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Hệ thống phụ kiện từ Kawasaki cung cấp các sản phẩm như các loại phụ tùng tùy chỉnh hoặc các sản phẩm tinh thần đi liền với các dòng xe Kawasaki, mang đến sự hài lòng cho những người sử dụng xe Kawasaki.

KAWASAKI Ấm giữ nhiệt bằng thép không gỉ

Inadvertently, the drink holder next to the day pack to the Asphalt at about 1 meter I let it fall Then I noticed something At the bottom, there is a different bottom cover from the body, and the back...

KAWASAKI Cốc uống nước, cafe Ninja KAWASAKI

The OEM Titanium mug that I bought on impulseLooking at the KAWASAKI WEBCatalogue, in addition to the OEM magsI discovered that the OEM Titanium mags are availableI'm thinking of using it for campingI...

KAWASAKI Móc chìa khóa

It's synthetic leather, so it started to deteriorate after about a month of useThe price was cheap, so I'm happy with it, but I think it's not very durable

KAWASAKI Móc chìa khóa I love

It's on my car keys!The rubber material makes it hard to scratch the body, so you can use it with confidence!I'm going to buy something else

KAWASAKI Ca uống nước

I was browsing through Kawasaki's Catalogue and found the Mug cupOrdered a quick order from WebikeSame design as the OEMOIL cans, but with some minor detailsI like the description of Ow-100 and the 0....


These are ordinary chopsticks"KAWASAKI" is printed on it, so I think it's good for Kawasaki loversThe part with abalone shells is of the same quality as those sold in local shops and souvenir shops

KAWASAKI Móc chìa khóa

Shipping and delivery was quick and pleasantI think I'm going to cut the Exactly.Large as a car key holderThank you very much

KAWASAKI Móc chìa khóa

Material:Plastic and Material:I was confused with Aluminum, but lightness is justiceI used itAs a key holder, it has no gold metal parts, so you can use it on the body of the car without worrying abou...

KAWASAKI Đai ốc móc FN-1

I installed it on my ZrX400, just remove the Nut and replace it The original Washer was rusty, so I went to Home center to get a Stainless Steel The hooks and cords don't interfere with the body of th...

KAWASAKI Móc chìa khóa

I wasn't particularly interested in the key holder, but the Kawasaki with logo was the best choice I bought this one because I wanted it It's been 4-5 years since I bought it and it has deteriorated, ...


Remove the normal seat and put the pad on it and replace it with the high seatI've been driving an off-road car for a long time and I felt my legs were cramped in the Normal seat, and I bought it beca...

KAWASAKI Pad dán bình xăng KAWASAKI cho KAWASAKI V...

The seat shape is not the shape to cover the tank, so it is attached to prevent scratches (High) (In the case of the seat, the tip of the seat is shaped like a little tank Easy to install, just stick ...

KAWASAKI Bộ yên trước cao

First of all, the good thing about OEM is that it's easy to come from the low Seat height and the hellip; but The seat is so low that my legs felt cramped and my knees were tightWe're 171cm pig-legged...

KAWASAKI Bình dầu ly hợp

I bought it with the Oil Tank to improve the texture of the Handlebar area of ZZr1400 It is a little bit difficult to handle Because it is not with a pon, it took some time to handle the bracket and t...

KAWASAKI Bình dầu ly hợp

Due to oil tank deterioration, I bought it to improve the texture of the oil tank if I were to buy it new. It's a 2006 model The texture around the Handlebar of ZZr1400 has been improved If you want t...

KAWASAKI Baga ràng đồ sau

Thank you so much, i received the product in good condition despite it tooks 2 months to arrived but i know due to effect of COVID-19. Anyway I'm happy for the result when i installed the Carrier. It...


I'm 176cm tall, and the Normal seat has a good footing, but the seat surface is thin and hurts my butt It's easy to be Also. the handlebar is high and wide and I was thinking of replacing it with a hi...

KAWASAKI Ốp vỏ trục khuỷu

Material:It's plastic and double-sided tape, and when you touch it, it feels fluffy It isIt's expensiveI put it on in the OP when the car was new, but the reason was that the clerk recommended I put i...

