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Xếp hạng 3 trên 1,950 thương hiệu  trong Động cơ & Linh kiện
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KIJIMA là một thương hiệu lớn đại điện cho sản phẩm Nhật Bản. Với những công nghệ hiện đại, quy trình sản xuất chuyên nghiệp họ không chỉ mang đến cho người dùng những sản phẩm bằng cao su mà còn cả các dòng sản phẩm kim loại, epoxy resin và nhựa đúc nguyên khối các loại.

KIJIMA Grip Cao su

I did not mind the look of the OEM Honda Monkey 125 grips but the feel on the hands after some riding was a little hard. These rubber grips from Kijima are a cool update as they match the styling of t...

KIJIMA Ống tiêu pô slip-on KIJIMA cho YAMAHA XV950...

I chose the Polish end because I like the Silver Heat Guard?Exhaust End?Side plate, which is the Accent of the BOLT Shoulder Bag's appearance.As for the sound, because it is Japanese Vehicle Inspectio...

KIJIMA Nhôm bảo vệ mưa

When I go for a walk, I dissolve it in water, put it in a plastic bottle, and carry it around with me hanging on my waist. Since I started taking it every day without fail, the pain in my legs and kne...

KIJIMA Bảo vệ động cơ

I am satisfied with the packaging and delivery, and the finish of the product is also good. Thanks a lot! If the manufacturer comes out with a wider, stiffer guard, I think I'll buy it for my SV650. S...

KIJIMA Tornado Grip

Since the Grip heater was installed, it was used as it is all year round, but since the Switch is put in only in the middle of winter, I thought that I could replace it except Season to prevent deteri...

KIJIMA Sưởi tay lái GH10

[How is it used?It is a city ride and a day touring.Was the one you received as per Image?Image (Since it's a Repeat purchase).Was the installation difficult?I installed it on my JC92 Grom, but I had ...

KIJIMA Ống tiết lưu Y

I replace the grip of XG250 TRICKER every 20,000km, because it is troublesome to take out the adhesive of Throttle pipe, and I think that SlotPipe is consumable goods as well as Tire and Brake Pads, a...

KIJIMA Giá phía sau

Installs with Side Back Support and takes 15 minutes to complete

KIJIMA Sừng di chuyển ngoặc: Đặt

I was originally considering making my own electrical harness extension but after seeing the price for this kit from Kijima through Webike I did not see any savings doing it myself. The kit comes with...

KIJIMA Dây nịt chuyển đổi

I found this product when I was looking for a good one because the connector part of Headlight was crushed by various reasons. I was looking for something better and found this product. It's been a mo...

KIJIMA Đèn pha Visor

This headlight visor is completely made of metal that is nicely chromed. It fits the headlight nicely and looks like a factory installed option. The instructions that came with it were easy to follow ...

KIJIMA Cầu chì 10A

I replaced all the Fuse in the junction box, although there was no particular problem. Last year, I replaced 6V MONKEY/GORILLA Main Harness, but I did not take care of Fuse, so I replaced it with a ne...

KIJIMA Hỗ trợ túi

I installed these parts on my 2021 Honda SuperCub. They hold my leather side bags away from the rear wheel and shock absorbers. This prevents any damage to my side bags and also protects the rear sign...

KIJIMA Chì chìa khoá kiểu CNC

When I bought the motorcycle, it came with 1 pc of spare key with previous owner's surname engraved on it, so I installed it.It is relatively easy to attach if you have a tool to cut the Gold genus.As...

KIJIMA Ống kính Chiếu sáng loại OEM

Lens fit perfectly as the original. Quality is also good. Easy to install. Really chages the bike looks. I bought both front lens and the picture show front left.

KIJIMA Tay lái gắn khung

I installed the Smartphone Case and it is in the same line of sight as the Meter so it is easy to see.In addition, it has a sense of stability because it is solidly made.

KIJIMA Chì chìa khoá kiểu CNC

I bought this to make a special key for my NC750X Luggage space.I had a duplicate key made and installed it here.Because the New ModelWave key of Honda seems to have thickness, it did not go in as it ...

KIJIMA Hỗ trợ Saddle Bag

Essential parts for installing Saddle Bag on SR400 which has no load capacity.Quality is so-so but Cost performance is perfect

KIJIMA Khung lắp thùng đồ hai bên hông xe mô tô (T...

Of course, it was perfect and easy to get into. I think the quality of the product is also good.

KIJIMA Chì chìa khoá kiểu CNC

[How is it used?I have Restore Green color SEROW and I use it with Spare key.Was the one you received as per Image?I ordered this product after checking the design and color of the product at a local ...

