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HURRICANE cung cấp một loạt các bộ phận, phụ tùng cần thiết để chế tạo nên một chiếc xe máy hoàn chỉnh. Sản phẩm nổi tiếng nhất của họ là các loại ghi-đông với đủ các thiết kế chủng loại khác nhau. Đây chính là lựa chọn tốt nhất cho chiếc xe của bạn.

HURRICANE Gù nâng cố định ghi đông Hexagon

Although the change in position is only slightly more than NORMAL, the effect is immensely LARGE.In my case, the Normal position did not feel comfortable, and after driving for more than one hour, my ...

HURRICANE Kính chắn gió

Hard to tell from the product image.But is it surprisingly angular?Hmmm...maybe too subtle.We will see how it goes for a while.

HURRICANE Chắn bùn kiêm pát biển số HURRICANE

Blinker cannot be fixed.Normal fender not to move up and down.Mounting holes for fixation are Small size?This product isThe car is not designed to look up or down after driving.Needs to be corrected. ...


Fantastic kit and high quality with it
Firstly huge thanks to VFRgiving from VFRworld for flagging up this kit ( check out his posts on the forum as they include a pictorial walk through also Yo...

HURRICANE Dây ga W ngắn

Hurricane Announcement Type 2 handle has been replaced.
When replacing the product, the clutch cable stretches out in an ugly way.
Because of the nature of the naked, the cable is so loose that I do...

HURRICANE Bản đồng hồ tốc độ cơ

This is use for my NSR80, since the meter is only show 0-80km, but the maximum speed can go to 120km, so this is one is necessary to use.
I bought it and found this is perfect and good condition w...

HURRICANE Vòng chêm phụ kiện tay lái

This product is a trusted HURRICANEBrand and the construction is solid, and there was no sign of cracking even when tightened tightly with Bolt!

HURRICANE Vòng chêm nâng ghi đông T10

I wanted to make the handlebar a little higher, and after much consideration, I found one that could be attached to the STD Handlebar Post and installed it.I have not done a long distance test drive b...

HURRICANE Tay dắt sau

After much hesitation, we chose HURRICANE's Pillion Bar because of its low price. As a result, we were able to install the bar without any problems, and we are satisfied with the improved style that c...


I placed an order last August and finally received it at the end of March this year.There are many different shapes of Pillion Bar available from several companies, but I liked HURRICANE's bar at firs...

HURRICANE Gù nâng ghi đông

When I tried to make a hole without using Hole Guide before, I couldn't make a hole well, but I can make a hole well by using this Hole Guard.

HURRICANE Dây nối dẫn dầu phanh

Introduced because OEMHose is not long enough for the Clutch master change.It is a grateful product that lowers the threshold of MASTER exchange at once.Eventually, I'm planning to redo MASTER to Rele...

HURRICANE Gù nâng ghi đông

It's good for when you want to get the Handlebar out a bit earlier.I thought it was strong and solidly built.So far it has worked fine.

HURRICANE Gù nâng ghi đông

It is used for the installation of the company's Separate handleIt is easy to useMeritDrilling is easy to doDemeritLow cost of 3,000 yen for a single use

HURRICANE Bộ bu lông không gỉ M8

390 DUKE Bolt class Total replacement Custom.Front fork's Clamp Total 8 places have been replaced.By example OEM Bolt was rusted so replace it here and the gloss increased.

HURRICANE Gù nâng ghi đông

In the case of the Handlebar of an external article, there is no hole open since a Switch box etc. are fixed (unless it is some exclusive elegance very much) for baffles to a pure thing.
Although som...

HURRICANE Dụng cụ bảo dưỡng dây cáp

which will be indispensable goods if a Wire grease is used -- ? having been thought if it did not enter since the loading slot of a Nozzle was very narrow when he thought that he will use this, but.


I bought this one for mounting Smartphone Holder.It was possible to install the handlebar not by attaching it to the handlebar, but by attaching it to the Mirror Fixing Section of the Cowl Bracket.It ...

