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WEBIKE - Giảm Giá Tuần

HenlyBegins Trang phục đi xe & Giáp phượt

Xếp hạng 8 của 526 hãng  trong Trang phục đi xe & Giáp phượt
(149 Khách hàng đánh giá)
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HenlyBegins develops style wears more enrich motorcycle life and prepares 3 lineup fulfilled necessary function at a high level. They meet every customer's needs.

HenlyBegins Găng tay lưới Carbon Găng tay HBG-016

Я выбирал перчатки для летнего сезона. Эти перчатки отлично выглядят и хорошо сидят на руке. Во время поездок руки хорошо обдуваются встречным ветром и не потеют. Так же на перчатках предусмотрена(пришита) специальная накладка на указательным пальце для управления смартфоном, что очень облегчает жиз...

HenlyBegins HBH-004 Terraheat Mang theo nhiệt điện...

Two years ago, I used RS Thailand's Mobile BatteryWaist warmer but 1Season damaged Power Connector part I got it repaired by Manufacturer but it was damaged and it became useless, so I bought it. Mobile Battery so I do not purchase a dedicated Battery so I think that low price is good for electr...

HenlyBegins HBV - 022 Mặt nạ chống nắng Windproof ...

I used an ordinary Neck warmer until the other day, but wind etc etc. I was Shutting out and it was warm, so I thought that I was glad I bought it.However, when wearing a hat and wearing a helmet, if it is wearing a helmet, the fit on the front side is bad and it has to be pushed into the Helmet, so...

HenlyBegins Túi đựng nước không thấm nước 30L

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Excellent air-tightness. Contents amount 30L.【How was it actually used in the rain?】 Luggage was not wet at all.【Please tell me the environment such as rainfall and time used】 The rainstorm is also a mess.【Fit feeling and height when wearing ? Please tell me the ...

HenlyBegins HB Holster MIL

I changed to SS and became troubled with belongings in Touring. (Because we used a Side Bag in front)I hope to put a cell phone with Wallet, but I want a little capacity. But I do not want to use resin or Gold genus Parts in the part that touches the car body.So I chose this.Large Correct answer. Mo...

HenlyBegins Áo khoác Bobber Jacket HBJ-051

Because MODEL's height was higher than I, I decided to L Size, but it is hard if Protector is attached. Even if Protector is pulled out, the feeling that the shoulders are stretched. I wish I bought Size XL. Also I'm dissatisfied that I can not squeeze cuffs. I wanted you to be at least one ...

HenlyBegins HBS - 003 Ngắn Giày ống

It was written in a package "For Motorcycle even if it looks like this" Copy of this Boots Concept.Shift guard is also attached to the interior, it is OK ranch as usual! It suits Jeans very well.I wanted to imagine the feeling from the feeling of the quality of the skin which did not expec...

HenlyBegins Áo khoác Bobber Jacket HBJ-051

Sale I was lucky to be able to purchase at a special price. From now on Jacket is a perfect Touring in spring. Size like 165CM 58kg for myself, M Size was just right.

HenlyBegins HBV - 022 Mặt nạ chống nắng Windproof ...

It is cheap but has good texture, and it helps the wind protection of the neck. However, I felt it was awkward when I suffered from myself in the big Large head. I covered it when I was covered, I felt the Cap part covering my head loose.

HenlyBegins HBV - 022 Mặt nạ chống nắng Windproof ...

I flew up because it was cheap at Sale, but I think that there is room for improvement in terms of functionality.The biggest problem is stuffiness. mouth - A hole for ventilation etc in the fabric of the nose part etc etc. There is not, because it is made of cloth of the same thickness as other part...

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