in this position.So I bought and installed it on the for GPZ900R again.The CB400SB was the same, but with a motorcycle with...

KITACO Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

Basically, I put the Helmet under the Seat, but if you go shopping or something, this holder is very useful.It was easy to installIt may not be a good idea to leave the Helmet attached to the Holder.

KITACO Chốt mở/ khóa dây quai mũ bảo hiểm

I was able to easily install and remove it from both the Jet and AGB Full face types of Bell and AGB with one touch. Apart from being a bit heavy, it's well worth buying.

KITACO Mũ bảo hiểm

It is easy to install and fits perfectly because it is only for ADV150This motorcycle has a small Helmet in, so it's hard to store the Helmet since things tend to happenThe Helmet holder is very usefu...

KITACO Mũ bảo hiểm

The helmet holder is in the Rear Sets, but to be honest, it is difficult to use, so I bought it It wasIt takes a little bit of effort to support it because it is sandwiched between the Frame and Tande...

KITACO Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

In the GSX250R and NINJA, you can remove the Tandem seat and use the Seat lock It's a way of securing a helmetIn Touring and so on, you can't use it if you put a Back on it, it's going to be a Large w...

KITACO Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

Matching CB250R for printing (MC52) is the CBR205RR in the photo (MC51) You will see and feel uneasyI don't know how it feels to install it as I haven't installed it yet, but it will be installed as p...

KITACO Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

The Helmet holder on the back of the OEM Seat is completely uselessI'd love to see this one adopted as an OEMIt opens from the top when you unlock itNot applicable, but I have it on my MT-03

KITACO Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

I'm using it on my MONKEY125 (OEM is too deep because it's assumed to use auxiliary wire)Clutch lever attached to the side, because the Handlebar Lock cuts to Left It's a hindrance, but it's also a ha...

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