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Webike Year End Sale


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Hệ thống phụ kiện từ Kawasaki cung cấp các sản phẩm như các loại phụ tùng tùy chỉnh hoặc các sản phẩm tinh thần đi liền với các dòng xe Kawasaki, mang đến sự hài lòng cho những người sử dụng xe Kawasaki.

Các thương hiệu đang giảm giá! Khuyến mãi trong tuần này!

KAWASAKI Móc chìa khóa

Simple design is good and the plate with Kawasaki's name on it is a high class product.

KAWASAKI Túi đeo hông

It's a great way to store your camera, tripod, phone and other small items for quick access during day trips. It's very convenient as it can be quickly removed from the bag.

KAWASAKI Móc chìa khóa da

It is very hard to put the key in the ring, but the rest of the design is simple, but it is a high quality key holder in detail.

KAWASAKI Móc chìa khóa

Background:I bought this to attach a key holder to my keys so that I would not lose them.Quality/texture:The plate is of the gold genus, so there is no cheapness to it. If I wanted to, it would have b...

KAWASAKI Túi đựng đồ thông minh

The design of the bag is consistent with the style of the motorcycle and the rain cover is included for added convenience in case of rain.

KAWASAKI Móc chìa khóa hình o-van silicon

I had been using Kawasaki Key Holder made of Gold, and the Top Bridge had been scratched, so I used this Material:I like Silicon because it's motorcycle friendly.Also, when it rains, leather and Gold ...

KAWASAKI Móc chìa khóa

The ring part is solid and safe to put the key on, and the body is the soft material of Silicon that does not damage the cylinder.

KAWASAKI Sách hướng dẫn sửa chữa xe bản bổ xung

"In order to maintain the engine area of the ELIMINATOR 250, I bought a Manual.However, there is not much about the detailed disassembly of the Engine and carburetor. You can read about it in the GPZ2...

KAWASAKI Giá lắp đệm dựa lưng yên sau

The Backrest was even better than I expected. Probably a Made in USA OEM product, behind the BackSeat. "KAWASAKI" I also liked the inclusion of the Logo of

KAWASAKI Ca uống nước

As a Kawasaki fan and car owner, I was interested in this product, and I bought it right away. Was it Minoyaki? I am very happy with this product.


I wanted a sticker for Under Cowl, so this is a sticker with good size and race ish atmosphere.


The color of Black and White is good and simple design, but if it is a Kawasaki car, anything goes well with it. You should avoid direct sunlight, otherwise the color will fade.

KAWASAKI Kính chắn gió

Effectiveness:The driving wind that used to hit my chest now hits my shoulder. The amount of airflow has been reduced.● Design:it's OEM, so maybe it's obvious, but it's matched. Natural.●Installation:...

KAWASAKI Bộ lưới két nước

I bought it to protect Radiator along with the purchase of Z900.When I bought the car, I had no hope of getting a cheap Chinese Radiator guard due to the Corona disaster, so I bought this product from...

KAWASAKI Bộ nhãn dán WEB

I thought it was just a regular sticker and didn't have much impact, but when I put it up, the white letters stand out and it gives off a race ish atmosphere.

KAWASAKI Khung bìa

The frame around the footpegs of off-road vehicles is where the boots tend to rub against the frame, and the paint peels off easily, and we often see old motorcycles that have rusted.The OEM Attachmen...

KAWASAKI Viền mâm xe

It is a simple design Rim Tape, but it looks completely different with or without the tape. It takes a little bit of time to put it up, but after it's done, it has a race ish atmosphere and there is a...

KAWASAKI Pad dán bình xăng KAWASAKI

It is a good design and the logo of Kawasaki is one point. Of course, it prevents me from getting scratches.

KAWASAKI Bộ bu lông chống xe

The Swing Arm has the Stand Hook mounting holes, but for some reason the Ninja 650 is not included in the Kawasaki OEM Stand Hook.I bought the other sizes for vehicles that fit the mounting holes of t...