HURRICANE Bộ bu lông M6

The material is Stainless Steel and the finish is beautiful, so the quality of the appearance is good.It is also resistant to Rust and will last for a long time.It can only be removed and attached wit...


It's pricey, but the grooves in the included Bolt are too shallow to bite and hold it securely in place.

HURRICANE Bộ bu lông M6

Stainless Steel material is used to ensure the quality of the appearance and the durability of the product. It can be removed and reattached only with a special wrench to prevent theft, so you can res...


The SV650X has a separate handle, so I wasn't sure how to install the phone mount, and that's how I arrived at this product.


It's very helpful because there is no clutter around the Handlebar.I usually attach the Mount Bracket to my phone.The strength seems to be there as well.


Since the USB power supply is integrated with the Clamp Bar, you can avoid messing around Handlebar. There is no problem at all as long as attaching smartphone strength. However, if you fix the Camera...

HURRICANE Đế giữ thiết bị điện tử ETC

Mistuba's MSC-BE 700 E (ETC2) We used Antennas and Indicator to attach to the Left Side of Handlebar.Usability was very good with the Large size just feeling good.But the price is expensive.


The circle diameter of Pipe part is the same as Handlebar diameter.If it is a thing that can be attached to Handlebar, you can install Large,.It seems that the paint is strong, I applied the tool at t...

HURRICANE Thanh móc ràng đồ sau dễ dàng

Use the Touring net when fixing the touring bag etc to RearSeat with REBEL 250. Hook was hooked on the edge of Rear Fender and used it. Returning from Touring and trying to remove Hook, REBEL was surp...

HURRICANE Khóa móc mũ bảo hiểm

내가 원하던 helmet lock 입니다.와이어와 함께 사용하고 있으며, 아주 편하게 사용중입니다.핸들바 사이즈만 맞다며 바이크 종류 상관없이 사용 가능해 보입니다.helmet lock 을 찾으신다면 이 제품을 추천드립니다.
I wanted ...

HURRICANE Khóa móc mũ bảo hiểm

I use this type on most of my motorcycles, and HURRICANE and PMC also sell the same type of products.

HURRICANE Khóa móc mũ bảo hiểm

It is easy to install, but it becomes a little loose after a long time even if you use the attached Rubber depending on the place. As a countermeasure, after degreasing the mounting part, I put Double...

HURRICANE Khóa móc mũ bảo hiểm

… but "Ease of use, In the end, given the "Around the Handlebar may be a good idea"KIJIMA Hell Lock Wire and operates as shown in the photoYou can see the reverse side of the body of the product, so w...

HURRICANE Khóa móc mũ bảo hiểm

It was easy to install on the Right Side of the Handlebar So I put it on top of the Handlebar and locked it in place

HURRICANE Khóa móc mũ bảo hiểm

HURRICANE Helmet Lockที่ล็อคหมวกกันน็อคจากค่าย Hurricane สีโครมเมี่ยม สวยงาม คลาสสิกสารพัดประโยชน์ ลงตัวมากๆ
HURRICANE Helmet Lockที่ล็อคหมวกกันน็อคจากค่าย Hurricane สีโครมเมี่ยม สวยงาม คลาสสิกสารพัด...

HURRICANE Khóa móc mũ bảo hiểm

On w800, there is already a helmet lock for 1 rider. So I needed this for my pillion. I had a chinese unbranded one but the hook doesn't spring out and the key can't be removed when unlocked too. This...

HURRICANE Khóa móc mũ bảo hiểm

Made very high quality! Looks great on the handlebars of Honda! You can leave a helmet, a small bag or a bag for a long time! The accessory is more aesthetic and a little practical! Personally, I like...

HURRICANE Khóa móc mũ bảo hiểm

Because Hook's place is Firmly than other itemsI decided on this.Since it is installation in the position where Handlebar is visibleThe shape should be fashionable ♪

HURRICANE Khóa móc mũ bảo hiểm

Seat sideways for when it can not be stored in Helmet inI bought a lock claw and broke it.I installed it at MINICondor Handle of the company.Nut of the Reverse side has been stopped and Phillips Screw...





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