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PLOT cung cấp nhiều bộ phận bảo trì tiêu hao từ dây chuyền và pin với hóa chất. Họ cung cấp trên toàn thế giới sản phẩm chất lượng, hiệu quả và an toàn hàng đầu, được lựa chọn từ Nhật Bản và nước ngoài

PLOT Bộ phận bảo vệ cốt lõi của bộ tản nhiệt

Quality is fine.Although there are many Chinese copies available in the market, it is good for your mental health because it is made by a reliable manufacturer.Installation is easy, as all you have to...

PLOT Bàn phím phụ

I use this product at home in Garage and I like it because it prevents Rust from sticking to Concrete on rainy days.

PLOT Bìa Tiêm

It feels like the empty space on the left injector cover is filled. The quality is very good and easy to install.
so it looks perfect


I decided it was time to replace the Radiator cap on my CB400SB. I like it because it is Reasonable and cooler than OEM.

PLOT Nắp xích

Received the ordered Plot chain guard and was really impressed with the quality of the product. I look forward to installing it on my bike a 2014 Honda CB1100 deluxe in the near future. I will gladly ...

PLOT Bàn phím phụ

I've been looking for a large stone to put under the side stand when I park on uneven terrain when I'm touring.It became a hassle and I bought this one.I used to use an unnamed manufacturer's product ...


I've been thinking that the RadiatorCap on the CBR1000RR-R is fishy.I was thinking and bought this product. I was waiting for the Recall to be delivered because I didn't want the Engine to burn up on ...

PLOT Trọn bộ két nhớt làm mát cong PLOT cho KAWASA...

the oil cooler arrived very soon. the product was perfect according to my expectations. despite the instructions in japan it was easy to assemble. truly a high quality product. thanks Webike

PLOT Hỗ trợ Caliper

I bought this because I went with brembo.Of course, Exactly is attached, but you need to adjust the Shim to get Center.

PLOT Hỗ trợ Caliper

This is a must have part for brembo installation.I was not sure if it was Radial Mount or Axial Mount, but Axial is enough because it is OverQuality.To install, just mount it on the Front fork and ass...

PLOT Phễu silicon

Effective for Oil replacement, etc.Flexible design allows for easy oil filling without spilling.It is also heat resistant, so it can be used safely around Engine. It is very easy to use.

PLOT Bộ lọc dầu lọc

Does not fit OEMOil Filter for RnineT (OEM Product No. 11427673541).The shape is different to begin with.I would like to see a proper description of compatible car models.Garbage no longer

PLOT Dây phun

It helps with Throttle and Clutch Wire lubrication.If you don't have one, you can just lubricate it steadily, but if you have to do several, it will take an endless amount of time.If you have one of t...

PLOT Hướng dẫn khoan tay cầm

If the Drill length is too short, the hole cannot be drilled.

PLOT Bộ điều chỉnh mức dầu

Ninja 250 Used on a 2014 Front fork oil change. Easy to use and works well. I recommend it.

PLOT Bộ điều chỉnh mức dầu

It is used with Ninja 250 Front forkOH, and it is easy to use, and I am glad that I bought it.

PLOT Móc mùa xuân

It's not easy to fit the Large.It's not used very often, and it seems a bit of a waste.Without it, you will have a hard time to spring with.

PLOT Cờ lê lọc 3zipperoil

In a small Space, you can use Filter. It did not. If you can hold it firmly with your hand, it will turn. I'm a little disappointed with my purchase.

PLOT Phễu silicon

It is ideal for use when changing radiator fluid, as it can be inserted into the radiator body without the risk of it overflowing and spilling, allowing you to refill the radiator fluid efficiently. O...

PLOT Caliper Piston Reverse Tool

When pushing Piston back, I used to insert the Driver between the Pads and expand it, but I did not want to scratch the Pads, so I bought a special tool to open this Piston. So I bought a special tool...

PLOT Khung bắt camera Dorareko

Purchased and installed on Mistuba Sankowa EDR-21 for Rear.I looked around and chose this product.Install RearCamera with License PlateIt looks neat and clean.License Plate location soThe rear of the ...

PLOT Chân đế tích hợp ETC

I use it to install Antennas integrated ETC.Since it is a universal bracket, it can be installed on various types of vehicles.I appreciate that the angle can be adjusted so I can set it where I want i...

PLOT Ăng ten ETC

I was struggling with the location of the Antennas on the ETC and the shape of the Bracket, the Cowl and Left SideSwitch controls, and the strength, all solved! I think it is reliable OK.

PLOT Giá đỡ máy ảnh Drorekos

I bought this for my REBEL 250 SEdition to attach the FrontCamera drrorecorder to it.of the same product before purchasing this one. "Φ40-Φ45" I bought the Size, but the Size was just a little short, ...

PLOT Giá đỡ máy ảnh Drorekos

I bought this product because it is compatible with the REBEL 250, but it was not long enough for the SEdition with Fork Boots.I thought it might be a little loose, but it feels fine for use on regula...

PLOT Khung bắt camera Dorareko

I've installed it to fix the RearCamera on my Mistuba Sankova front/rear drrorecorder!I can install it without any problems, so I recommend it to anyone who's going to install a Dramalec!

PLOT Chân đế tích hợp ETC

This is the best ETC Bracket to install Antennas integrated ETC. It is a universal bracket, so it can be installed on various cars.

PLOT Khung bắt camera Dorareko

I used it to mount the RearCamera on my EDR-21G.This in itself is easy to install.The hole didn't fit, so I bent the Bracket's Camera mounting part and installed it.

PLOT Khung bắt camera Dorareko

I tried to make my own with EmonBracket, but if you have such a good bracket, there's no reason not to use it. I was able to mount the RearCamera on it. It was easy to adjust the angle of view.

PLOT Khung bắt camera Dorareko

[How is it used?I used this product to fix the RearCamera in order to attach the DriveRecorder to the Motorcycle.Installed model is YZF-R15 (MODEL in 2012) This is a MinorMotorcycle, but the license p...

PLOT Nút bịt tai chống ồn

Because the ear holes are small (S or SS earpieces are used), it is not easy to get into the ear and it seems to come off soon. It's addictive.I used the Helmet to reduce the wind noise and the exhaus...

PLOT Nút bịt tai chống ồn

Tried, a very practical object. Things are very delicate, with a small package is also very convenient and practical, very good, very like.

PLOT Nút bịt tai chống ồn

Indeed exhaust sound and Wind Cutting sound has been reduced. But it's not a big effect. Moreover, if you think carefully, it is better to change the exhaust noise to a quiet type. It is proof tha...

PLOT Nút bịt tai chống ồn

Sena's StandardSpeaker sounds satisfactorySiren of ambulance is same as aboveWind Cutting sound honestly unknownReduction at high speed is ant. Peak power is worried about my ears There is a feeli...

PLOT Nút bịt tai chống ồn

Product that seems to be able to reduce Wind Cutting sound and Engine sound only.Ambulance Siren and sena Speaker voice etc in the attached state etc etc. I heard it without problems, I heard that the...

PLOT Giá đỡ tiện ích

The actually used comment are 1. A helmet will also become an interiors if it puts on the room! Two Breathability is good after rainy weather use! 3 places are not chosen! It purchased in order to use...





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