Don't fall down! I was attracted by the message with the Impact and purchased it. I think that there is an effect to diminish the feeling to run over the line somehow.


It's basic CapDesign, and I think it will appeal to everyone.The Kawasaki logo is also highly embroidered and high quality.Green Light, Kawasaki's color, on the edge of the brim is also very fashionab...


The capacity of the inside of the bag is wider than it looks and can store a lot of things. You can use it conveniently because it is a size that you can take with you on a short trip. I'm sure you'll...

KAWASAKI Mũ lưỡi trai Ninja KAWASAKI

The cap is black with NINJA logo embroidered on it and I love the design.

KAWASAKI Áo lót trong giáp bảo hộ co giãn, giữ ấm

It fits tightly to the body and is very comfortable and warm. If it is a jacket with a high thermal protection performance, the inner wear underneath is enough to be large enough to wear this one. The...

KAWASAKI Túi đeo thắt lưng 2WAY

I use it for touring through Waist belt. I can't put a lot of things in it, but I can put a wallet, mobile phone and a cigarette, which are in the way of Pants Pocket.


I was searching Webike for something for a t-shirt and found it.The NinjaT-Shirt also looked good, but the price and design made me decide.I noticed the Print was on the back side when it arrived! (^_...

KAWASAKI Mũ lưỡi trai

It's a bit flashy to wear on a daily basis, so I use it for watching races and touring. I love the color and design of this cap and am very happy with it for Kawasaki fans.

KAWASAKI Áo thun tay ngắn 14

It's a good choice for me.Size:It's nice to know that there's a decent size for a lot of Free products.It's a little bit large for Free.I didn't have any use for the Point and bought it for a pun, but...

KAWASAKI Túi đựng đồ không thấm nước KAWASAKI

The dimensions are exquisite.When you pile them on the Rear Sets, you can put them on the ground so that both ends hang down next to the seats (you need to pack them so that the seats are deliberately...


I bought it for everyday use.The size and feel of the bag was perfect, and it was easy to use, so I loved it for a while.I was a little disappointed that the embroidery came loose at the end, but I th...

KAWASAKI Túi đựng mũ bảo hiểm KAWASAKI

The fleece material is very soft and won't scratch the HelmetBody and Shield.

KAWASAKI Móc mũ bảo hiểm

although a fairly good price carries out -- honesty -- delicate - -- it is hard to use it anyhow.
It becomes so inevitably regarding the place.
Although the > Style does not need to break down, the ...

KAWASAKI Móc mũ bảo hiểm

although the product attached to the place of a Cowl is often seen -- this -- Kawasaki -- it is pure and attaches to the place of a Tandem step.
There is no fear of damaging a Cowl and it is easy-to-...

KAWASAKI Móc mũ bảo hiểm

It does not become precocious, although Ninja250R was attached simultaneously with purchase and it is honestly user-friendly. A helmet lock is opened and a helmet is hung, and a key must be put also i...

KAWASAKI Bộ đồ sửa xe II

It is very easy to move around in the overall type of leather suit and the pocket is large enough to hold tools.


I bought it together according to what I needed but already attached.If it is supposed to be attached to Option in Motorcycle, there seems to be something already attached so let's check it.

KAWASAKI Bộ quần áo sửa xe 14

It shrinks considerably when washing it.If you do not buy One size Large eyes, you will not be able to wear it immediately - - -I made hemming an ordinary length, it became quite ugly. (Tears)Sewing w...

KAWASAKI Bộ đồ sửa xe II

Although it was impression of actually wearing the product after it arrived, it was a fairly slim body making. He is 169 cm tall and 52 kg in weight and is a body type of slim body, but it was exactly...

KAWASAKI Bộ đồ sửa xe II

He thinks that a Maintenance and gardening can also be used and it purchases.Although M could be sufficient as the Size, L could be sufficient or the difference came out by the Manufacturer etc. from ...

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