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GOODS là thương hiệu với các dòng sản phẩm đặc trưng cho các loại xe động cơ đơn một xy-lanh và các dòng xe thuộc hãng Harley Davidson. Sản phẩm của Goods được thiết kế và sản xuất theo thông số OEM (hàng zin) sao cho phù hợp nhất với các mẫu xe tùy chỉnh.

GOODS Fairing ốp đầu GOODS

It gives a Cafe feeling and old car feeling.It is also Large in size and has a windproof effect.Because it is a Universal Product, it needs to be installed with ingenuity.Also, some of them get squish...

GOODS Chân đế Chống Chớp Chrome

I bought a similar product before but the texture was not good. I liked this consumption because of the texture.

GOODS Ngang Ngắn

After I installed Reinforcement Spring, I changed to Short Type because the height of the car went down and I couldn't use Normal stand.You can use the existing STAND spring and bolt.good pointWhen st...

GOODS Bộ ghép nối Bộ chớp Nhanh & Chống Sâu

I was looking for a simple switch since the OEM Handlebar was too brash.The wiring needs to be cut a little, but it is easy to install because it has a coupler.good pointThe area around the Handlebar ...

GOODS Giá đỡ dây an toàn

I had installed the OEM Lowdown Seat by transferring the parts from the Normal seat for now.However, the SeatMounting Bracket was a little distorted because the Normal seat had been used for quite a l...

GOODS Push Switch Black

Well made. Shipping is also fast.No glitches.It did not buffer the Handlebar of 1 inch

GOODS Khung biển số GOODS

I recommend it because it is Carbon Style, good looking and light weight.There were no distortions or bends etc. as some of the posts.

GOODS Pô slip-on GOODS cho ROYAL ENFIELD Continent...

A friend I ran with complimented me on the Sound. I like it because it looks good too. When I ordered it, I was told that it would take about two months to deliver, but it took about three weeks, and ...

GOODS Ghế đôi

The OEM seat is included with the seat and you can use the OEM Tandem seat brackets. The screw holes are exactly the same.The quality of the seat itself is as good as OEM. The quality of the seat itse...

GOODS Khung biển số GOODS

There are similar products from various manufacturers, but I bought this one because it was waterproof. I was worried about where to install it, but I chose the position shown in the picture. I like i...

GOODS Cargo Net 12 X 17

As there is no space for ...

GOODS Nhẫn cao su

I like the design of the key holder and the coloring of Orange and Black. the key holder is made of rubber so it won't get scratched when you put it on your motorcycle.

GOODS Số kiểm tra phương tiện OEM

As the Harley was a used Harley, I didn't have an Automobile Inspection Case, so I always put it in the VINyl of my liability insurance. It is perfect for Automobile Inspection Case.

GOODS Đèn LED Tail Light

I installed a Yamaha TDR80 with 12V electrical system.When I applied force to install it, the LED installation board part caved in and spun around in the middle of the Valve, damaging it.The parts are...

GOODS SR-CV Carburetor OEM Replica Manifold Gasket

A very ordinary one, but ordinary anyway Anyway, it's just ordinary You can't go wrong if you buy it for now If you buy it, you won't have any problems

GOODS Đối với CV Bộ chế hòa khí CV

I was a little worried because I had failed once with another external intake manifold with a different shape, but it was cheap! You're early! Normal! I will continue to buy it as long as it is an OEM...

GOODS Hộp số 7 kiểu cũ của HONDA / số 8

I used it on Honda's MAGNA50The Brake lever and Holder on the Right Side are connected to the SPTakegawa Since I changed to Standard Type, I changed the Clutch Side as wellOldHondaStyleLever of GOODS ...

GOODS Đèn LED Tail Light

After six months of use, the body has finished splitting in two from the mounting areaI changed to LED in order to avoid running out of bulbs, but I didn't expect the body to be broken

GOODS Cargo Net 12 X 17

The position of the clasp is Quantity:Pair (for Left and Right) It's not symmetrical, and it's hard to fasten even with CUB's CarrierThe elongation of Rubber is not constant, and there are places wher...

GOODS Đèn LED Tail Light

? Off tail lamp is turned into LED by cutting off well on off-road? Easy to install, light intensity is usually a little darker than the valve (About 20% reduction?) Is it acceptable?.? It is a good c...

GOODS Thay đổi ca làm việc Tập giấy BK - L ROUNDSt...

It prevents dirt and wound from sticking to the shoes by Shift operation, and the operability of SHIFT UP becomes much better. It can be fixed firmly and does not gap. The cowhide leather is strong an...

GOODS Bộ cao su chống rung

Oil cooler Purchase for installation.Because it is currently under Bracket production, it is not actually installedIt seems to be useful for preventing vibration.Exhaust System Because it is for insta...

GOODS tiếng Đức (Tiếng Đức) Mũ bảo hiểm nửa

Covered in exploring Jang, like the stormtroopers in Star Wars The helmet-like & hellip; my subjective impression is that it feels martial, like a German There is not I feel like it's definitely a dif...

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