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YAMAHA Mũ bảo hiểm

Xếp hạng 7 của 243 hãng  trong Mũ bảo hiểm
(109 Khách hàng đánh giá)
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YAMAHA Accessory là thương hiệu chính hãng của Yamaha được phổ biến với tên gọi Y's GEAR. Phụ tùng được thiết kế cho các dòng xe Yamaha và các phụ kiện bảo vệ chính hãng được lựa chọn bởi nhiều người hâm mộ.

YAMAHA Mũ bảo hiểm fullFace YX-6 ZENITH GIBSON YAM...

Because we do not own Road sportsMotorcycle, Helmet is a convenient Jet type ZENITHSeries (YJ - 5 III ? YJ - 20) L Size I love you.I purchased SEROW 250 for running on a forest road the other day and purchased this item with expected sunshine effect when running towards the West.Compared with Arai a...

YAMAHA Mũ bảo hiểm YJ-17

I use it in my neighborhood shopping and about a half day touring.I have loved Helmet of ARAI for about 15 years so far, but I wanted something that can be used for reasonable price and easy to use, I bought this product.Up to now I was using AR SI L Size, but in my case this product was also L Size...

YAMAHA Mũ bảo hiểm Full Face YF-1C Roll Bahn YAMAH...

Actual price 1 ten thousand yen It is a bit of a bit that this quality is truly Yamaha. It does not compare with Helmet of the same price range of Home center.Moreover, design is also Simple because Helmet which the recent AeroDevice got confused. Removable interior is also easy so you can wash imme...

YAMAHA Mũ bảo hiểm YX-3 GIBSON (Phiên bản T2)

I chose by emphasis on COSPA. Ventilation is also provided, but it can not be opened or closed.As the temperature drops, the mouth is cold so it's a necessary countermeasure.However, it is a Manufacturer item, even with Shield it is light, and this is satisfactory for this.Since Size also has a ...

YAMAHA Mũ bảo hiểm fullFace YX-6 ZENITH GIBSON YAM...

Previous MODEL YX-3 GIBSON (L Size) Replace from. Head circumference is 60. 0 to 60. 5cm.In YX - 3 I ordered the same size as L Size because it was Just fit.As a feature of Large, the shape of Cheek Pad became Large and the feeling of Fit around cheeks increased. I felt the cheek surroundings tight ...

YAMAHA Nón bảo hiểm YJ-17 ZENITH

1pc. Eyes Wine red (M) , Quantity : 2pc. Set eye Pearl white (M) , And the third Graphic (M) It will be.I also write in Impression with Pearl white's YJ-17, but Silhouette with Inner Visor is also good and the price is a conscientious Helmet.Wallet does not hurt so much even if you replace it fo...

YAMAHA Mũ bảo hiểm YJ-17

Until now, I went out with Smoke Shield and Clear shield and exchanged as needed, but again the shield bulked into a package. Inner visor is very convenient, and it is useful for Tunnel and others to get Visor in and out while running.I wanted you to have Visor's color darker if you want it. I w...

YAMAHA Mũ bảo hiểm 3/4 SF-5D Lea Winds

Purchase before purchasing for moped. (So ??that it can be dirty)- Fit feeling : × (Shape not suitable for typical Japanese)- Texture : △ (Corresponding to the price)- safety : × (Because it is Gap, it can not be expected)General reviewIt fits anyone (For easier desorption) As it is made...

YAMAHA Mũ bảo hiểm YJ-17

I used ARAISZ-RAMSeries all the time, but as a result of trying on various Helmet with Inner Visor I tried "Function - I purchased YJ-17 from "Price" (SZ - RAM 4 is also in use).There are a lot of Helmet to open and close Inner Visor with SIDE Lever. Since YJ - 17 has Lever at the top...

YAMAHA Kính chắn gió mũ bảo hiểm YJ-19 ZENITH

It is satisfactory without problems since it is the same as what was attached to the new item.I received a Component stereo properly without scratches.This time is preliminary purchase, so plan to use if the current is damaged.

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