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Webike Spring Sale Tuần 3


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KIJIMA là một thương hiệu lớn đại điện cho sản phẩm Nhật Bản. Với những công nghệ hiện đại, quy trình sản xuất chuyên nghiệp họ không chỉ mang đến cho người dùng những sản phẩm bằng cao su mà còn cả các dòng sản phẩm kim loại, epoxy resin và nhựa đúc nguyên khối các loại.

Các thương hiệu đang giảm giá! Khuyến mãi trong tuần này!

KIJIMA Fender Eliminator Kit

I'd been searching for a fender eliminator that still incorporated some sort of rear fender as I live in a place where it rains a lot. The stock swingarm-mounted assembly that Suzuki installs at the f...

KIJIMA Sừng di chuyển ngoặc: Đặt

Kijima was a brand that I was unfamiliar with but from my research looked to be the best horn relocation kit for my needs. Purchase price for what you get is good. Delivery time from Japan to Australi...

KIJIMA Cao su phuộc trước KIJIMA

The size was just right for YB-1.Because it is not a split type, you have to remove the front fork to install it.If you can put it on, it can be used semi-permanently, so I think it's worth the effort...

KIJIMA Thanh nắp nylon cuối

It may be a matter of taste, but for me, this is good enough for both looks and practical use. It is the first place where Wound enters if it falls.Installation is just a tap with a plastic hammer, bu...

KIJIMA Knee Grip Pad

[Usage]Vintage off-roader style custom BRONCODress-up + Knee grip to make it easier【Motivation or reason for choosing or purchasingI've been looking around for Vintage off-roader images, and I've foun...

KIJIMA Sừng di chuyển ngoặc: Đặt

I wasn't happy with the look of the horn on my Money 125 and was considering a chrome horn cover or this relocation kit. Decided for the relocation kit and instead of fitting it as per the instruction...

KIJIMA Tay lái gắn khung

닌자400 zzr1400에 이어서 3번째 구매입니다
아직 바이크는 인수 전이지만 항상 사용해왔기에 미리 구매하였습니다
설치하고 sp커넥트와 tpms 그리고 액션캠을 항상 거치하고 다녔기에 저에겐 필수라고 할수있습니다...

KIJIMA Chắn bùn kiêm pát biển số KIJIMA cho YAMAHA...

There's a Reflector Bracket and it looks good installed, but it's a definite no-no.The Trim clip is no longer fixed because it takes away the License bracket.I don't have too many problems with it, bu...

KIJIMA Breather Hose Filter

It's not impossible, but the shade is Accent and it's a nice touch.

KIJIMA Bộ dụng cụ chứa USB 2Pot

I chose KIJIMA because it is 2A×2 while other companies' products are 2A×1 or 1A×2. I've been using it for a while now and I'm very happy with it.:I also like that the Green LED turns off when the Sil...

KIJIMA Đai đi phượt 2 người

My 7 year old son has taken an interest in motorcycles. I want a ride!So I bought it. It's easy to put on, easy to adjust.Above all, the feeling of security while driving was very wonderful.I drove ar...

KIJIMA Hỗ trợ Saddle Bag (Bên phải)

KIJiMA sidebag bracket is better than I expected. First of all, nice fit with sr400 bike and it is very easy to install.
Lastly, gorgeous chrome color.

KIJIMA Khung kính chống sương mù cho phía sau

[How is it used?I've been using it for quite a while now.Was the one you received as per Image?I didn't expect the quality to be as good as it was, but it was so good that I thought it was an OEM Prod...

KIJIMA Vòng một chạm

When I was wandering around to see if there was a good way to load a motorcycle on a transporter, I thought that it would be easiest and cheapest if it was a DIY project to put the One Touch Rail made...

KIJIMA Thay đổi bàn đạp

Idea was cool but the execution was horrible. The shift pedals are way too close together, Made for a 5year old child size foot. This piece is basically useless, actually worst then that cause it in...

KIJIMA Giá đỡ CNC Loại5

As soon as I took delivery of my GROM, I had the third spare key made at a locksmith shop in town and replaced it with KIJIMA:CNCTypeKey Holder. On the way, I did the anodized treatment from Orange to...

KIJIMA Khung đỡ phía dưới cho thùng đựng đồ

I ride Renegade 500, this is enough to buy a saddle bag stand, stand a good quality, install...

KIJIMA Loại ống kính gương Blinker OEM

There was one time it flew off while driving and I replaced it with another company's product.I probably won't buy it again.The video is FZr1000 love car introduction.

My car is a Harley-Davidson FATBOY, 2019 model year. Because of the sho...

KIJIMA Bộ tay thắng / tay côn KIJIMA cho HARLEY-DA...

My car is...

KIJIMA Xi lanh tốt nghiệp

There is no danger of the graded cylinder falling over when fork oil is injected, and there is no danger of impurities getting into the fork because it has a cap.

KIJIMA Lọc dầu Lọc

I bought it because I changed my motorcycle. for HARLEY is the sensor escape? (The notch in the picture) was important, but I couldn't see any reason why it would be particularly necessary for my Moto...

