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C. F. POSH chuyên sản xuất những phụ tùng cho dòng mini bike. Họ nổi tiếng với các loại CDI, các phụ tùng mạ nhôm và các phụ kiện độ cho dòng xe Honda Monkey.

CF POSH IC xe máy Racing Super Battle

Отличный цифровой коммутатор без ограничения оборотов, идеально подходит для спортивного глушителя или для стокового живого мотора, позволяет менять опережение зажигания, отличная тяга в гору на стоко...

CF POSH IC xe máy Racing Super Battle

Коммутатор отличного качества с цифровым опережением зажигания, который еще сдвигает отсечку на более высокий обороты, выполнен очень качественно. Важно отметить что этот коммутатор может лишить вас в...

CF POSH Cap Bolt Holder Vàng

I used this for the Bolt on Exhaust Guard on my PCX160.The quality is fine and the Anodized color is good.The cost performance is not so good, but it is a product that can dress-up easily.I use it wit...

CF POSH Hình vuông số nhỏ Chủ sở hữu loại2

The local area is one of the few motorcyclesNumber, I searched and searched and arrived at the product in question. I was able to install it with no problems at all.This will prevent the License Plate...

CF POSH Chân nêm Bolt Blue

I used it in combination with the Cap bolt for the mounting part of the Shroud and Front mask of KDX125SR. The flat washer becomes unnecessary, and it is effective as Dress-up parts of one point.

CF POSH Cần gạt

It's a must for winter Motorcycle commuting.Commuting and riding in the city with your finger on the Lever. The Lever takes the body heat of the fingertips unexpectedly, and it is very painful.This wi...

CF POSH Mặt phẳng mũi Cò

The Grip heater is replaced at the same time as the installation of the Grip heater. 8% High Solo, no need to modify the OEM cone, two birds with one stone.

CF POSH Bộ Dụng Cụ Dây Bông cho Mặt trận Thầy

I bought this product because the OEMRubber hose was going in a weird direction when I relocated the RearReserver on my Grom. It looks good and I am satisfied.This product is the longest, so it would ...

CF POSH Bộ Dụng Cụ Dây Bông cho Mặt trận Thầy

When I relocated the RearReserver tank on my Grom, the OEMHose looked weird and I adopted this product.Stainless Steel Hose and color will give you a luxurious feeling.No Fluid leaks and no problems.

CF POSH Bộ bolt ống xả không gỉ

Stud bolt is to be screwed in with Double nut. I thought it wasThis exhaust stud bolt is excellent for screwing in with HexaWrench.The Material is also Stainless Steel, and it seems to be a little lon...

CF POSH Băng cách điện

Created a GORILLA Full Cowl vehicle and used it for Cowl and paint protection.Since the Exhaust pipe on the Over is going through the Limit.It's not painted yet.

CF POSH Mạ 24K SUS304 Nắp đậy đầu núm Hexagonal

The 24KPlating bolt of Mr. C.F.POSH is attached to some points, and it contributes to a sense of unity, the goodness of functional beauty, and Dress-up, and there is no problem no matter which it take...

CF POSH Băng cách điện

I am currently building a GORILLA Full Cowl car and bought this to protect the Cowl and paint from the heat of the Exhaust pipe.It's not finished yet, but the size is good for Small Type car.

CF POSH Ống Spiral

I used it on my Yamaha Max star125.I installed it in order to put together Wiring because it was converted to a bar handle.It can be installed while turning around because it is spiral.You can adjust ...

CF POSH Crimped kìm cho dây cắm

It is very easy to use, unlike the cheap Crimped Pliers. The Grip is easy to handle and has a very good grip. The Grip is easy to hold and it is easy to crimp. ,.

CF POSH Băng cách điện

I put a large piece of Heat Insulating Material on it and stuck this product around it.I took this approach because it's relatively easy to cut.I didn't use it for Motorcycle, but I repaired the Plate...

