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DRC cung cấp phụ tùng bảo dưỡng khác nhau và các bộ phận sửa chữa chủ yếu là cho xe máy off-road.

DRC FPG Pin xuân bộ

I bought these to replace old worn out springs and pins.
It's very easy to install.
A little heavy but very solid. Does not rust. The original kit does rust....

DRC Front Fork Spring

The springs are just enough stiffer to make them great for trail riding. You will still bottom out on big jumps, but not too stiff.

DRC Nhôm bích nhôm M6

I b...

DRC MeterScreen ProtectiveFilm

It's a good item because it prevents daily scratches.
But it's harder to fit than I thought. I dare to recommend someone who is dexterous.
One tip, be sure to spray water when mounting. If you don't...

DRC MeterScreen ProtectiveFilm

Be sure to spray water when using it.
If you don't, it'll float a bit like me.
It's good to prevent scratches....

DRC Tay côn DRC

It is a Motocrosser part, but I think it is close to OEM and has excellent cost performance. The durability will be seen from now on.

DRC MeterScreen ProtectiveFilm

Purchased for Meter ProtectionSeal itself is firm.It requires hang when applying it, but I think it can be applied without any problem for those who can apply protective seals for smartphones.

DRC Giấy phép mảng Bracket

Refreshing appearance as it fits inside the Number.

DRC Khung biển số có đèn LED DRC (nhôm) cho YAMAHA...

When practicing front up, the OEM Fender was torn off, so we had no choice but to convert it to a Fender Eliminator.I wanted to use the OEM Tail lamp and Blinker as is, so I followed the lead of my pr...

DRC MeterScreen ProtectiveFilm

I had bought this to protect my meters from scratches and UV discolouration. It works similar to a phone's protective film. Just clean and stick it on. This product comes in a Set of 2, so you don't h...

DRC Túi Boots

Use in Motocross course with Transporter.It's easy to put away sloppy boots and has a mesh section for ventilation.The size is not insufficient, and it seems that most Off-road boots can fit (I am GAE...

DRC Túi Boots

Off-road boots are pretty heavy, and if you're driving an Enduro for a couple of nights, you'll be carrying multiple boots, but if you have this bag, it's still very convenient, because if you put the...

DRC Túi Boots

I used to carry my Boots in the box they came in when I bought them, but off-road they get muddy and the box gets ruined when it's wet, so I bought this Back.This Back can be used to wrap Boots and is...

DRC Găng tay cơ khí

Fit and breathability is good, so you will not feel stuffy even when working. The material is firm and stretchy.

DRC Túi Boots

This is my second purchase.The Boots used are Alpinestars TEC3, and the Bag has plenty of room for the height of the Boots.Good point:The upper part of the Bag is Mesh, so it can keep the moisture out...

DRC Túi Boots

The Boots are loaded in the car, but I feel like I can just put them in the Back to make the interior of the car look nicer.The bag is breathable and dry mud falls into the bag so it's easy to clean.

DRC Túi Boots

The size of TEC7 is US 9, but I feel that the limit is in. If you use it for a long period of time, it may break due to the strain on the Zipper part. I was glad to have a little bit more Large.

DRC Găng tay cơ khí

Normally it is the size of the M Size, but I bought the M as it is because I have a little extra finger, but it is the size feeling of the eye that is much smaller.It's a tight fit when you put it on ...

DRC Túi Boots

Not using Off-road boots but Racing boots (SIDI Cydi : Used with Vortice Air On-Road BootsWhen carrying the equipment when running Circuit with Transporter, I could not put together only Boots and it ...

DRC Vật dùng để giữ bánh xe lại

I use it to park and place my Motorcycle. Even if it shakes a little, it doesn't kick.

DRC Đèn pha

Just the right length to load in a light van without folding it upIdeal for Mini bikeMight the gradient be steeper and harder to pack in a 250ccClass?

DRC Smaho MountHolder

The instruction manual was inadequate and I had to think a lot before I could install it.It is long enough to attach at least 3 different types.

DRC Bàn nâng HC2

Received the stand in good condition and well packed as always. Product is very strong and can lift my Honda CRF300l easily. Lowering it is also convenient with the absorber provided. Recommended for ...

DRC Đường dành cho xe máy địa hình Full Trail

I bought it because the wr250 was too tight for the Cover I was using for my D-Trailer. It is easy to use and easy to see front and rear. The undercarriage is also well rubberized so it doesn't flop a...

DRC Vật dùng để giữ bánh xe lại

I use it when I mount my Motorcycle in my car.The front and rear can be fixed, so all that is needed is to fix it with Tie Down and it will not move.It's weight, strength, and portability are perfect....

DRC Bàn nâng HC2

I have been using the maintenance STAND for Rear, but it was very difficult to use for Off-road motorcycle, so I bought the STAND for Off-road motorcycle.It could have been something simple, but I loo...

DRC Ống kẹp ống

As you can see, it is a product that can be attached to the legs of the second seat to add Tie DownHook.It is important to note that the second seat is designed to be used with the seat out (ready to ...

DRC Vật dùng để giữ bánh xe lại

I bought gsx-r1000r with High ace because I was worried about Tie Down only.I thought it would be a little better, but it was no different than Tie Down only.After all, it seems to be suitable for dia...

DRC Bàn nâng HC2

[How is it used?I use it to lift up my Flow Motorcycle when I store & maintain it.Was the one you received as per Image?It is a very sturdy product with a Damper that makes it easy to use and easy to ...

DRC Kiểm tra Sag

As advertised, it makes it easy to use alone. There are no measurement markings on this tool, you'll have to measure on your own
The instructions are a little lacking but the video posted online clear...

DRC M6 Nhôm Taper Bolt

I like these bolts because of the quality.
The machining and anodizing are perfect.
For this price, this quality product is the best....

DRC Xích xe DRC D59-16-112 (nhôm)

Crimp and Cut are also easy to do.The Plate that is pressed down when press fitting is a little gapped and the Plating has peeled off a little, but the function is excellent.

DRC Xích xe DRC D59-16-112 (nhôm)

I used this tool for my first Chain replacement with no difficulty. [Color] Clear is ready!

DRC Thép ống Stem Wrench

finishing is good. But unfortunatly its broken when i tried to tighten the stemnut. So i was unable to use it too much time. Not a strong item to use in more hard works.

DRC Van điều khiển không khí

This product is Aluminum Cut-out with good texture and easy to use. I got two of these for a very reasonable price!

DRC Van kéo không khí

It would be more efficient to have it when replacing tires and tubes by yourself.It is useful if you have one.

DRC Thép ống Stem Wrench

The good thing is that the price is low. It could also be used on the Steering stem of the NSR250R. It is not easy to hook, but it is not a part to be tightened strongly, so it can be used.

DRC Lá chắn nhiệt

I put it on the back of the Side cowl.The heat from the Exhaust System is also Shutting out and the Cowl is not melting.It sticks firmly to the surface, so it can be used as aThere is no Trouble that ...

DRC Bộ phận chèn ống 40-50mm

There are several different sizes, so I don't think there is a Fork that doesn't fit.It is not difficult to use and work with.As a product, I have no complaints at all.I think the price is right.





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