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Xếp hạng 3 xe được xem nhiều nhất trên 51 xethuộc KAWASAKI 751cc-1000cc
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Dung tích 773 Loại động cơ -
Công suất cực đại (ps) 52PS/6,500rpm Mômen xoắn cực đại (kgf/m) 6.3kgfm/4,800rpm
Trọng lượng thô của xe - Dung tích bình chứa nhiên liệu lít 15

Hirayama Industry Xe đạp bánh bao trái phiếu [KIZU...

Used on VFR800(1999). There is no sticking point and the Size is just right.It's thick and has a good texture, and it's a little expensive, but I'm satisfied.The holes for the lock are colored differently in the front and back, which is convenient for hanging the Cover without mistaking the front an...

r's gear Wyvern Classic Full Hệ thống xả Loại cổ đ...

I did the install myself on a 2020.If you have basic tools, you can install it. The difficulty level is not difficult, but you need to work carefully to avoid scratches, and it took me about 3 hours alone.Improvements are being made in 2021, and Quantity:Pair (for Left and Right) The Pulse feeling o...

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Luồng không k...

It has become really cool. I feel sooo cool all the time when I'm riding.It was a euphemistic seat, not a flat seat as recommended by Manufacturer, but I was able to install it, although it was not a just fit.Looks a little cheap, but I'm Total satisfied!

YAMAHA Bạt trùm xe kiểu E

I think I used it for over 5 years and it finally tore.It lasts a long time and I have no complaints, so I bought the same product. All the Motorcycle Covers I use are now Yamaha's.This time I bought it again for Motocrosser, and it is a car without Mirror, but there is nothing to be concerned about...

DAYTONA Má phanh đĩa (bố thắng) Màu đỏ

I replaced the Brake Pads for street use with ones for Touring.I installed it because I moved from the town to the mountains and it was time to replace it. In the mountains, there are few traffic lights and I don't stop and start as often as in town, but I like the way it feels when I'm cornering or...

r's gear Pô xe r's gear cho KAWASAKI W800

I didn't know whether to continue using OEM or not...but I lost the magic of the sound and decided to replace it.Before the exchange, I hesitated with Large sum and Posh, but I decided to use Wyvern classic because of the recent housing situation.First of all, the installation was difficult because ...

DAYTONA Túi bọc xe cỡ LL

I've been using it for over 3 years and I can't fault its durability.I've washed it a few times due to cat Marking, but the quality has held up.It is also breathable and has reflective material for nighttime visibility.I ordered more of these for my Large Motorcycle.

OUTEX Bộ kit không thấm nước

I installed the Tubeless Kit that I have been curious about for a long time at Timing Tire Replacement.Fortunately, I haven't experienced puncture with my current W800, and I bought it more for the peace of mind of not losing air too rapidly even if I hit a nail than to reduce the repair cost when p...

NISSIN Bộ cùm thắng Retro [Loại tích hợp tròn]

Suitable for Handlebar with lowered Grip end.The Lever touch is also perfect, and the subtle Release operation can be performed without a sense of tension.I felt it.Compared to the separate type, the tank capacity is about half, so it may not be suitable for endurance race.The performance is perfect...

From Neighbor Đơn vị LED đuôi

The atmosphere of the Tail Lamp has changed completely. Since there is some play in the unit, I fixed the unit with a PackingRubber through the screw post.

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