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KN Planning

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KN PLANNING cung cấp cho người dùng 1 loạt các sản phẩm rất đa dạng từ các loại phụ tùng zin cho xe 2 thì, các bộ hiệu chỉnh động cơ, nâng cc đến các sản phẩm phụ trợ bằng nhôm cao cấp phục vụ tùy chỉnh xe máy.

KN Planning Air Element

[How is it used?・ I used it for the first exchange.How was your experience with it?・ Response might have improved.How did it compare to other products?・ Low cost, but looks the same, so you can exchan...

KN Planning Má phanh

The feel of the product is the same as the OEM.

KN Planning Dè sau KN Planning

It required some modification of the mounting area and a bit of brute force, but I was able to get the Michelin Power pure [120/70-12] I was not able to get any interference with the Tire on the With ...

KN Planning Lọc Crankcase

I don't know if the Filter is more effective than the OEM, but it seems to do a good job. It has a large hole and a small hole, but I think the small hole will prevent it from gapping and the filter c...

KN Planning Chuỗi chấu cách điện 60mm

I bought this to install on my TM-MJN24.It is possible to use it if the hole is expanded a little by Drill because the position is not slightly matched.This is the second one I've bought, and it crack...

KN Planning Tấm đệm Crankcase

[How is it used?PCX125 (JF28) It is used forHow was your experience with it?I don't know about the effect of these parts.Since it's a PeLePera, it's very difficult to install unless you fix it with Ta...

KN Planning Air Element

This type of Element cannot be washed and reused due to its structure.I don't mind because it's cheap at all.[How is it used?I'm using it on my PCX125, it's a 2012 model with about 18,000km on the odo...

KN Planning Bánh xe mùa xuân BWS125 [Đỏ]

I installed it because sometimes the seat lock was not done.If you don't close it tightly, Seat opens easily, so it helped me not to forget to lock it.You can install it just by removing the Nutx2 fro...

KN Planning STAGE6 Gương mặt sau

I have no complaints about the shape and Design.The Bolt for Touch is also included, and it can be installed on most of the large cars.However, because the ATouchBolt has Black Painting, if you use no...

KN Planning Khay thải

The Size doesn't match, and the reply to the inquiry email is slow and troublesome.I still think you should buy OEM Parts! I think.

KN Planning Universal Hook

I think it's good. Personally, I'm happy with itThe pattern is Fashion and Parenthesis goodIt's just that my motorcycle didn't have the ability to Bolt-in to the ChassisI removed the Emblem from the R...

KN Planning Bu lông Búp bê đồ chơi STAGE6 Plug

I bought this as a present for a friend who is a motorcycle riderIt's just a doll, to be honest, lolBut since there aren't too many motorcycle-related aspects of WhiteGoods like this one It's a valuab...

KN Planning Chủ di động

I installed it as soon as I received it, it doesn't come with an Instruction Manual! I was able to install the Full Exhaust System by DIY If you are able to install the Exhaust System, it takes about ...

KN Planning 2WAY Loại ĐTDĐ [Với USB Power]

Sumaho etc. I think that it is the biggest current of Cigar socket and charging cord, and since charging Speed ??was slow so far, I purchased a Smartphone Holder with a USB insertion hole.good point? ...

KN Planning Universal Hook

In the scooter I also want this Combination Nifrek.It is convenient to hang in the near field when it comes out in half hell.after "Sled" It is also deep, it is better to be unlikely to come...

KN Planning Bộ tựa lưng sau KN Planning

Fixing was ez as A B C,all equipted could b used as a back rest and also a rear luggage box bracket.Multi-purpose and very rigged!

KN Planning Universal Hook

the place on which a pure Hook of the Convenience hooks of a KITACO hangs the load is straight -- having curved back -- -- if a light thing is hung, it is flying -- since he was uncertain, it exchang...