KIJIMA Xi lanh tốt nghiệp

They're not even in stock, but they're listed in the product section.Cancel this item only.

KIJIMA Dụng cụ treo hơi

The front suspension of the FX is a semi-air suspension, but as the pressure drops, the ride quality deteriorates.I used to pressurize it with the for Motorcycle Inflator when it got low, but I strugg...

KIJIMA Xóa mùa xuân

I purchased this to pull and install the OptionOEMCenter Stand Spring on my vehicle.It is one of the products that it is convenient when there is it though the appearance is few.

KIJIMA Xi lanh tốt nghiệp

It's hard to see in the picture, but I noticed that when I close the Cap lightly, the air bubbles are released and I can use it for various measurements.It is only a weighing instrument for liquid.It ...

KIJIMA Lọc dầu Lọc

Required to replace the Oil Filter on the FXDL1450.The notch avoids the CrankPositionSensor.It may not be impossible to remove it with the regular Filter wrench, but it is very useful.

KIJIMA Cách điện xả

The stainless steel wire is included and can be wrapped tightly around the exhaust pipe. The stainless steel wire is included and can be wrapped tightly to prevent the motorcycle cover from melting.

KIJIMA Bộ dụng cụ sửa xe KIJIMA

It can be relieved with all the tools that are useful at the time of an unexpected vehicle trouble when carrying it for the time to say in an emergency. It is easy to store in a narrow place because i...

KIJIMA Van một chiều Loại phanh đĩa

Stable throttle response with sufficient air intake 。 I used this product as a regulating valve for intake air pressure 。 It is in front of Air cleaner.

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

At first time i was worried that it would fit well,
But after receiving it and installing it myself, it looked good.
I really recommend this.

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

First of all, you can use the adhesive tape that comes with Tandem FootpegBracket.You have to put it up.It's a pain in the ass to measure all the way to the length. Just Cut it from the beginning.In t...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

The fitment is good, blends in with the car body and is unobtrusive.I think the price is right and it's just what I need.Putting Helmet on Mirror is undesirable because of theft risk, falling risk, de...

KIJIMA Chân đế Tái định cư Mũ bảo hiểm

It was interfering with my side bag and I was wondering what to do about it, but I found a good one.I asked Shop to do the installation work because I didn't have any tools, but he said the installati...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

I installed it on my GSXS1000F and it was difficult to use because I have a Carrier.Maybe it wouldn't be a problem if there was no Carrier?

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

I guess it's neither possible nor impossible.There is a Helmet lock function on the body of the vehicle.To be honest, I can't tell where it is without looking at the Instruction Manual.If you know how...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

몰바족인지라 헬멧을 집에 가지고 올라가지 못하시는분들, 이제품은 필수 입니다.저는 헬멧가방 하나 사서 여기 고리에 잠궈놓습니다. 열쇠감도 매우 부드러워서 씹히거나 하는 느낌없이 매우 잘 잠깁니다.650R에는 공간이 여유치 않아서 작업하기 조금 짜증납니더.

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

I used to use another manufacturer's helmet lock, but it was troublesome to have another key, so I wanted to make it one-key after checking YouTube. When I turned the Handlebar all the way to the Left...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

I was going to mount it on the Side frame of the Left Side of the vehicle, but when I put the Helmet on, it would touch the Chain and the Helmet would get dirty, so I mounted it on the Handlebar.Insta...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

I installed it on my DL1000 V-STROM1000XT.This motorcycle is not equipped with a helmet lock, so you don't have to worry about where to put your helmet when you're out touring.The mounting position is...

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

슈퍼커브 C125에 달기위해 툴백을 주문했읍니다.
우선 가죽두께며 질감이 좋았구, 가격은 비싼듯 하지만
값어치는 충분하다 생각됩니다....

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

It is installed on the JA45CROSS CUB, but it has been designed for Quantity:Pair (for Left and Right) I wish I had it inIt's solidly made and turned out a nice color when I applied Wax

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

I purchased one piece Kijima leather tool bag. Very nice and good quality product. Made of genuin leather.
My 0.5 liter reserve cannister is fit.
Thank you very much Webike staff.

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

Very nice finishing . Suitable for mini bike like kawasaki ksr110 or honda monkey .my mini cafe racer project finally done , thanks for the great product , I like it so much . Keep it up KIJIMA.

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

If the Stay currently sold at a Home center something is used well, it will become a Side bag [ Just size / a MONKEY ]! If the Chain lock something is put into the Side bag, it will come on the loadin...

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

Texture is quite high at the product made from leather thick [ firm ].Although the price is carried out so so, it is the quality corresponding to it.An easy tool and Chain lock enter in respect of sto...

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

It considers, and although reliance is small, its Parenthesis is the best including it!





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