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KITACO là thương hiệu chuyên sản xuất các bộ phận, phụ tùng, linh kiện cho dòng xe 4MINI. Họ cung cấp rất nhiều sản phẩm, linh kiện hỗ trợ cho việc liên kết các loại phụ tùng như ron ống xả, phụ kiện kết nối v.v.. cho rất nhiều loại xe khác nhau.

KITACO Ống tuýp ốc côn

This center lock nut wrench from Kitaco servers a dual purchase for removal and installation of the oil centrifugal filter spinner and the clutch assembly. As you can see from my photo I have used thi...

KITACO Lò xo giảm xóc trước

The springs fitted correctly & are much better than the soft OEM springs.
They feel firmer & you don't get the bike wanted to dive on hard braking.
Fitment was easy enough but you will need a way of h...

KITACO Giấy phép khai thác đèn

This is a very handy part made available to you from Kitaco. For the product you get and the fact that it saves you from cutting into your OEM wiring harness the asking price is very nice. I have not ...

KITACO Lò xo giảm xóc trước

The OEM fork springs for my Honda Monkey 125 are just too soft. It is nice that Kitaco offer these upgraded fork springs in four different ratings to suit everyone needs and at a fantastic price. Afte...

KITACO Tấm dẫn điện carbon

It's a diversion story.The 2-stroke is hot right now!It was sold from Posh for NSR50/80 which has already been discontinued. "Big Reed ValveKit." Used forThe OEM Lead Valve for the TZr50 fits perfectl...

KITACO Đệm nối ống xả

GSX1300R (08-21) but...Cannot be used with 21GSX1300R HAYABUSA.It is not possible to enter because of the difference in the length.

KITACO Vòi phun công suất lớn

I picked up fuel injector part number 403-9000040 from Kitaco for my big bore engine set up. Unfortunately this K004 2.6 times fuel injector was too big for my current engine set up and did not perfor...

KITACO Ốp trang trí ổ khoá khởi động KITACO

These little key cover metal stick on dress up parts really do add a nice touch to the bike especially as when you're riding you can't see all your cool mods!

KITACO Bóng đèn xi nhan

I bought this because I needed it when I relocated my Blinker.I bought two of the same ones, but in different colors.The price is cheap and it shines, so I thought it would be enough.

KITACO Dụng cụ PET-4000 kiểm tra việc đánh lửa

First time I buy an Oppama product but they are wonderful: useful, precision, quality of finish. This one too of course !

KITACO Thấu kính đèn xi nhan Smokey

Front's Blinker is now a calmer color, top etc.I was waiting at a traffic light at the front and a pedestrian said "up etc.".I want to make my own Grom.

KITACO Thấu kính đèn xi nhan Smokey

Rear's Blinker has become a calm color, and up, etc.I saw him from behind at a stoplight and he told me I was cool.I want to make my own Grom.

KITACO Tay cầm thanh giằng

However, the Handlebar is stiffer and the shock of the road is transmitted more easily.

KITACO Xích khóa bánh xe (TDZ-06)

I don't see how you can wait until February next year when the shipment is delayed.I can't cancel it because it's a debit card. I don't understand why the shipping is so slow in the first place and on...

KITACO Tay cầm thanh giằng

[How is it used?A distraction. "Day Touring." Used forWas the one you received as per Image?As per ImageWas the installation difficult?"It's very flexible. lot "Where and how to install?" It is necess...

KITACO Bộ thấu kính đèn xi nhan

Easy to install without tools. Even a beginner can do it in 10 minutes.The Blinker's Lens is just Clear, which gives it a cool custom look.It's a little pricey because of the Lens and the bulb, but I ...

KITACO Đèn pha Visor

The quality of the product is very good and solid. The material of the visor is made of stainless steel and is very stylish. The installation method of the product is also simple, so anyone can easily...

KITACO Cốt bánh xe

The previous Grom and JC92 had different rear axle shaft length.The Axle Shaft of the same length as JC92NORMALAxle Shaft was finally released from KITACO.As you can see in the picture, it is the same...

KITACO Thấu kính đèn xi nhan Smokey

It's a pimped out version of the NORMAL Lens and just changes the sphere.The Lens. [Color] Smoke and Matte Black of the body color.Match.

