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ACTIVE chuyên cung cấp hàng OEM của chính họ trên toàn thế giới. Dòng sản phẩm nổi tiếng của hãng phải kể đến như các loại đồng hồ đo tốc độ, đồng hồ kỹ thuật số xe máy và phụ tùng từ nhãn hàng Gale Speed.

ACTIVE Bảo vệ lốc máy ACTIVE

Installed the Active engine guards on 2019 honda cb1100RS. the fit and finish is perfect and the engine guard is very high quality. highly recommended!

ACTIVE Khung phụ

I bought the anodized black for 2019 honda cb1100RS and it fits and looks good on it. The frame guard comes with a crossmember long bolt for further frame / chasis strength. the guard itself is very w...

ACTIVE Tay vịn nhôm thấp

Thank you for the quick delivery. The product was delivered well without any damage. It's still pre-installed, but I'm satisfied with the quality.

ACTIVE ACTIVE Biểu tượng Typelogo kim loại

I don't like to put stickers on my motorcycles, but I have a habit of putting sticky stickers on my helmet since I was young. I have a habit of sticking stickers on single-colored helmets, but I think...

ACTIVE Fender Eliminator Kit

I had a Fender Eliminator Kit from another company installed, but decided to replace it after damaging it.I chose the Active product because it was the most widely available. I think that anyone who c...

ACTIVE Chắn bùn kiêm pát biển số ACTIVE cho KAWASA...

Fender Eliminator from ksStyle was not available, so we substituted it hereThe number angle is a little loose, so if you want to raise the number angle precisely, use another manufacturer's number ang...

ACTIVE Reflector Kit Slim

Be aware that the absence of a Reflector is a violation when installing the Fender Eliminator Kit!Shape and rigidity seem to be fine.

ACTIVE Fender Eliminator Kit

I looked at the price and bought it because it was cheaper than the Puch and it would pass inspection (some people say it won't pass because the Number standards have changed …). The installation proc...

ACTIVE Cần gạt

The great thing about this clutch lever is the wide range of fine adjustment of the grip and the lever shape. If you adjust it properly, you will surely find a point that fits.Installation is exactly ...

ACTIVE Đòn bẩy Stfbrake

The quality and high quality of the cut-out parts, which are exclusive to each car model, are excellent! Installation is not difficult at all, just like when you grease up an OEM lever. Highly recomme...

ACTIVE Hook Hành lý

The bolt was too long and had to be cut. 10mm was cut on the front side and 5mm on the rear side.

ACTIVE Nắp cao su cho Kênh

We are attaching to KEIHINFCR Carburetor Body, but it is pretty handy without entering rain or dust. It's pretty easy to install almost every day. I think that it would be good if Color is already...

ACTIVE Nắp cao su cho Kênh

It's easy to wear, FunnelSpec. People in the garage and car wash should be attached.I bought a lot for testing and tried it out and made Brown Koshi Filter, but I could use it because I could not ...


When purchasing Motorcycle, only two of Loading Hook's four places had this ACTIVELoading Hook attached.Although I thought it was halfway, when I looked at the price again, it got high in plain, I...


In normal times I love Tank Bag.butTake off cold weather in the early morning when you leave during the dayWhen purchasing souvenirs at the destination etc etc.If you bring Net and ropeWe can cope wit...


Loading nature is not high although I think whether Ninja400r is a Motorcycle with many Tourer components.By equipping with this Hook to the little of load credit part, the convenience at the time of ...


It attached to ninja1000.
It becomes very much easy to carry out fixation of the load to a backseat now.
A Design is also good and a price is also cheap....


It becomes easy to stretch a Net and became very convenient for fixation of a load.
The Touring is pleasant to fix a big load to the Rear seat.


Although a Net could not be used but it worried about little shopping etc. until now which was attached to NINJA 400R, they are perfection and trouble dissolution now.


It saw in the Site, and since it was high evaluation, it purchased.
Since there was no custom which fixes a load in the Net etc., it was intact, but I also regarded texture as it being the Items whic...

ACTIVE Bơm thông gió với ống

In normal use, air can be vented, but it is difficult to tell if the air is vented because air enters through the gap between the tubes.So, insert Valve and Tube and fix them with Tie Wrap to prevent ...

ACTIVE Bơm thông gió với ống

I bought this to bleed air out of my Brake. It is more efficient because it is easier to suck air to bleed air.The work can be completed with the included items, which is very helpful.

ACTIVE Bơm thông gió với ống

I used this for CaliperOH on my ninja250. It was my first Caliper OH, but thanks to this I was able to do it properly.It was surprisingly easy to remove the air. Recommendation.

ACTIVE Bơm thông gió với ống

[How is it used?I use it for daily maintenance around the brake. It is mainly used around the brake of XJR1300C and YZF-R25.Was the one you received as per Image?Just as shown in the Image. The feel a...

ACTIVE Bơm thông gió với ống

You can have individual syringes and Tubes, but Quantity:It is a set, so there is no need for hassle.Also, the Joint that connects the syringe and Hose is also a Quantity:It's very convenient because ...

ACTIVE Bơm thông gió với ống

I bought this for bleeding air when replacing the brake hose on my GSX-R125. I can bleed the air without it, but it makes the work faster.If you are working alone, you may find it easier to use a long...

ACTIVE Bơm thông gió với ống

If you're using it to bleed air from a motorcycle, I think it's too large. 30cc might be fine.I also replace the fluid in my car, so I decided to use 100cc.The included Oil Resistant Hose will not com...

ACTIVE Adapter cho ống bơm khí thông hơi

This is necessary to prevent the hose from falling out, as the syringe is not designed to prevent the hose from falling out.If it is called "Air Vent Kit", it should be included as standard.Syringe at...

ACTIVE Bơm thông gió với ống

It's Syringe and Hose as you can see.It is very useful when you put Brake fluid.If you want to change the fluid, you don't have to use this kind of items because the air doesn't bite in the first plac...

ACTIVE Bơm thông gió với ống

The price is too good to be true when you consider that it makes air venting a hassle.I don't think it's a bad idea to buy it.





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