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DAYTONA là một trong những nhà sản xuất và bán sỉ phụ tùng lớn nhất tại Nhật Bản, họ luôn cung cấp những sản phẩm phụ tùng, phụ kiện phong phú dành cho cả các dòng xe đua lẫn xe touring đường dài.

DAYTONA Pát cản chống đứng

After removing the stock muffler, the center stand kept hitting my foot, not a good distration. This center stand stopper was easy to install on my 2015 SR400 and fixed the issue. The unit slides in...

DAYTONA Dòng thay thế Bolt Honda / YAMAHA

Used when replacing oil in YAMAHA FZr250R.The quality of the product seems to be good, although the effects of WITH Magnet are inevitably difficult to realize.There are universal and inexpensive drain...

DAYTONA Bộ lọc dầu ReplaceOil SUPER CUB

CUB110 (JA44) Used when replacing Oil in theOil filters are sold by many manufacturers, but honestly speaking, it is difficult to tell the difference in terms of performance.Even so, since it will be ...

DAYTONA Golden Pad X má phanh

I use it on my PCX150KF30.I used Hyper Sintered Pads when I had KF12, but KF30 is not compatible, so I went with Golden Pad.It was replaced at just under 18,000 km and now has 24,000 km on it, but the...

DAYTONA Má bố thắng đĩa

More than OEMNORMAL, not less. No complaints about the effectiveness in sunny or rainy weather; it seems to work better than OEM as much as you grip it.The rest is just a matter of how much moti

DAYTONA Pad hạ phuộc sau

[How is it used?The GSX-S750 had a slightly higher Seat height of 820mm and was toe-tapping.I bought it for peace of mind.Was the one you received as per Image?As shown in the Image, it was heavy and ...

DAYTONA Đồng hồ thăm nhiệt độ nhớt Aquaprova EZ

I purchased this for oil temperature control.The text is large and easy to read, but...I would like to see the body to be a little smaller and more compact, or the letters on the clock side to be a li...

DAYTONA Má phanh đĩa (bố thắng) Màu đỏ

I think it may be because they are common parts, but there are new parts for old motor cycles, which is very helpful.

DAYTONA Má phanh đĩa (bố thắng) Màu đỏ

After 13,000km, the Front Brake Pads of ADV150 had one side slip and I decided to replace it.OEMs are expensive, so we bought the Red Pad, which has a good reputation.I wanted to make it in time for G...

DAYTONA Bộ lọc dầu thay thế (dòng HONDA / YAMAHA /...

I think it is cheaper than OEM Product and the performance is perfectly acceptable.

DAYTONA Giá đỡ nhiều thanh cho các kiểu máy cụ thể

The installation was easy, just as shown in the picture, and I think it is a convenient item to have.

DAYTONA [Sửa chữa / Phụ tùng] Sản phẩm tùy chọn ch...

The slim and unobtrusive design allows the Helmet to be used with little space for the Speaker without any stress.Since I switched to this Speaker, my ear strain has been drastically reduced and I am ...

DAYTONA Giá đỡ đa thanh

Black powder coating, decorative colors, etc., good finish and texture.Personally, I would have preferred the price over the quality, as the 250SL itself is cheap, and a bit expensive.According to the...

DAYTONA Khung lắp giá đỡ phụ kiện kèm ổ cắm sạc US...

This product also comes with a Handlebar Post.:Set, which is Exactly for Motorcycle with narrow Separate handle and Handlebar area!

DAYTONA Móc dây treo

This product can be easily added to a Cowl or Frame by simply tightening the Screws, and the strength of the Ring is perfect for camping touring!

DAYTONA Chống xe

Rear tire can be easily shifted up.When cleaning the chain, etc., the Rear wheel can be lifted up for easy cleaning.The Slim shape makes it easy to store, so it does not get in the way when you have i...

DAYTONA Khóa bánh xe chữ U [W160/H160]

I use it for theft protection and it has a Cushion.It is good without any scratches on the Wheel, etc.Compact size makes it ExactFit and easy to carry and store.LED Light on the key makes it easy to u...

DAYTONA Tấm bọc xe chống nước màu đen 3L

I bought this for my ZZr1400 with top case, but the size is too small to use.There is no room at all in the Large size of the Cover.

DAYTONA Giá đỡ đa thanh

We had a hard time deciding which one to go with, but in the end we went with the Multi Bar made by DAYTONA.The deciding factor was that the DAYTONA-made one has a bar that comes to the front.The othe...

DAYTONA Giá đỡ điện thoại thông minh 3 cho xe máy ...

I use it for both city driving and touring. I installed it on the straight part of the handlebar, which is a good position to see the meter without any interference. I have ridden about 500 km with th...

DAYTONA Bộ thông hơi thắng

About quality and texture - Top quality. Nice thick walled plastic tank and good length of included hose.
About the feeling of use - I very basic designed brake bleeding set that does the job on my B...

DAYTONA Tấm da bọc chống mài mòn

Since it is a transparent ProtectionTape, it is inconspicuous when applied and can be used without discomfort.The Large change is convenient because it protects the Wound from sticking.I put it on Cow...

DAYTONA Tua vít kèm khấu mở xiết ốc loại nhỏ

When the screws are rusted or otherwise not loosened, they can be loosened without licking the screw head.CompactSize, so it takes up little space, and it is sturdy and secure, so it will last a long ...

