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KIJIMA là một thương hiệu lớn đại điện cho sản phẩm Nhật Bản. Với những công nghệ hiện đại, quy trình sản xuất chuyên nghiệp họ không chỉ mang đến cho người dùng những sản phẩm bằng cao su mà còn cả các dòng sản phẩm kim loại, epoxy resin và nhựa đúc nguyên khối các loại.

KIJIMA Chân đế bên WPlate & EX

I used a grinder to grind the stainless plate.

KIJIMA Bộ đèn chớp LED Cowl

I bought this to replace my Blinker after it shattered due to standing water.It looks cool and is pretty easy to install, so I think anyone can do it.However, the OEM Blinker relay will not blink unle...


Since the Condor of HURRICANE was out of stock, I came to buy the HURRICANE of KIJIMA.It is Condor.Not too tight position, good aperture angle. Moderate forward tilt.I have used it on successive gener...

KIJIMA Nắp đèn pha

I am very pleased with the quality of the Headlight and would recommend it.

KIJIMA Bác sĩ Grip

It's softer than HONDA OEM, so at first it's a bit I'm getting all squishy. It is very good once you get used to it, it reduces the vibration of the short cylinder a little, and I prefer a little thic...

KIJIMA Throttle Assist

I bought it just to see what it was like since I've been doing more and more touring on the highway.The price was cheap, so I thought if it didn't work, so be it, but my hands don't get tired like I t...

KIJIMA Pillion Grip

The installation was super easy and smooth, but the instructions were WhiteBlack and hard to understand.

KIJIMA Ống tiết lưu S

When I tried to remove the grip from the throttle pipe of my Katana, I found the ribs on both ends of the pipe and wondered if I should cut them off. I thought I could install it because it was not su...


I asked the shop to install it for me.It was just a one-year inspection, so I did.It's working without any problems.

KIJIMA Khóa xích Hell Lock Hỗ trợ Alpha

I can now use the Helmet holder, which I couldn't use as it is, so I don't have to worry about where to put it when I take a break at the touring destination.I'm very happy with the quality of this pr...

KIJIMA Tay lái gắn khung

[How is it used?I use Motorcycle for Touring Mainly.Was the one you received as per Image?I received a product that is much more solid than Image.It is indeed a product of KIJIMA.The tactile feel of t...

KIJIMA Hỗ trợ túi

I've got a Ninja 650 with a small load capacity and a seat bag that I can use.The load is not enough for overnight touring.I have a Side bag, but it's not stable with today's Full Cowl because the Tai...

The ETC Body can be mounted to the body of the vehicle in a simple and unobtrusive way, allowing for good parenthesis setting. The ETCBody can be fixed firmly and securely to the Harley without compro...

KIJIMA Giá đỡ máy ảnh

I bought this product because it is made by Mistuba and KIJIMA, but it does not fit the DAYTONA M760D. It is easy to install. It's not compatible with DAYTONA. The camera is not attached to the body w...

KIJIMA Ống kính Chiếu sáng Lỏng

Installation is easy if you can remove the Cowl. [Color] Smoke is not that dark, so it's hard to tell from the picture. (Body Right SideOEM, Left Side[Color] Smoke) It is Recommendation because it loo...

KIJIMA Đèn khẩn cấp LED

It turns on by itself and drains the battery, so you need to be careful about purchasing it.You have contacted KIJIMA, Manufacturer from Webike.Although it was a polite answer from Manufacturer, he sa...

KIJIMA Chì chìa khoá kiểu CNC

I lost one of the keys of CYGNUS and when I made Spare key, I wanted to make it stylish.PurchasedCYGNUS has MagnetShutter, though, so Magnet is attached separately.I bought the Blank key on Yahoo! (CY...

KIJIMA Chì chìa khoá kiểu CNC

I used a spare key and I had to modify it, but I made a custom key. I'm worried about the color fading because of the Anodized Finishing, but it's my favorite item.

KIJIMA Van một chiều Loại phanh đĩa

Stable throttle response with sufficient air intake 。 I used this product as a regulating valve for intake air pressure 。 It is in front of Air cleaner.