KIJIMA Dầu phanh

我的车子是KAWASAKI的NINJA 400,2019年款的。买这个是为了换刹车油,换完刹车油后难免会进去空气,之前都是手动排气,用了这个之后感觉非常方便,用注射器一抽空气就都出来了。比手动快了很多。为了增强耐用性,就换了个玻璃的瓶子。
My car is 400, the 2019 mod...

KIJIMA Split Pin

If you are playing with motorcycle by yourself, you may have it, but you may want to buy a large size Pin when you need it. In my case, it seems that the size I use is the same in the end, so I still ...

KIJIMA Máy phân cách cuộn

This is a safe and easy way to return the Caliper piston to its original position when replacing brake pads, without damaging the Caliper Seal because it applies even force to the piston instead of fo...

KIJIMA Xóa mùa xuân

The Grip is easy to grip and is designed for ease of use, which makes the installation and removal of the exhaust spring much easier and less likely to cause damage to the exhaust pipe.

KIJIMA Chuyển tiếp IC vị trí

Purchased the DL1000 V-STROM250's Front Blinker in an attempt to position it. As a result, a good place for the installation of Relay became the inside of the part of Shroud style, the waterproofing t...

KIJIMA Bộ khấu vặn xiết ốc Torx

I bought a DAYTONA for my Harley in-car tool.When replacing the rear suspension, I bought this product because there was no 50Size available and I wanted to get other sizes as well.The accuracy is not...

KIJIMA Bơm dự phòng cấp dầu

It can be used to adjust the level of oil in the reservoir for brake fluid and clutch fluid and to remove the fluid from the reservoir.

KIJIMA Split Pin

Basically, it's a split pin that cannot be reused by the Manufacturer, so you can stock and quantity:1 Set of 10pcs. is useful for Large, and the quality is exactly the same as OEM.

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

There is another product for BONNEVILLET120, but my T120 doesn't have Grab Bar and its Rail to which the product is attached, so I bought this one for T100 which is fixed to Seat frame. I was able to ...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

This helmet lock is small and delicate, is not parti...

KIJIMA Mũ bảo hiểm một đoạn clip

My wife's crash helmet isn't used much and a few weeks ago the male part of the helmet strap was lost on the road. I saw this Kijima helmet buckle and bought it because it seemed cheap. Fitting was ve...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

Because it is troublesome to remove the seat, I added an external Helmet holder.I thought SMART is good because it is hidden in the carrier, and the bracket is narrow enough to avoid the bolt on the t...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm


KIJIMA Chân đế Tái định cư Mũ bảo hiểm

Installation was so easy that I didn't need an Instruction Manual!By far easier to use than the OEM position!One point, the OEM lock is held in place by a star shaped Screw, so I needed a star shaped ...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

The 390DUKE does not have a Helmet lock even under the seat, and I was worried about Helmet theft, so I installed it.The installation itself is made in such a way that it can be installed in a matter ...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

I ordered a BMW S1000XR and I ordered the Helmet lock before delivery, but after delivery I tried to install it, but the Size didn't fit!The product description said 2015-2020, but that's wrong, it wo...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

On the GSX-R1000R, you can remove the Tandem seat to lock the Helmet in place, but I didn't want to scratch the Body, so I bought this product!When you say Helmet lock, you mean KIJIMA.

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

There are a lot of helmet lock w...

The construction is solid.Size is Size:It's free, so it'sIt's a little too big for me When I move my elbow, it shifts up and down a bitThe inside is made of mesh, which makes it feel coolerThe protect...

The Pad is soft and the mesh fabric does not steam It's very comfortable to wear But if you wear them underneath the Exactly Pants, when you sit or stand, the Gap comes

KIJIMA Tay cầm thanh nẹp

i used it for yzf-r25I was expecting it to be an Exclusive Design, butIncluded Parts:The bolt is too short to reach the screw when using the collarI used a different Bolt for crying out loud, but it's...

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

슈퍼커브 C125에 달기위해 툴백을 주문했읍니다.
우선 가죽두께며 질감이 좋았구, 가격은 비싼듯 하지만
값어치는 충분하다 생각됩니다....

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

It is installed on the JA45CROSS CUB, but it has been designed for Quantity:Pair (for Left and Right) I wish I had it inIt's solidly made and turned out a nice color when I applied Wax

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

I purchased one piece Kijima leather tool bag. Very nice and good quality product. Made of genuin leather.
My 0.5 liter reserve cannister is fit.
Thank you very much Webike staff.

KIJIMA Tay cầm thanh nẹp

It is still useful to have a smartphone or USB power supply installed in Motorcycle.When exchanging, because there is a case that the Spanner touches the tank excessively, I think that it is good to p...

KIJIMA Tay cầm thanh nẹp

It seems that aging will occur. Rust or fading?The dimensions of the installation may be slightly Gap.The role of Cross Bar is best for attaching USBSocket and NavigationBase.

KIJIMA Tay cầm thanh nẹp

Also in the fixed part of the Handlebar, Screw Lock is used in NINJA, and it was hard to remove the fixed Screw. I can use it without problems at all in terms of products. Long term Spec. By aged dete...

KIJIMA Tay cầm thanh nẹp

As Smartphone and USB Charger can be attached, Smartphone Navigation was active in Large when I went to Touring. Long touring was also a very pleasant trip without Stress. Will there be more fun to ch...

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