DAYTONA Cờ lê vòng miệng

It is not a bad make, so it is safe to use.The grip feels comfortable in the hand and is thin, making it easy to use in tight spaces.The finish is very good and clean looking.

DAYTONA Bộ dụng cụ sửa xe hơi B

We purchased this slightly more substantial alternative to the OEM on-board tools.Anything missing will be added from the OEM on-board tools.I bought this tool for emergency use on the road, so I gues...

DAYTONA Bàn chải xích

I purchased this product for the purpose of shortening ChainMaintenance time.It is efficient because it can clean three surfaces at the same time, but the bristles of the Brush are thick and hard, so ...

DAYTONA Đai bảo vệ cổ tay

The Right wrist on the Axel side is numb due to vibration, which is improved by this Supporter.It is an essential item for touring.

DAYTONA Cờ lê, tua vít, bộ khấu vặn xiết ốc xách t...

This product allows me to do a whole range of maintenance on the go, and I like the fact that there are many different types of Bits so it is easy to remove Cowl.

DAYTONA Cờ lê hai đầu vòng

This product is a Glasses Wrench made by DAYTONA and is highly accurate. It feels comfortable in my hand when I hold it, so I found it easy to apply force.


This is a Nipper with a Large handle for easy leverage, and the Vanadium steel makes it very sturdy!

DAYTONA Túi đựng đồ nghề sửa xe

For the company's Tools Set storage.Although bulky compared to OEM on-board tools, the NC750X has plenty of storage, so this is not a problem.It's cooler than keeping it in a Vinyl bag! (Lol)

DAYTONA Bao tay chống nước Ridemitt : # 003

This Series is the Quantity:2nd Set.The product itself is waterproof and OK, with no flooding after about 2 hours of use.Unfortunately, I have sweaty hands and they are very steamy.The one I used befo...

DAYTONA SAS - Bộ bảo vệ TEC cho vai, khuỷu tay và ...

I bought this one to get a new Protector as well as a new Pants.The thickness is about 11mm in actual measurement. I use it on my knee and it is usually soft and easy to move around and use naturally....

DAYTONA Túi đựng tấm giáp ngực SAS-TEC CP-2 Màu đe...

Was the one you received as per Image?At first glance, it looks like a slightly hard urethane sponge, which may seem a little uneasy to protect from the impact of an accident, but it is certified unde...

DAYTONA Bao tay chống nước #003 + Neoprene

This is the best thing to do on a rainy day in winter. It may soak in a little, but in my experience, this is the most useful.


I bought these because they had 28Inch and I thought I could hem them myself.The hems were adjusted to be quite long so that the ankles wouldn't stick out when riding the Motorcycle, and since I wasn'...

DAYTONA Bao tay Neoprene Sharkskin

Size is Large as the title says.Normally, I'd buy LLSize.So when I bought the LL, it was too large and the fingertips were too oversized.If that happens, it will be uncomfortable to hold the Grip and ...

DAYTONA Bao tay da dê

Since winter so I want I buy a leather glove to prevent the cold. I choose this is because it have small size and the price is cheap.
However although it is small size. I am female, I still think thi...

DAYTONA Bao tay da dê

Cost performance is good.The lack of Protector makes it more spacious overall, which is probably best for city driving.But the Small finger part is too long and there is a lot left over. (Size:XL)

DAYTONA Máy khử mùi / sấy mũ bảo hiểm RE: MET (Mũ ...

The packaging is fancy. The product itself is good quality and will help get rid of some smells. Be careful to use a power adpater with a good amunt amp or else it will not supply enough power to get ...

DAYTONA Mũ bảo hiểm

Another lock is needed for Tandem andOEMs can open Seat, take Wire out of the BOX, etc.If you don't, it's a bit troublesome, so we chose this one.To install, remove the two screws and insert the plate...

DAYTONA Mũ bảo hiểm

Even with the top box installed, the helmet holder is still inconvenient without it!Although there are types that can be attached to the handlebar and the lower part of the seat, I purchased this helm...

DAYTONA Dây lò xo co giãn phụ kiện móc mũ bảo hiểm

This product is a Wire that protects the Helmet well from theft. It is thick and long, and covered with a resin that seems to be resistant to cutting, etc.

DAYTONA Máy khử mùi / sấy mũ bảo hiểm RE: MET (Mũ ...

What made you decide to buy?What made you decide to buy it? If you ask me what made me decide to buy this product, I will answer:"The heat is getting hotter from now on, and I was wondering if there i...

DAYTONA Móc khóa mũ bảo hiểm

This product includes a Helmet lock and Convenient Hook. It is also useful for temporary storage of helmets and of course Eco Bags when shopping!

DAYTONA Máy khử mùi / sấy mũ bảo hiểm RE: MET (Mũ ...

It is mainly used in Helmet.There are three airflow levels, and the Timer is 6 hours at the Largeest.When the air volume is set to the maximum Large, the volume becomes Large, but I use it in another ...

DAYTONA Móc khóa mũ bảo hiểm

This product can be installed even if the mounting space is narrow, and is also useful when camping because you can hang a plastic bag on the helmet!

DAYTONA Máy khử mùi / sấy mũ bảo hiểm RE: MET (Mũ ...

I think it is very good. I think it would be even better if it had an original power source.

DAYTONA Máy khử mùi / sấy mũ bảo hiểm RE: MET (Mũ ...

I've been waiting for this to come in for 6 months and finally got it.I chose to use deodorant after use and interior once a year to take care of my Helmet, but the ingredients in the deodorant didn't...





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