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WEBIKE - Spring Sale

YSS Phuộc (Giảm Xóc)

Xếp hạng 4 của 375 hãng  trong Phuộc (Giảm Xóc)
(112 Khách hàng đánh giá)
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YSS sẽ mang đến cho bạn những trải nghiệm tuyệt vời cho một hệ thống phuộc nhúng chất lượng cao. Đây là một thương hiệu phuộc nổi tiếng có xuất sứ Thái Lan. Những sản phẩm YSS cho phép người dùng có thể tùy chỉnh trong bất kỳ trường hợp nào để mang lại những trải nghiệm thú vị nhất.

YSS Giảm xóc đơn sau MZ366

It is the Minor Motorcycle such as AX - 1, other Brand Product has only this choiceAs a result of exchange, the suspicious suspension is BALI Kata.In this case of Motorcycle, if it is Normal suspension, I will step on Rear brake and change the load of the car and turn to Quick, but after running thr...

YSS Giảm xóc sau YSS cho HARLEY-DAVIDSON Dyna

It installed in 2005 Harley FXD.Before purchasing, I asked PMC about the installation and Spring rate by e-mail, but it was wonderful with the quick response of the reply, the accuracy of the contents, the content that caught up with the User.If you were considering purchasing webikeSUPERSale began,...

YSS Giảm xóc sau YSS

Since the thing which was attached before was cheap, it was good anyhow. I think that COSPA is good because you can adjust both compression side and extension side.Both have a click feeling and it is easy to understand.Because Overhaul and Mod Fire can be done, I would like to use it tired!

YSS Giảm xóc đơn sau MZ366

Oil Because it leaked, I replaced it, but I am satisfied that I can handle stable vibrations and make stable handling. (Lol) Exchange was also Smooth like OEM.

I found that I was able to wear it by looking at the image of CD 90 that fits this product's impression so I bought itImpression it was possible to attach it as it was, my CD90 was just good at 370? Because I lengthened Swing ArmBolt and raised Rear, I have not got on yet, but because I have a w...

YSS Giảm xóc sau YSS cho KAWASAKI GPZ900R Ninja

It's an exchange from OEMShock that I missed. A8Japanese specificationI did not get to famous Shock such as OHLINS and NITRON so I made it for this item.We could buy it at BALL SALE in the 60 th place.GPZ can be easily exchanged if you install Center Stand. In addition, I also made Grease up aro...

HondaWave 125i 2014 AFS 125 MSFE (TH) Attached to.Since it interferes with the Chain case, with the case attached to the Swing Arm, the part where the Hammer interferes with the iron bar is dented, and the deformation is adjusted by Pliers and attached. Although it is a conforming product, it does n...

YSS Giảm xóc sau YSS

It is cheap but the performance does not compare with the OEM.Better than I thought.However, the stretch of 60 steps is too much.Pre-road is not Double nut and Screw fixing is impossible.

YSS Giảm xóc sau YSS cho HONDA VTR250 (MC33)

Twenty years have passed since the Initial Model came out, and gradually lacked items began to gradually began. Tako Meter None MODEL's Rear suspension neither Red nor Yellow gone out of print.When searching in the spring of this year, it is 290 mm as VTRALL MODEL in another MODEL (117-2311005) ...

I attached it to TRICITY 155 and saw it.Inarial adjustment of Rear is possible, but the change of ride feeling Grip was not felt much.Since footbeds were hard for me, I tried to purchase a similar model for the similar model from the STD but I can not get it, the upper Damper Collar has no problem w...

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