KITACO Bàn đạp số KITACO (nhôm)

It's nice and smooth to the touch, but...The hole seems to be of Large size, and it becomes loose if it is not tightened considerably strongly.

KITACO Dụng cụ chỉnh, kiểm tra độ hở cam, cò

I forgot to take a photo of the tool in action but you get the idea where you will be using it. Another affordable tool made available by Kitaco, low cost and great quality maintenance tool. Not a hig...

KITACO Dụng cụ tháo bánh đà

The flywheel puller is not a tool that I will be using all the time for maintenance but is another tool for my toolkit to make life easier for those times it is required. The tool itself is of excelle...

KITACO Dụng cụ cố định bánh răng

As you can see from my photo I have the gear holder in action. Not a big load in it this time as I was just using it this time to stop the crank from spinning while I was removing and installing the c...

KITACO Dụng cụ lắp trục khuỷu

This tool is a must have for removing your crank on the Honda Grom.
Easy to use, the tube just slides up to the bearing & threaded nut goes on the end of your crank.
Hold one nut with a spanner & then...

KITACO Khay nam châm đựng đai ốc, long đền...

These magnetic dishes are a must have for any DIY mechanics tool kit. This cool little orange magnetic dish holds all your fasteners in place to stop you losing them as will happen most of the time wh...

KITACO Dụng cụ nhặt các chi tiết nhỏ

The magnetic pick up tool from Kitaco is a very convenient tool to have in the garage amongst your tool collection. When i am working on my motorcycle and car I always have this near by to help me fin...

KITACO Cờ lê 350mm DR6-30NM

I didn't use the torque wrench because I usually do light work such as changing oil or touching small bolt nuts. This time I got it for the Sub-frame installation. The Torque wrench is reasonably pric...

KITACO Chốt khóa đai ốc không gỉ

I put it on the front tire of my Ninja 250 '14 and it is Exactly.

KITACO Dụng cụ cố định bánh răng

I do like purchasing tools almost as much as purchasing upgraded parts for the motorcycle and when the tool is such a useful one and quality item like this product I am always so happy. The gear holde...

KITACO Bàn chải chuyên dụng vệ sinh xích xe

Just enough to get the dirt off.It's not a wire brush so it's going to be tough to remove the rust.

KITACO Móc khóa mũ bảo hiểm loại 3

CROSS CUB, the OEM Helmet holder, was difficult to use in the RrFender section, so I removed it and moved it to the Side Mirror Base section, so the empty space was lonely...I wanted to find something...

KITACO Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

It's better to carry an expensive helmet when you go on a tour.

KITACO Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

The OEM Helmet holder of JC92 Grom is too hard to use, so I put it on.I added a RearBOX so I don't get to use it as often as I would like, but it will come in handy when I need it.

KITACO [K / TOUR] Mũ bảo hiểm

No Helmet holder, No Stress, Handlebar installation type.

KITACO Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

I put it on my CBR250R.I was able to attach it well by looking at the Instruction Manual.When the key is turned, the Hook descends with the Pattern and can be hooked easily.It's very easy to use.

KITACO Mũ bảo hiểm

I bought this because it was hard to get the Helmet into the compartment under the Seat.Installation is easyBecause of the low mounting position, the Helmet is closer to the ground.

KITACO Móc khóa mũ bảo hiểm kèm phụ kiện cố định k...

On all the Motorcycles I've ridden recently, I've always put a Helmet holder in this position.So I bought and installed it on the for GPZ900R again.The CB400SB was the same, but with a motorcycle with...

KITACO Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

Basically, I put the Helmet under the Seat, but if you go shopping or something, this holder is very useful.It was easy to installIt may not be a good idea to leave the Helmet attached to the Holder.

KITACO Chốt mở/ khóa dây quai mũ bảo hiểm

I was able to easily install and remove it from both the Jet and AGB Full face types of Bell and AGB with one touch. Apart from being a bit heavy, it's well worth buying.

KITACO Mũ bảo hiểm

It is easy to install and fits perfectly because it is only for ADV150This motorcycle has a small Helmet in, so it's hard to store the Helmet since things tend to happenThe Helmet holder is very usefu...





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