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Dòng sản phẩm của AELLA nằm trên một phần xinh đẹp và đặc biệt, nếu như hiệu quả của nó đã được thực hiện trong một số thiết kế. Nhiều mặt hàng tương ứng với xe máy được sản xuất tại các nước khác ngoài Nhật Bản.

AELLA Side Stand Assisthook

This has been an elegant and functional enhancement to my V4S. Considerably longer but still dicreet and more beautiful than the frustrating OEM piece, the Aella peg makes it MUCH easier to find the s...

AELLA Người giữ ca

Maybe it's Kawasaki's unique structure, but the entry of Mission is unique.I was browsing the webike and saw a product that caught my eye! (^^)Compared to Honda and YAMAHA, the two companies are pushi...

AELLA Đai ốc phía sau

Whenever I adjust the chain, I change the split pin for the Axle Nut to prevent it from falling off, but the home center in my neighborhood only has StainlessSplitPins, and I always get frustrated bec...

AELLA Bộ thanh liên kết điều chỉnh độ cao

I bought these to raise the ride height.I chose the largest size 2cm up, but the rear was raised and it became cool style like SUPER SPORTS750.I think it is good to be able to adjust both lowering and...

AELLA Đai ốc phía sau

The cap is well machined so the Snap pin is a little tight but it stays in place. It's a lot more expensive than the OEM Rubber cover. This is a great product.Material:I think PlasticCap can be expect...

AELLA Tay lái kết thúc Spacer (Cổ áo)

After driving 50km on the highway, I took a break at the interchange and my hands went numb … I thought it was a completely eyebrow-raising product. I think it would have been better to take it off an...

AELLA Tay lái kết thúc Spacer (Cổ áo)

I don't know if this is working or not…Well, it's cheap, so I guess it's just a comfort.And my hands usually go numb from spinning it around.

AELLA Người giữ ca

I installed this on my 2018model Ninja 1000.Easy to install.4 of them…Quantity:It is described in the Instruction Manual that it should be tightened by applying about 2pc of screw lock, but the screw ...

AELLA Bộ tản nhiệt & bộ làm mát dầu

The stepless WavePattern is beautiful.But I'm concerned if Small stones or other objects get caught in it.It does not come with an Instruction Manual for handling.Installation can be a bit difficult.

AELLA Người giữ ca

The cut-out of the aluminum is rough, which is not good because motorcycleParts are supposed to be beautiful, so I polished it with PIKAL before installation.Ninja1000-2014 is AE-74031AE-74026 since 2...

AELLA Tay lái tăng lên

The screw pitch of the Body and the Bolt does not match with the pure STD Nut, and it is not possible to fix it unless you prepare the Washer separately. It should be sold for this price of gold at le...

AELLA Tay côn AELLA (nhôm)

It has a high-class feel to its movement with its bearing.I was surprised that there was almost no rattling of the ?Lever.I was impressed with the beautiful shape of the ?Cut-out?

AELLA Bàn đạp số AELLA cho MV AGUSTA F3-675

I replaced the OEM Pedal of F3SerieOro with this one (choose White as the color) and I didOEM Pedal is about 50,000?ManufacturerNo inventoryIt can shift lighter than OEM It is like a domestic carNeutr...

AELLA Tay côn AELLA (nhôm)

Other than the explanation on the brake lever side, Lever's adjustment stage is 3.5 times smaller than the OEM's smallest Clutch is too shallow if you make it that small The world of self-satisfaction...

AELLA Xylanh xả ly hợp

The 959 Panigale, which I added to my car because I thought it was the last time I'd be able to drive it due to my age, is as good or bad as I thought it would be It was a deep but narrow motorcycle w...

AELLA Tay lái tăng lên

In high speed driving and Winding, the NORMAL position was Exactly! But I bought it because I've been doing a lot of riding around town to work latelyThe height of the Handlebar changes so clearly tha...

AELLA Thay đổi bàn đạp

GEAR's up-down pedals seem to be a bit stiffer than the OEM Change PedalAELLA's stuff is pretty impressive You just need to adjust the length etc. to your liking a little bitGEAR goes in with less for...

AELLA Tay cầm thanh kẹp bằng tay (M1100 / Street F...

Build Fat bar on board 22. I replaced it with 5? Handlebar It seems to be a product of AELLA It is wonderful both in accuracy and texture, there is no problem mounting, but it was the best if there wa...

AELLA Tay côn AELLA (nhôm)

I exchanged with Brake side at the same time.Although it was an effect, thanks to Bearing, the operation feeling became Smooth and it is worth replacing.Adjustment width is also easy to adjust to Larg...

AELLA dẫn đường Hệ thống BracketKit

Bought the Zumo GPS mount for the 2017 Ducati SuperSport. Excellent fabrication/machining. Mounting plate is adjustable for angle and the mount has the exact amount of clearance for the GPS.

AELLA Tua khóa treo sau

The nail is attached to the tip and the middle, and when tightening up, let's bit the front nail "Push" You can turn Ring by operation. This is a function not found in ordinary Wrench, a...

AELLA Tua khóa treo sau

[Webike Monitor] It purchased to Rear-suspension Pre-road adjustment of > STREETFIGHTER 848.
Although the Frame was obstructive and it was not able to fasten in the Hook wrench which it had, since ...

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