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Final production model of long-selling sports bike "GSX 1100 S Katana" "Final Edition". "GSX 1100 S Katana" exhibited a prototype car at the Cologne show in Germany in 1980.German designer Mr. Hans Mutt attracted the attention of motorbike fans worldwide with avant-garde design which imaged Japanese sword.In the following year, we began selling export specification vehicles (displacement of 1100 cc).In Japan, since 1982 it has sold "GSX 750 S" with a displacement of 750 cc and heard a hot topic.In 1994, we responded to the needs of fans and also began domestic sales of "GSX 1100 S Katana". "GSX 1100 S Katana" does not change the basic design from prototype cars announced in 1980, continues production for about 20 years with repeated improvements in function.It is a long-selling model supported by deep-rooted fans with unprecedented innovative design, but we end production at this "final edition". - Main features of "GSX 1100 S Katana Final Edition" 1. Change to specification with high premium feeling as limited sales ・ Serial number plate as final specification on upper bracket (handle mounting part) Individual number display) installed. ・ Engine black painting, cutting of cylinder head fin and cutting of upper bracket are performed, directing high quality and fearless image. ・ Chain, front disk rotor, rear suspension damper was made high gold parts (gold color) of texture. ・ Body color sets Sonic Silver Metallic (silver) with high metal feeling. 2. Further improving performance ・ The adoption of lightweight, high rigidity opposed piston 4 pot caliper for front wheel disc brake has improved reliability during braking. ・ Reinforce body frame, improve rigidity. ・ Adopted a highly serviceable tubeless tire. ・ Change switch box, add push cancel turn signal switch, hazard switch.
Dung tích 1074 Loại động cơ Air-cooled/4-stroke/DOHC/4 Valve/Parallel 4-cylinder
Công suất cực đại (ps) 95ps(70.0 kw)/8500rpm Mômen xoắn cực đại (kgf/m) 8.6kg・m(84.3N・m)/4000rpm
Trọng lượng thô của xe 232 Dung tích bình chứa nhiên liệu lít 22

MADMAX Đèn pha LED X3 H4

It is written that it corresponds to H4 Valve, but it is inaccurate and it is not possible to install it without removing it to some extent with File, and it doesn't fit in the Headlight because it is larger than the original bulb, and the Light and Bracket are quite loose. It was.Those of you with ...

domino Domino Grip Load Type

I've been using Domino's Grip for on-road and off-road motorcycles, but this time I used it for Scooter as well.This was my first purchase of the domino Domino Road Type Grip and it was nice and fluffy.Domino's Grip does not have a HaGap.

NGK Cắm tiêu chuẩn DR8EA 7162

There is no bad reason because it is NGK. It ignites normally and cheerfully.

DAYTONA Vòng đệm bu lông

I bought it for the costumer.There are no leaks and the Gasket is working well.If you're not weirdly obsessive, this Gasket seems like the safest way to go.

DAYTONA Tấm bọc xe chống nước màu đen 3L

I just started using it, but the fabric is nice and firm.I think the black one will be less noticeable and more of an anti-theft tool.It's just that it's hard to tell the difference between front and back.

NGK Cắm tiêu chuẩn DR8EA 7162

I trust everything except the NGKPlug to the extent that it is scary and cannot be used.I installed it on the SEROW and used it on the forest road and Race, and it was perfectly fine.Windshield IRIDIUM is expensive and I'm not sure what the difference in performance is, so I love this one.Repeat is ...

NISSIN Bộ phanh (thắng) NISSIN 62411

Since the stock of OEM parts was running low, I bought this one because it had been used for 24 years since new. Unfortunately, the pitch of the MASTER installation part of the brake hose was different from the time of a new car during the installation work, and I had to go to buy Banjo in a hurry. ...

RISE CORPORATION Tấm phanh cao cấp EV-344HD

I was a little worried because of the low price, but I have driven for thousands of kilometers after installation and there is no problem. Although the absolute braking ability is not as good as the high priced product, the braking performance and life can be used without any problem compared to the...

DAYTONA Túi bọc xe cỡ LL

The feel is normal and easy to use.The tie string at the back is handy, and the different color chain holes are also handy for distinguishing the front and back.The texture of the fabric is naturally not comparable to cheap ones.The waterproof performance is in its own way, but if you are looking fo...

BRISK Rủi ro LGSPlug

The performance and appearance is Large strange, but I was worried about the resistance value being RoseRose.I bought 4 of them and they were 6.2k & Omega;, 6.5k & Omega;, 7.0k & Omega;, 9.3k & Omega; from the low end...I would have preferred the same size as Large. (Bitter smile)Compared with NGK, ...

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