KIJIMA Băng Hose 11mm

I used it on a Fuel Hose with an inner diameter of 6mm× outer diameter of 11mm, but the leak did not stop.

KIJIMA Móc tháo lò xo

This tool is an absolute necessity for removing and installing the spring of the pipe of the Full Exhaust System. The grip is easy to grip and you can put a lot of pressure on it and you can pull the ...

KIJIMA Bộ lọc dầu O-ring

[How is it used?I bought this as an O-ring where the center axis of the Element meets the round, flat opening lid when replacing the Oil Element on my gpz900r.The O-ring always retains a nice round sh...

KIJIMA Bộ lọc dầu O-ring

[How is it used?At the time of Oil Element replacement in gpz900r, it is arranged to O-ringfor Replacement of the opening part.In my experience with the Z series, if you drive on the street, have few ...

KIJIMA Bình chứa nhiên liệu an toàn

[How is it used?Since I don't ride often, the battery often goes up, the carburetor malfunctions, and the experience of not being able to run, I stored the Gasoline so that I could take it in and out ...

KIJIMA Bộ van hút

The price was also very reasonable.I think it's not too bad to use.

KIJIMA Công cụ Xoá Xoá

It is convenient to have it when removing and installing the Springetc. of Silencer of Chamber.

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

The diameter of the TrellisFrame of ducatisport1000 was about Φ27 with a ruler measurement, so I bought this product with a slightly larger fineness.It fits under the Seat and the Tank, and I was able...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

The installation is easy for anyone to do.As for the feeling of use, Quantity:Some items are difficult to set.I recommend you to buy Helmet Lock Assist with this product.

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

The helmet lock on the official Honda CustomParts catalog is a DAYTONA product.I chose this one which is a little cheaper and the Design is almost the same.I was a little concerned about this, but sin...

KIJIMA Trợ giúp Khóa Helmet

It's handy to have when installing on your KIJIMA Helmet lock!

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

It's good as a helmet holder, more natural looking than the Handlebar Type.

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

The Z250 is equipped with a Helmet lock, but the Tandem seat is removed and hooked.It is not very functional to remove the Tandem seat and use the Helmet lock because the Z250 has almost no load capac...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

Installation is easy.It's great that it's designed to open so that the Helmet doesn't fall out when the lock is opened.

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

A helmet lock on the Handlebar came in handy.

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

I have no complaints about the quality of this product because it is made by KIJIMA and I think this is a great product for XL1200C SPORTSTER 1200 because the place to put Helmet lock is limited.Becau...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo vệ bên trái

Why didn't it come with it in the first place?Parts that are so convenient to have that you thinkStandard one-keyed

The construction is solid.Size is Size:It's free, so it'sIt's a little too big for me When I move my elbow, it shifts up and down a bitThe inside is made of mesh, which makes it feel coolerThe protect...

The Pad is soft and the mesh fabric does not steam It's very comfortable to wear But if you wear them underneath the Exactly Pants, when you sit or stand, the Gap comes

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

슈퍼커브 C125에 달기위해 툴백을 주문했읍니다.
우선 가죽두께며 질감이 좋았구, 가격은 비싼듯 하지만
값어치는 충분하다 생각됩니다....

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

It is installed on the JA45CROSS CUB, but it has been designed for Quantity:Pair (for Left and Right) I wish I had it inIt's solidly made and turned out a nice color when I applied Wax

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

I purchased one piece Kijima leather tool bag. Very nice and good quality product. Made of genuin leather.
My 0.5 liter reserve cannister is fit.
Thank you very much Webike staff.

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

Very nice finishing . Suitable for mini bike like kawasaki ksr110 or honda monkey .my mini cafe racer project finally done , thanks for the great product , I like it so much . Keep it up KIJIMA.

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

If the Stay currently sold at a Home center something is used well, it will become a Side bag [ Just size / a MONKEY ]! If the Chain lock something is put into the Side bag, it will come on the loadin...

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

Texture is quite high at the product made from leather thick [ firm ].Although the price is carried out so so, it is the quality corresponding to it.An easy tool and Chain lock enter in respect of sto...

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

It considers, and although reliance is small, its Parenthesis is the best including it!

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