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C. F. POSH chuyên sản xuất những phụ tùng cho dòng mini bike. Họ nổi tiếng với các loại CDI, các phụ tùng mạ nhôm và các phụ kiện độ cho dòng xe Honda Monkey.

CF POSH Drain Washer để sửa chữa

You can buy the Washer at Home center, but it is just the size for Motorcycle, not sticking out from the Bolt.Since it is Aluminum, it crushes moderately and there is no Oil leak.I have Oil as Stock a...

CF POSH Thép không gỉ Breather Hose Kit

I bought it for the looks, and it's as cool as I thought it would be.To be honest, I didn't know how to feel about its role as Breather Hose 650mm 6mm Diameter.I didn't buy it thinking I'd know about ...

CF POSH Nhông xe sau CF POSH

The Duralumin material improves operability by reducing the weight of the load under the spring.GOLD color is good and Matching with Wheel and Chain.It's Duralumin and it's durable, which means it'll ...

CF POSH LED tùy chỉnh Zingkit tuần tự

It was easy to install.When you remove it, you should be careful because the led of the base is easily caught and damaged.

CF POSH Bu lông cổ ống xả

When I changed the Exhaust System to Other Brand Product, I changed it together. I changed it to Stainless Steel because it is not easy to remove.

CF POSH Vòng đệm bánh xe

The thickness is comparable to OEM, and it is perfect. I'm very happy with the results.OEM is Green color, but this is Color:It's Gray so the match is not noticeable.Make sure you clean off the old Ga...

CF POSH Tay cầm thanh stopper

I bought this for my TZM50 but I couldn't install it.It is a spec. that fits into the NORMAL Handlebar Stopper welded to the frame.The width of the groove is insufficient for the thickness of the Hand...

CF POSH Chống rỉ sét

I installed it on my Circuit used TZM50. 。 It seems to work quite well for full throttle driving in mid-summer.The Race ish look when the Cowl is removed is also very satisfying.

CF POSH Mặt phẳng mũi Cò

As per Title, if you want to exchange Grip, you should do it together.The ThrottleGrip of NORMAL is a special product for Normal grip.If used as is, processing will be required.This one was reasonably...

CF POSH Inche Cap Bolt

The Bolt hole at the bottom of the front of the frame is used to mount the Fog Light Bracket.We used it together with the company's Spring washer.I have no complaints at all about the tooling, tightne...

CF POSH Băng tải băng tải cao

I like the dependability of this; it's very different from the Vinyl Tapes.

CF POSH SUS304 nắp đậy núm vít xi lanh SUS304

It is not suitable for the place where Torque is applied.

CF POSH Băng cách điện

[How is it used?It was just installed the other day. Practical durability performance will be verified in the future.Was the one you received as per Image?It is close to Image, but the thickness is th...

CF POSH Băng cách điện

This product can be cut to any size and can be attached to any place of your choice with firm adhesive force, and is heat resistant to prevent deformation and discoloration of the Under Cowl due to th...

CF POSH Chìa lục giác sao chữ L T30 Hexlobe

This size is often used for maintenance of motorcycle and American cars, so if you have one, it will be useful for anything. The size and strength of this bolt will allow you to tighten even the stron...

CF POSH Băng cách điện

[How is it used?I used it for Under Cowl of YZF-R25 which I use as Racer.Was the one you received as per Image?It was just like the Image. The thickness is there and it looks promising.How was your ex...

CF POSH Băng cách điện

Created a GORILLA Full Cowl vehicle and used it for Cowl and paint protection.Since the Exhaust pipe on the Over is going through the Limit.It's not painted yet.

CF POSH Mạ 24K SUS304 Nắp đậy đầu núm Hexagonal

The 24KPlating bolt of Mr. C.F.POSH is attached to some points, and it contributes to a sense of unity, the goodness of functional beauty, and Dress-up, and there is no problem no matter which it take...

CF POSH Pát đa năng rút gọn (hỗ trợ đèn xi-nhan, đ...

Since it is a product made from a stainless, it does not rust, and by attaching and removing, since it is easy, pure return can also be performed easily. extension of wiring of a tail or a blinker is ...

CF POSH Pát đa năng rút gọn (hỗ trợ đèn xi-nhan, đ...

Attachment is also dramatically easy in the form where attach to the place (every two right and left) which took the pure carrier and where the carrier of the frame was attached, and it mounts a tail ...

CF POSH Pát đa năng rút gọn (hỗ trợ đèn xi-nhan, đ...

It equipped with the carrierless kit. Simplicity and the amateur of attachment are also about 5 minutes. Appearance also became good and disguised itself as the monkey which seems to be very quick.

CF POSH Đĩa đua SP

Although there is a degree of freedom by a short funnel, is it necessary to enclose a carburetor?

CF POSH Cưỡi ngựa SA974

thin [Color] Smoke's Lens allows for night time use without blocking the view, and the pad keeps the wind and garbage out for safety. It is also very effective during pollen season when using a half-c...

CF POSH Cưỡi ngựa SA1340

It is inconvenient to carry because it is fairly large pattern even if folded. Because there is a little color, it does not go at night. There is some rattling in the Frame, but it is Level which does...

CF POSH Cưỡi ngựa kính 2084

Appearance, a Fitting, a Design, and a Quality are also good and a price also thinks that it is handy.





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