CF POSH Thép không rỉ Cap Bolt STD Loại 10mm

Buy Rust from Napole On's Shark mirrorBolt for ReplacementAnd I changed the bolt of MirrorOffsetBracket to Hexagon Socket Button bolt to make it common.There is no difference between before and after ...

CF POSH Thép không rỉ Cap Bolt Loại STD 8mm

Buy Rust from Napole On's Shark mirrorBolt for ReplacementThere is no difference between before and after the replacement and there is no discomfort.Special Washer is not sold, so when Washer gets Rus...

CF POSH Mâm bằng thép không gỉ 24K

I installed it to fill the screw holes after removing the Tandem Footpeg.

CF POSH Góc ống Joint

I bought this one because my KIJIMA Hose cracked after about a monthYou can see that not only the L shape Adapter but also the line up for different diameter hose is It's greatBecause the right angle ...

CF POSH Dây ly hợp bằng thép không gỉ

The long clutch cable I was using for a while was damaged, so I took the plunge and replaced it Since I also changed the clutch, I thought it was the same manufacturer and I changed the CF-POSH I matc...

CF POSH Đĩa Horn TYPE 305C

if you find classic style horn, this is good for you.
but, you never expect about nice sound.
and this is so big than a i guess..

CF POSH Đĩa Horn TYPE 320S

Since the volume of the OEM Product is on the same level as the original, there is not enough volume to appreciate around, so I replaced it for this product. Before, we attached automatic for Vehicle....

CF POSH Đĩa Horn TYPE 305C

POSH Disc Horn ซื้อชนิดแบบ low tone เสียงนุ่มหูกว่าเดิมเยอะ ติดตั้งง่าย สวยงามสมกับราคาค่าตัวที่ไม่แพงเลย
POSH Disc Horn is a low-cost, low-noise, easy-to-install, easy-to-use, cost-effective solutio...

CF POSH Đĩa Horn TYPE 305C

CF POSH Disc Horn TYPE 305C แตรคลาสสิกจาก posh มีให้เลือกทั้งโทนเสียงทุ้มต่ำ และโทนเสียงสูง ติดตั้งง่าย ดีไซน์เรียบหรูคลาสสิก
CF POSH Disc Horn TYPE 305C The classic horn of posh is available in low...

CF POSH Đĩa Horn TYPE 305C

CF POSH Disc Horn แตรสายคลาสสิก งานดี คุณภาพคับแก้ว ตัวนี้เป็น Low tone ให้เอกลักษณ์เสียงโทนต่ำ ติดตั้งง่าย เสริมหล่อให้รถที่คุณรักได้อย่างลงตัว

CF POSH Dây ly hợp

Inner wire is more coarse than OEM and operation fee Ring is not so good.Inner wire is more coarse than OEM and operation fee Ring is not so good.Inner wire is more coarse than OEM and operation fee R...

CF POSH CF / Danh mục POSH 2016

I continued to purchase it in the 2015 edition..... Other Parts. Compared to Catalog of Supplies Manufacturer, Page Number. I think that it is considerably too high from the number of published produc...

CF POSH Bộ ốc bình xăng không gỉ 24K CF POSH cho K...

Originally attached Material : Stainless Steel's Cap boltIt was a sloppy Length, and the deterioration was intenseSo I exchanged.Gold color with Silver's Tank capRing,It's a nice touch to ...

CF POSH Bộ ốc bình xăng không gỉ 24K CF POSH cho K...

【What made you decide the purchase?】 General Anodized gold is not thin? Gold【How was it actually used?】 Matching with other Parts is also perfect as per Image【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts ...

CF POSH Cưỡi ngựa SA974

thin [Color] Smoke's Lens allows for night time use without blocking the view, and the pad keeps the wind and garbage out for safety. It is also very effective during pollen season when using a half-c...

CF POSH Cưỡi ngựa SA1340

It is inconvenient to carry because it is fairly large pattern even if folded. Because there is a little color, it does not go at night. There is some rattling in the Frame, but it is Level which does...

CF POSH Cưỡi ngựa kính 2084

Appearance, a Fitting, a Design, and a Quality are also good and a price also thinks that it is handy.

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