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Webike Spring Sale Tuần 3


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K-FACTORY nhãn hàng nổi tiếng với các bộ giảm âm ống xả, ống tiêu, lon pô. . . được chế tác thủ công tinh xảo bằng thép không ghỉ. Đây cũng là thương hiệu đầu tiên cho ra mắt bộ ống xả giảm thanh full Titan mang tên Quatto.

Các thương hiệu đang giảm giá! Khuyến mãi trong tuần này!

K-FACTORY Giá cố định lon pô nhôm

Although I had attached CLRExhaust pipe, I had fixed it with Lady Bird's Exhaust Bracket until now, so I purchased CLR's exclusive product. In the picture of the installation example, Bracket is fixed...

K-FACTORY Tấm chặn gió

After exchanging to the exhaust system outside the company, I canceled the secondary air though it was primitive because After Fire at AxelOff was terrible.I'd say the effect is an 80% reduction.The t...

K-FACTORY Hệ thống ống xả không gỉ

Very attractive exhaust with a nice sound. I would have chosen a different option had I known it had a catalytic converter so be aware if you are looking for maximum performance. Would not recommend i...

K-FACTORY Dưới sự bảo vệ

The product is well made and the range to Guard is what I expected.The hang of installation is not difficult because it is written in the Instruction Manual.However, as expected, the engine noise when...

K-FACTORY Chống nghiêng

I changed the Side Stand because I changed the Lowdown.Looks good and on this Side Stand etc.

K-FACTORY Dưới sự bảo vệ [Dự kiến sẽ được phát hàn...

[How is it used?Forest Road - Mountain PlayWas the one you received as per Image?It was exactly as pictured. The finish was beautiful and the mounting bolt holes were correct.However, the hole for Dra...

K-FACTORY Vòng giữ

It's been fleshed out to the back.It was good! ^^

K-FACTORY Ốp bảo vệ phuộc trước

K-FACTORY 彩鈦前叉護蓋 適用於CB400 SF車型, 跟原廠的前叉護蓋有著相同的功能可以有效地防止行駛過程中的灰塵及碎石傷害到前叉內管表面產生刮痕進而造成前叉漏油!不過彩鈦的外觀讓愛車的質感加分許多!!
K-FACTORY color titanium fork cover is s...

K-FACTORY Lưới két nước

The texture is good, and the size of the hole is different between the center and the edge.Personally, I would be happy if the price was a little lower.

K-FACTORY Lưới két nước

It would be nice if the price was a little lower.

K-FACTORY Nhãn dán lon pô ống xả

I really like the K-FACTORY Emblem with its good design. There is a thin layer of Vinyl on the emblem from the beginning to prevent scratches and other problems. If you try to remove it later, it won'...

I've been looking for a DriveRecorder to add to my safety measures, and I found itThe installation position is in the position of the photograph The front cowl was drilled and wired for front and rear...

K-FACTORY Ống bơm dầu

NORMAL is painted on Iron Pipe, but the front wheels are painted with sand and small stones that are rolled up was peeling and rustingIf the rust continues to develop, it will cause water leakage:I re...

K-FACTORY Bộ tách ly hợp K

It is a rather expensive part, the shape of the part is not so different from NORMAL, and the Clutch I wasn't sure how much lighter it would be, so I was nervous until I actually used itI read somewhe...

I received the product and installed it as soon as I got it and ran it Saturday and SundayI think it works well enough as a DriveRecorderAutomatic recording starts when the key is on When the key is o...

I noticed after I received it that this product is not hollow constructionI think the accuracy of things is goodI bought another one

K-FACTORY Bộ tách ly hợp K

Installed on ZX14. Works awesome. Clutch become more informative, more light. Clutch now don't loose any hydraulic fluid anymore. Highly Recommended for all ZZR1400, ZX14 ,ZX14R. Better works in combo...

K-FACTORY Ống bơm dầu

There was a water leak from the Drain welded part, it is regrettable though it is an expensive article. I do not test it? I will return it.

K-FACTORY Ống bơm dầu

OEMParts Out of print, we exchanged from Steel to Titanium.Since it looks like a bean paste, I made an OEM-like black coating.I think that setting with no burning color may be good.Almost got lost, bu...

K-FACTORY Bộ tách ly hợp K

I tried to introduce it because it was touching that Clutch became lighter.Installation was able to be done without problems, but in the case of ZZr 1200 the air bleed Valve will be opposite to OEM so...

K-FACTORY Khấu siết, mở đai ốc

I bought it for Oil exchange.Just by applying to Top cap you can see the goodness of precision.I actually tried opening the top cap, but I think that it is a good item that does not contain any scratc...

K-FACTORY Mũ lưỡi trai

The perfection of Cap itself is high, texture is also good.Embroidery of KMark, embroidery of SIDE department is also very polite finish.Although the price is not cheap, it is convincing because thing...

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