KAWASAKI Bộ nhãn dán WEB

Taped to the Helmet of Jonathan RayIn fact, www.jonathan-rea.comですが雰囲気は出ますThe texture is good because it is a letter-less transfer type

KAWASAKI Nhãn dán Ninja

It is very easy to apply, and the Graphic is a satisfactory product in Parenthesis well It is a feeling of OEM as expectedThe price is not too high and I can recommend it


版型特别帅,极少有的汉字图样,简直帅的没朋友,都不舍得分享给诸位玩主了,我身高183CM,90KG,穿起来没有问题,这款是通用号,塑身效果好,要是身材好的哥们儿,更显帅气,170多的朋友穿起来也没问题,打折我再来一件!最赞的是它的速干效果,没的说,出大汗也不会湿透,都蒸发了。如果有6星 我也给。
The version is particularly handsome, with very ...

KAWASAKI Mũ lưỡi trai dạng lưới KAWASAKI X

I bought it because I wanted a Cap because I was worried about my hair getting squashed when I wore a HelmetVarious manufacturers are selling Cap in dark colors and designs There are many, but this Ca...

KAWASAKI Áo khoác bảo hộ dạng lưới KAWASAKIxRS Tai...

All good. Good product. Ordered correct japanese sizing. Many shipping options. Probably shop again from webike. Use of paypal credit would be nice.

KAWASAKI Áo thun tay dài

Flineg K is hardly ever used anymore, even by the Manufacturer himself That's about right But it's good! I think it's full of love for Kawasaki Size I think it's a bit tight to say FreeI asked Yanagaw...

I'm 176cm long, 70kg and of medium build, and I chose LLSizeA little loose for a thinner inner, but just right for a winter inner SizeWhen used with Henry beguine's InnerWear, you won't feel cold even...

KAWASAKI Áo lót trong giáp bảo hộ co giãn, giữ ấm

It's been quite a while since I wore it, but it's pretty good! It may be a little bit expensive, but if you like Kawasaki, the Logo is a small price is RecommendationIt's not as warm as some of the mo...

KAWASAKI Áo khoác đi phượt

[Was there anything that disappointed you?Material feel is cheaper than I expected (On the Net it's only listed as Wool on the surface, but it's actually Wool50%Acrylic50 (%)I think it's on the modest...

KAWASAKI Áo thun cho biker (GREEN MONSTER)

Kawasaki motorcycle owners can't get enough of this design Parenthesis is good and it is good to hang it up! I'm not sure why it felt a little tight, but it would be nice if you could LSize it

KAWASAKI Áo khoác thông gió cổ điển KAWASAKI

I'm 173cm tall, 76kg and 100cm around the chest and bought Size L SizeIn the images and product description, the color is natural (White), but if you look at the actual product, you will see that it i...

KAWASAKI Mũ lưỡi trai lưới

The texture is good, very light and Fit feel good The logo mark printing is a bit choppy It seemed like a good deal, but affordable, cheap! I'm satisfied

KAWASAKI Móc mũ bảo hiểm

although a fairly good price carries out -- honesty -- delicate - -- it is hard to use it anyhow.
It becomes so inevitably regarding the place.
Although the > Style does not need to break down, the ...

KAWASAKI Móc mũ bảo hiểm

although the product attached to the place of a Cowl is often seen -- this -- Kawasaki -- it is pure and attaches to the place of a Tandem step.
There is no fear of damaging a Cowl and it is easy-to-...

KAWASAKI Móc mũ bảo hiểm

It does not become precocious, although Ninja250R was attached simultaneously with purchase and it is honestly user-friendly. A helmet lock is opened and a helmet is hung, and a key must be put also i...


I bought it together according to what I needed but already attached.If it is supposed to be attached to Option in Motorcycle, there seems to be something already attached so let's check it.

KAWASAKI Bộ quần áo sửa xe 14

It shrinks considerably when washing it.If you do not buy One size Large eyes, you will not be able to wear it immediately - - -I made hemming an ordinary length, it became quite ugly. (Tears)Sewing w...

KAWASAKI Bộ đồ sửa xe II

Although it was impression of actually wearing the product after it arrived, it was a fairly slim body making. He is 169 cm tall and 52 kg in weight and is a body type of slim body, but it was exactly...

KAWASAKI Bộ đồ sửa xe II

He thinks that a Maintenance and gardening can also be used and it purchases.Although M could be sufficient as the Size, L could be sufficient or the difference came out by the Manufacturer etc. from ...

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