KN Planning Universal Hook

Although it is wide use, it was not made to JOG90 with Pons, but the cover was removed, it became wearing which makes a hole with a drill, and there was trouble a little. The attached bolt had weak re...

KN Planning Universal Hook

He bought it after all! If there is this [ no ], it is in 125 classes with small helmet in. Shopping is hot! It is convenience truly! They are goods kinder than anything!

KN Planning Bộ cờ lê Torx

This Torque is available in a variety of sizes.You can turn even the tightest places that cannot be turned.It also supports Torque with the middle of the Bolt sticking out.The Band at the base of the ...

KN Planning Cáp Injector 【Bộ phận phun dây】 Gấp đô...

I used it on a Clutch Wire that had become reluctant. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea. It's a must have for me because I'm a bit of a pain in the ass. It is a must have ...

KN Planning Dây cao su tổng hợp

It is convenient to use for a wide range of sizes for the Hose of WaterLine and Fuel line. It can be tightened firmly and can be used without worrying about liquid leakage. It is easy to tighten and l...

KN Planning Công cụ thông gió Caliper

This air bleeding tool is essential for the maintenance of hydraulic brakes and hydraulic clutches. It is easy to use with Oil Resistant Hose.

KN Planning Bể chứa xăng [1000cc]

Purchased in conjunction to get in tune.It was easy to use, but it makes me sweat right out of the hose area.I'm not sure if the Hose is properly Gasoline resistant.It's not a problem, though, because...

KN Planning Cáp Injector 【Bộ phận phun dây】 Gấp đô...

If it's 650 yen, it's convenient to have one if you buy it while you're there and get free shipping.The Clutch Wire was cleaned with Parts cleaner, lubricated with CRC556, and finished with for CableG...

KN Planning Lái xe sốc

It's very sturdy and strong because it's only a shock driver. The powerful torque can loosen even the hardest and most stubborn Screw. [Contents] I'm also happy with it.

KN Planning Cáp khởi đầu

I was relieved to install and use it as a KN project product, butThe engine stops suddenly while the car is running.When the power went out, I checked it out.The connection between the Cable and round...

KN Planning Cáp Injector 【Bộ phận phun dây】 Gấp đô...

There are two types of Axel warmer, one to pull and one to put back, and by all accounts there's no gap to point the Nozzle through, so I think this is now a necessity, whether it's WAKOS, CRC, or wha...

KN Planning Lốp bút [Màu vàng] [KEITI]

It's easy to apply to Tire's Rubber and the color doesn't fade easily and lasts for a long time.

KN Planning Phấn hoa / Khí thải / Mặt nạ chống lạn...

I was hoping to get a Masque to combat hay fever, but the other Masques were too expensive, so I bought one I saw itI thought it was cheap, so I bought it, but...it was beyond my imaginationI can't do...

KN Planning Lốp bút [Màu vàng] [KEITI]

Color : Yellow is Color : Although it is Yellow, when I try to paint it on Black Tire the color is thin and it feels like Lemon yellow. Originally the pigment was thin, I shaken it well and painted th...

KN Planning Lốp bút [Màu vàng] [KEITI]

The color is an ordinary yellow color, but if it is a darker shade a little more, it was a star 5. Although it is regrettable that it can not be conveyed by photographs, the adhesion of the paint to t...

KN Planning Người giữ mũ bảo hiểm

I decided to add a Helmet holder to the Axel Holder because it became difficult to use the standard Helmet holder after adding the Side bag support to the SEROW.I was thinking about KIJIMA's product, ...

KN Planning Người giữ mũ bảo hiểm

I put it on my daughter's Grom I want a Holder too! I kept saying that I needed it! I bought it because the price was reasonable I had it installed at the storeIt made it easier for me to take it with...

KN Planning Người giữ mũ bảo hiểm

I would not recommend to purchase this product due to following.
there isnt any Bracket given to fix on
the Product itself wasnt given instruction ...





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