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ENDURANCE là nhà nhập khẩu chính thức của Honda Thái Lan tại Nhật. Họ cung cấp rất nhiều mặt hàng OEM (hàng zin) được sản xuất và đúc kết qua nhiều cuộc đua thực tế.


The description is very precise. For SC110, you just need to remove the old pedal and replace it by the new one. However, for CC110, there is one more step to do. Since the pedal is wider, you have to...

ENDURANCE Đa phương tiện

The centre frame is well-fitted to CC110, just remove and add few more bolts. The whole settup was done in 20 minutes. The bag in the picture does not come along with the frame. I do not like the shap...

ENDURANCE Pát gắn xi-lanh phanh chính

I bought the Black Bolt because I felt that the attached Bolt was Silver and it didn't fit.

ENDURANCE Bộ chớp mắt Blinker

OEM=Yellow Colored Lens, White Glowing Light Bulb, by this productYou can change to transparent lens or yellow light bulb.How is the visibility in bright places?If you look at the glowing state in a b...

ENDURANCE Handlebar Guard

[How is it used?Weekend Touring (Short distance)Was the one you received as per Image?YesWas the installation difficult?As long as you can remove the Mirror, it's not particularly difficult.How was yo...

ENDURANCE Túi MultiCenterCarrier + CenterCarrier

The back that comes with it is just a bonus. If you are looking to buy a new car, you will need to consider the following

ENDURANCE Nắp chìa khóa thông minh

I bought it to do a little customization, but the thickness of the Cover hinders me from pushing the SeatButton in, and when I push it hard, the Cover moves and is not stable. I removed it just becaus...

ENDURANCE Màn hình dài

Just the right amount of [Color] It is Smoke.It's a little narrow, so I don't expect it to be very effective against the wind, but I guess that's what you get for not interfering with the Handlebar.

ENDURANCE Handlebar Guard

[How is it used?I installed this cover before using the Handlebar Cover because it will be cold from now on and I wanted to be able to spend the winter like this if it works.Was the one you received a...

ENDURANCE Bảo vệ động cơ

I was looking for another low type engine guard when I saw a review that said the low type engine guard from DAYTONA interfered with the toe, so I decided to go with Endurance's Engine Guard which is ...

ENDURANCE Máy quay phim đôi

While there is also the product of the Fat Manufacturer of about 10,000 Yen, in order not to be troubled with the thing which does not function in the case of emergency, I dare to choose DriveRecorder...

ENDURANCE Carrier phía sau + Hộp phía sau Set50l

[How is it used?busyWas the one you received as per Image?As per ImageWas the installation difficult?Be careful not to break it when removing the exterior.How was your experience with it?I'm happy wit...

ENDURANCE Carrier phía sau + Hộp phía sau Set50l

I think the most difficult part of the installation is removing the glove cover (part of the cowl). It's a good idea to have a tool to remove the glove cover. I think it is easy to use the box because...

ENDURANCE Máy quay phim đôi

Bought in the summer of '20, won't turn on as it gets colder.Even after replacing the body and the power supply cable, the problem of the car not starting when the outside temperature is about 1 degre...

ENDURANCE MultiBallpen

I bought this product because I wanted a Ballpen to use when servicing my motorcycle, and I was thinking of buying a proper one at a 100-yen store, but this product was just released, so I bought it.I...

ENDURANCE Móc treo đồ gắn xe

Hook to hang small bags and other items for small purchases.The texture of the Aluminum Cut-out+Anodized process is also a nice touch.


Because I put a separate handle on it, the handlebar post part is noticeable and I put it on to hide it.Of course, it's not just for hiding, but also for mounting the smart phone mount and USB Charger...

ENDURANCE Bộ khung hỗ trợ lắp thùng đựng đồ hông x...

Quantity:Pair (for Left and Right) It can be installed in either direction and the angle can be adjusted freely, making it very convenient. The product is well made and doesn't need any modification i...

ENDURANCE Đầu ghi nhiều ổ

the app stopped working after iOS 13iPhone users should take note of thisI requested the Manufacturer to support iOS13 quickly, but as of now, it is not supported I have notIf they don't respond to yo...

ENDURANCE Đầu ghi nhiều ổ

you can't set up this app because it doesn't support iOS13you could use it before iOS13, but it doesn't support the new VERSION, so you can't use it on iPhone 11 or Up dated people are uselessI feel c...

ENDURANCE UniversalHelmet Người giữ bộ

It can easily be installed. The lock itself is quite broad, so it is convenient to mount your helmet in. It comes with two keys. One lock on each side of the frame sounds cool, but then I will need tw...

ENDURANCE Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

I installed it on my ADV150.The Helmet goes under the seat, but I thought it would be too much to open the seat and take it in and out every time, so I put it on.It also weighs about 200g, and the Han...

ENDURANCE Mũ giữ mũ bảo hiểm

When the carrier of Mr. Endurance is attached to KATANA, because it interferes and cannot be attached with the holder of the other company which was attached until now, if Helmet holder is necessary, ...

ENDURANCE Người giữ mũ bảo hiểm

The OEM Helmet holder mounting position was not good, so I was looking for one and thought this one would be good, so here it is.It is easy to install. to the Handlebar, and Helmet is easy to install,...

ENDURANCE Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

The Grom is a very difficult vehicle to use as it has no Helmet holder or under the Seat.This product allows you to place a Helmet on the Handlebar, which makes it very easy to use.However, since it i...

ENDURANCE Người giữ mũ bảo hiểm

I put it on the OEM Handlebar of CROSSCUB110 JA45.It is attached to the Handlebar, but you can also attach it to the Rear Carrier.LargeThey are very heavy for their size, so a little more weight would...

ENDURANCE Bộ dụng cụ Helmet Holder

이 헬멧열쇠고리는 나에게 헬멧을 보관하고 도난으로부터의 걱정을 사라지게했다.오도바이에 잠착도 쉽고 가격도 제품에 기능적으로 적절하다고생각한다.헬멧을 보관하고 자유롭게 쇼핑을 할수잇어서너무좋다.다른사람들에게 이제품을 추천하고싶다.
This helmet key ring has kept me a helmet and eliminates the worries ...

ENDURANCE Mũ giữ mũ bảo hiểm

It's from various manufacturers, but it replaces the Bolt on the back of the tail cowl Many of the Type and Tandem Footpeg upper bolts were co-tightened to the upper bolts I chose to use Endurance, wh...

ENDURANCE Người giữ mũ bảo hiểm

KIJIMA Rear Carrier with WEBIKE MODE Helmet Lock But since the Carrier was removed, it can be attached to the License Plate I was looking for a helmet holderI used to use a Helmet holder of the same t...

ENDURANCE Người giữ mũ bảo hiểm

I compared this product with the type attached to the Handlebar and purchased various things on Handlebar, so I thought that this was the only purchase.The goods reached, I thought about installing an...

ENDURANCE Túi cho Net Carrier

[How is it used?I use it with Wave125I of the commuter rapid train. However, there is no opportunity to utilize it while commuting.I bought this product for a little day touring there.Was the one you ...





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