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DAMMTRAX là một công ty chuyên sản xuất, bán sỉ các loại mũ bảo hiểm cho xe gắn máy. Không chỉ mũ bảo hiểm, họ còn cung cấp các hàng hóa liên quan đến xe máy như phụ tùng cho mũ bảo hiểm, quần áo, găng tay, hình dán. . . . Ngoài ra, họ hoạt động Cafe Biker tại HAKONE TURN-PIKE nơi được biết đến như một nơi phổ biến cho chuyến phượt dài. Tất cả các sản phẩm của họ là thiết kế của nội địa Nhật Bản, sản xuất tại châu Á và phân phối trên toàn thế giới.

DAMMTRAX Hình dán nhãn dán

I like the design.It's a little small, but it's not too assertive.

DAMMTRAX Hình dán nhãn dán

Received the good in order. Liking the old school sticker for my CB1300SF retro bike. Have been Webike customer since 2013 and they have not disappointing me on any of my orders.

DAMMTRAX Hình dán nhãn dán

Nice old style sticker of Champion sparks plug. Really blend well with my Honda CB1300SF retro looks. And the price is also cheap.

DAMMTRAX Hình dán nhãn dán

ll order more often for sure. thanks a lotgreat products. i love this place. just wish more was in stock when ordering. thanks

DAMMTRAX Hình dán nhãn dán

The color is good.. I also have a BlackRed elliptical ChampionSticker, but this one may have a taste.It is also good to purchase by adjusting shipping costs.

DAMMTRAX Hình dán nhãn dán

It is the purchase of the 2nd "HAVE A NICE DAY."Although the pattern of the girl of Hawaiian is different, the same Sticker also as a left-hand side side is stuck.Although it was a left-hand side inte...

DAMMTRAX Hình dán nhãn dán

A left Hawaiian woman is the leading role.
Since drawing was somewhat lonely when it was only , however a Hawaiian woman, the right-hand side sticker was stuck.
flower I think that the drawing of HA...

DAMMTRAX Hình dán nhãn dán

Since the picture was fading with the photograph of shop although it was the woman of the Hawaiian dance, I do not understand well in a girl or a woman (adult), but she is a lipstick white woman.

DAMMTRAX Hình dán nhãn dán

It considered, depended and was small.
Printing of > and a character regarded some as cheap.
as [ be / clearness / insufficient ] -- feeling -- ? -- > -- since it purchased in order to lose a fracti...

DAMMTRAX Hình dán nhãn dán

It stuck on the duct part of the CARBURETOR.
I think that it is good touch since the thing is a good Sticker.
Although he thought that it appeared in one-shot credit here although having carried out...


I had a Mask on my Corona when I rode my motorcycle, but it would inevitably come off when I put the Helmet on.That's when I found this product.After putting on the helmet, push both sides in to fix i...

DAMMTRAX Móc treo găng tay

And frankly, it's expensive!I'm sure the product itself isn't that bad.The price is too high for this product, no matter how much.Too expensive for the price and use.They sell the same kind of stuff a...

DAMMTRAX Gargoyle Mask

The shape is very cool. It fits perfectly with the retro helmet such as Shoei and Arai. It is exquisite in workmanship and easy to use. I bought two at a time.

DAMMTRAX Gargoyle Mask

Hold the Jet helmet on hand Mad Max (MADMAX) Of GOOSESpec. ToI made a purchase in order to bring it closer..Because it is Hook, installation is easy. Teardrop type Sunglasses is also easy to put on.Th...

DAMMTRAX Gargoyle Mask

I imagined that it was somehow hard, but I bought it, but it was soft like Handkerchief.As Jet helmet exposed her face, I was wondering if safety would improve slightly,It's not like that. Also, M...

DAMMTRAX Gargoyle Mask

I use it for another company's Helmet but I think that it is directed to Helmet of Dam trucks as explained.Installation is no problem but ... The width is different or it is mounted in slightly st...

DAMMTRAX Gargoyle Mask

Jet Helmet At Bubble shield, the chin was cold so I was overwhelmed with a medical mask, but I liked the squid and the appearance I tried it.Even if it receives the wind, it is not cold. It's perf...

DAMMTRAX Bandit Goggles

I tried it with Buko's Helmet.From the shape of the face Do not Fit from above Helmet, wind involvement occurred. There is no problem for directly wearing it.Helmeth I'm SizeML of Babebko.

DAMMTRAX Gargoyle Mask

Net was cheaply sold in Zawakita made by Small jet Bubble shield which was attached to the play There is play in the running wind can be rattled so move SunglassesSpec. I tried buying it because it is...

DAMMTRAX Móc treo găng tay

Made of Gold and easy to hold like Alligator Clip Jeansetc. Though it is a thing that can be attached to the Belt loop, it is limited to thin things such as Summer Gloves to the last. It should be eas...


feel comfortable while driving 150cc Vespa :) got the hat in 202203 at Beijing EMS post station.

DAMMTRAX Mini Carabiner Khóa

I had purchased it previously and found it useful for Touring and for use WITH Handle nearby.Now I use it regularly for Helmet lock of W800 by hooking it to the lock of W, which is originally difficul...

DAMMTRAX Lắp miếng bọt biển

I bought the cheapest helmet I could find to adjust the fit of the helmet I had purchased after returning it, but my neck and shoulders had reached their limits after about 200km.It is a double-sided ...

DAMMTRAX Mũ bảo hiểm JET-D

Was the one you received as per Image?The appearance of the cap is as per Image.It was a simple and calm coloring, and it was the perfect Image that I was looking for for commuting.[How did you feel a...

DAMMTRAX Mũ bảo hiểm fullFace BLASTER COBRA-Kai DA...

As a retro ...

DAMMTRAX POPO GT (Kiểm tra & Sao)

I presented this to my son, who is a Small student this year, and it's stylish with its Pilot-like design and slightly shallow cap, similar to a peach FIGHTER.To adjust the size, Sponge tape was appli...


Attached to a commuter jet helmet, VINTAGEOff-road style.I bought this for CoSpray.The shape is a good copy of the one from the past and the reproduction is high.I feel like my head is lifting when I ...

DAMMTRAX Kết nối Một chạm

Attached to the YAMAHAZenith Jet helmet.Well, it's not so much that it's not good or bad.It's not bad by any means.If I had to choose, I'd say I'd like to see more moderation in the Snap on and off. B...

DAMMTRAX Flower Jet Grande

I've seen many people wearing this Helmet and it is said that it is very popular with women and the design is very comfortable to wear. My wife has been using it for a long time. If it is this perform...

DAMMTRAX Nón bảo hiểm cho động vật

I am impulse buying.I do not plan to go to Touring with my dog, but I'd like to put it in a room as a custom painted object and keep it on the Helmet holder as an amulet.

DAMMTRAX Cáp điện ngầm

Since there was no lock of a helmet, it purchased. Since it is the quillai vehicles are [ quillai ] confused although there is also a type attached to a frame etc., it is in a tank bag or a pocket at ...

DAMMTRAX Cáp điện ngầm

Since it had the helmet made, it purchased. Structure which became brave considerably considering the price. Moreover, since it is a dial lock type, a key does not increase in number and are saved. (M...

DAMMTRAX Cáp điện ngầm

Although he had much tandem touring, it purchased in order to hang Aikata's helmet on a glove bar on the way. Wherever it might go, he had a helmet by hand and was walking until now, but since both ha...





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